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[Guide] Things Champions will do to Kill You

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Arthas Menethil



I'll help with this:

(Big Bug, Bug, Zerg, Carnifex)

He's very good at harrassing champs, keeping them from farming/ganking effectively, or setting up a team kill. High HP. If you see him and he's big, VERY high HP. Low damage.

IN LANE - He'll mostly be a bother, but with (Q)Rupture can slowly hit at your life total from far away. That attack deals some damage, throws you into the air, and stuns. Stay AWAY from the grass if he's getting to level 6. FAR away. He can hide there, shoot (Q)Ruptures at you, and once he hits rush in to use his other two attacks: (W)Feral Scream and (R)Feast. That combo deals 600+ damage at level 6, and buffs his max health. Plus you'll be Stunned all along. DO NOT try to attack him, unless you know he's spent Feast already.
If he gets close to your tower, he can use (Q)Rupture to kill your supporting minions and harrass you, without ever being within tower range.

GANG FIGHTS - Low priority target. He's got lots of health, so it's hard to kill him. Later on his combo isn't as dangerous, unless you have low HP. Low HP means anything under 1200, so yeah. He'll mostly just act as support, setting up kills or saving allies. But if he starts to run towards you, assume (R)Feast is locked and loaded.
-He has a long-range, AoE Stun that deals some damage. Luckily it has a long reload time, and a hefty mana cost. Look out for a small circle of dust appearing on the ground: that's where the spikes will strike.
-He can silence instantly on a small teardrop-shaped AoE in front of him, again dealing some damage. This has a shorter reload time, so expect to see this spammed a lot in big fights.
-His normal attack deals physical damage on impact, magical on a short AoE in front of him. But it's not too much damage.
-HE CAN EAT YOU. If your HP is at or below 500 on lvl 6, 1000 around 12-ish, he'll insta-kill you in close combat. If his equipment increases AP a lot, you'll have to be extra careful.

I'd like to add that if set up as AP/tank (e.g., Rod stacking), he can do very high burst in late game due to Rupture's 1:1 AP scaling. Therefore it's wrong to say "low damage". A more accurate description would be low-medium.


He's not a melee hero with a 5-second cooldown ranged shot. He's a ranged hero with a very slow ranged attack with cooldown 5 seconds (less with cooldown runes/Golem) and his melee as a backup.

IN LANE - At low levels, he'll either use Parrley to farm or use it to harass you. Either way, it's annoying. If he has crit chance runes stacked, he can do serious damage at low levels. He can't really kill you at this point, though. He can also actually deny, and may be the only hero in the whole game that can do so.

At level 6, be wary of leaving your tower with <50% health. Chances are, he'll have a teammate in the bushes. By the time you hear the "ha-ha-ha-ha", it's usually too late. Then it's a toss of the dice - if you're lucky, you get away with almost no damage taken. If not, the ulti alone takes off all your health. I've seen it happen.

GANG FIGHTS - Early game, he's pretty much insignificant. He doesn't do enough damage with Parrley to justify prioritizing over somebody like Twitch or Ashe. His ulti can be used regardless of whether he is actually nearby or not, so there is nothing you can do to stop that. His ulti can single-handedly stop pushes, so it is a good idea to be careful when pushing without creeps. You may wake up to cannonballs falling and his entire team jumping out from around you to block your escape.

-Late game, his Parrley hits HARD. Take him out quickly, especially because Parrley has a short cooldown. He can use Remove Scurvy to handle one CC, so get him to blow it and then CC him to bits. Many a time I've been allowed to get away at low health and then come back and fire one last Parrley and score an undeserved kill. Don't underestimate it, it has a decent range and can do 800+ damage easily (after mitigation).

-Not a good tank, as he has middling hp but no real synergy with high hp builds. Remove Scurvy is great in 1v1 fights, so if you only have 1 CC, don't take him 1v1. Always get a teammate with a CC to gang him.

-Always be careful of his ultimate. If you are lucky, it doesn't hit you. YOU CAN GET UNLUCKY. Move out of the AoE, then continue attacking him. 75% slow and 260 damage a cannonball is nothing to scoff at if three of those balls hit you at once. He'll turn around, fire a Parrley, and the tables'll be turned.

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Passive: 10-25% lifesteal

Siphoning Strike - next melee attack will do 30 / 50 / 70 / 90 / 110 extra damage + siphoning Strike permanently gains 2 damage whenever it kills an enemy.
This hits like a truck with sheen and also why most nasus take a sheen, they will be last hiting creeps the whole game to make it hit harder, can reach 1k dmg on long games with dps gear and recharge in 3 seconds with some cooldown.

Wither- Slows movement and attack speed by 35% and reducing it further by 3/6/9/12/15 % each second for 5 seconds.
This skill is usually the last to lvl, it is quite powerfull on higer levels but usually not much to worry on early to mid game.

Spirit fire - Round aoe dealing 20-80 dmg a second and REDUCING ARMOR.
Nasus player will either focus on raising his SS or this, spirit fire cleans creeps waves quickly at higher levels but the real threat to champions is the armor reduction.

