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[Q] Madlife's Thresh Runepage

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I have been trying to optimize my rune page for Thresh, and I looked up Madlife's on Probuilds.


He is generally referred to as one of the best Thresh players in the world, if not the best. The one problem I have is that he runs 4 GP 10 seals, and 1 armor quint

GP 10 Seal = 0.25 Gold per 10
GP 10 Quint = 1 Gold per 10

Armor Seal= 1.41 Armor
Armor Quint = 4.26 Armor

4 slots of armor seals would give 4 x 1.41 = 5.64 armor. The quint only gives 4.26 armor. The GP 10 you get from the quint or 4 seals is the same. Why would he do that?

Is there some special mechanic for rune slots that I am mising? Thank you!

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not much reason...quint armor is more expensive, i think...thats all...unsure...

and+1 armor on tresh doesnt mean that much ...its just to boost his early play till he get armor from passive...

thus hp is probably as much important...and he is probably trying to balance 5 early armor(-2.5%dmg received) with the +26hp or the +quint gp which probably gives about the same thing if not more...