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"Maestro Error" happening, client crashing, getting dodge penalty

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I'm waiting right now for my 1/2-hour queue-dodge penalty to expire, because twice tonight I have crashed out of the champion selection screen with "Maesto Error... unable to connect". I would be nice if the client recognized crash vs actual dodge (it puts up a dialog, so one expects it could communicate to the servers and note that it was a crash, not a force-quit by the player).

I read the "how to post a bug" sticky, but my computer has no ~/Applications/LOL PBE folder. I looked inside the LoL app package's logs folder, but there was nothing recent in there. Has the log location moved?

I'm using a Mac Pro 2.8ghz 8-core late 2008 model with 6GB RAM, OS 10.6.8.

I've been playing using the Mac client since the day it came out, and have only seen this problem tonight, twice within 2 hours, on the current patch.