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Long-range champions?

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I'm new to this game and I'm not too familiar with champions yet. I like playing ranged attack characters in games like this and I was hoping someone could give me a list of the long-range champions in the game (that is, those whose basic attack is ranged). I'm saving up points to buy a champion and I really like Shaco, but I don't know if he's ranged or not. I'll probably get him anyway, but it would be nice to know what my other options are in terms of ranged fighters. Also, I'd prefer a non-mage champion, but I'd still like to have a complete list if possible. Thanks.

(They could make this much easier for people if they just put this on the champion info pages)

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Emissary of the League


The only long ranged champion who's base attack is noticeably larger than normal is Tristana. Her passive is she gains base range as she grows levels.

But if you include spells and abilities of ranged fighters that do not play like mages you could also include:
Ashe - map wide ultimate and spam-able Q that is long range
Corki - Long range spam-able ultimate
Ezreal - Q is long range and spam-able, W is pretty decently ranged, but his base range is not too long
Kog'Maw -base range is pretty bad but his ultimate's range is huge and his W ability about doubles his base range when you use it
Miss Fortune - Base range is medium, but her Q bounces once, giving her good harass and a seemingly longer range when you use it. Long range ult.
Sivir - Her base range is awful but her Q has a very long range and her auto attacks bounce, giving her much longer effective range
Twitch - Basic attack has a medium range but his ultimate at least doubles his range and causes his attacks to "pierce" and hit everyone in a line.

Shaco's basic attacks are melee, not ranged.

You have a lot of long ranged options, but you only asked for "fighter types". There are a few support/caster options as well.

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Shaco isn't ranged, though he does have a ranged skill. My personal favourite of the rnaged champions is Miss Fortune. Other good ranged include Twitch, Ashe, Sivir, Kog'maw and Corki. Ezreal is also a ranged DPS, but I find that lately he is incredibly underpowered. Nidalee also fits a unique role of being a sort of hybridized ranged attacker, though she switches between ranged and not ranged, and tends to eb better as AP. Hope that helps.

Edit: Forgot Tristana.