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[Guide] Things Champions will do to Kill You

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-Passive Weapon Mastery - Not really anything to worry about; he gets 15% more attack on his weapon items. Jax doesn't really go for weapon damage anyway.

er...no. I think it did that months ago, but now it's

"Jax gains 3 health per point of Attack Damage and 2 health per point of Ability Power received from items."

and he does go for weapon damage, but not exclusively

you also might want to add that to deal with Jax, it;s best to combine cc and spells. He can take just about anyone down in mellee, and with a lot of autoattackers on him, he'll be chainstunning your team while hes alive

also, he's very, very weak early game, but very powerful late game. Best way to stop Jax from kiling you is to kill him early and often.

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obK Storm

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Annie (Little Girl)
Strong nukes. Low HP, and no built-in escape mechanism. Be careful when she has little blue swirlies around her, that means her next magic attack (whatever it may be) is going to stun. This comes up every 5 spells she casts. If she's past level 6, it will be her ultimate, and it will hurt bad. Can kill 1v1 if she catches you unaware.
In Lane - If you're in bottom or top lane and she disappears, she's probably over in the grass right next to you. Check the grass, but if her lane partnter starts coming your way, run immediately. Some people put a clairvoyance ward there to counter this behavior. Try to harass her. She is squishy, and has no reliable way of escaping if you focus on her.
Gang fights - She is a high priority target in gang fights, but not above physical DPS. Assume that her ult is available at all times, and don't bunch up.
-Ability one - She has a targeted nuke that deals damage. Fairly standard.
-Ability two - Cone-shaped burst that is usually used to farm. Stay away from your creeps to avoid unnecessary damage from this cone while she's trying to farm.
-Ability three- I'm not sure exactly. A shield that absorbs magic damage, I think.
-Ultimate is an AOE nuke that turns into a creep that can attack independently of Annie. Most Annies will try to hit with this when they're blue-swirling, so that it will stun and Tibbers (the summoned beastie) will get some free hits on you, then they roast you and fireball when you're trying to run. This skill is usually used to initiate a fight.

You probably should not check the grass for Annie unless you're a tank. If you get too close, she will nuke you hard.

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Olaus Wormius

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.... this is so true