Ultimate: Sands of Fury - increases max Health 300/450/600 health for 15 seconds and drains 3 / 5 / 6% of nearby enemies health each second converting it into bonus damage.
Watch out for ultimate, his big hits will onyl get bigger and he gets a bit of life drain and max health, mostly used offensively to go for the kill or on group fights.

Facing nasus:
Nasus can either be built as a Tank with a decent dmg spike, or a glass truck, he will always be a good pusher either setup and take towers down fast, harass him early and dont let him rack up SS kills, avoid the AOE specially if hes near (SS+Sheen+Aoe armor debuff +ultimate +crit = 1k+ dmg on later game on a 3-4 second cooldown!), if he doesnt develop his SS, on late game will be much less of a threat on champion fights. His aoe is slow to start and doesnt deal much damage but still avoid it, he is useless outside of melee range, any slow/disable or ranged champion will own him, if hes not gearing tank items he will die quite fast, so focus him with 2 or 3 ppl and hes out quickly, if left alone his big hits can cause serious problems. Avoid him 1on1 also because of the big hits+slow+lifesteal. Nasus skills have large mana costs, (except SS but he'll spam it often also wasting lots of mana) if hes gearing for regen he'll be much less of a threat, if not, chances are he's constantly grabing golem buff, so watch it for some easy ganks. Pay attention to his items, if hes tank wont have much dmg and wont steal much life either, if he gets mana pool and regeneration items his dmg will also suffer greatly.

Keep him at distance if solo, down him fast in group setting (its also common for nasus to carry ally boosting items like starks fervor).
Harass him early when hes weakest, make him waste time refilling at base, and dont let him last hit creeps leisurely, it will greatly reduce his threat on endgame and his gold income. Nasus is very dependant on getting items/ golem buff to be effective and his regen and movement speed are very small without gear.

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With alistar, I'd point out that he can use ground pound to stun you and get behind you, then headbutt you into his tower, which is devastating if the tower isn't attacking your minions at the time. Something to watch out for, since keeping him between you and his tower doesn't mean you're safe.

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Rammus (Armordillo, Turtle)

Role :
Tank, Ganker, Pusher, Demolisher

Spiked shell (passive) - convert 25% of his armor to attack damage.
Rammus have a rather slow attack speed so not much of a threat.
If he stack armor one of his strike may be painful but he won't be able to land more than 2-3 attack per disable.
If he stack too much armor go AP or last whisper.

Powerball - Rammus signature move.Turn into a bowling ball and deal Aoe damage upon hiting a target with a violent slow and a minor knockback.
Watch out for his powerball and try to hide behind you minions.
Quiet easy to avoid if he don't have the surprise effect (Olley!).
He may use powerball as a melee Aoe so if he runs toward you champ run away and be sure to have backup (allies or turret) because if he crossed through your minion he will a clear path to land his power ball.

Defensive curl - Increase rammus armor and mr by 150 (lv5) last 6 sec and return 50 magic damage (lv5) if you auto attack him.
Rammus can use this skill early for laning protecting turret and last longer.
He can creep skip and farm and entire creep wave with powerball / curl combo.
Also a good anti ranged harasser early especially dpser rellying on attack speed more than damage (Twitch).
This is also the perfect turret aggroer to allow his allies to push it safely.
He can't powerball while in curl and can't curl while in powerball.
He may use it after powerball upon initiating a team fight.

Puncturing taunt - Force a target to attack rammus for 3 sec (lv5) and reduce armor by 25 (lv5).
Everyone knows his turret aggro tricks so be sure to keep distance with him while pushing a turret.
On the other hand he can use it to pull you out of your turret (you tower huger) and allow his allies to eliminate you, particulary if you're defending the inhibitor turret.
It's deadly don't let him taunt you.

Tremor - Rammus release (8?) succesive shockwave around him dealing 195 (lv3) damage to unit and building.
Rammus use it to push, farm or to gank you solo.
It deals alot of damage if he's able to score every shockwave.
If he tries to gank you solo disable him or use flash/ghost or any escape mechanism.
It's preferable to wait the end of tremor to turn back.
He also use it to demolish turrets and inhibitors with defensive curl.
If rammus decided to focus turrets/inhibitor during a team fight there's not much you can do about it.
If you attack him you will suffer damage from curl and disabling him won't stop tremor.
It's preferable to focus their dps.

Laning : He may focus on last hitting without being too aggressive/harassing.
He may also try to land you some powerball from the brush (an old trick).
If you're melee don't attack him since all his ability are melee it's better to keep distance with him and focus on farming last hitting, statu quo.

Teamfight : His typical initiating combo is Q-W-E-R as simple as that.Low priority target.
You'll usualy never be able to kill him before he unleashed everything he got.

Counter : Penetration.You must penetrate him.The end.

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Junior Member


I just wanted to say that this thread is a very good idea. As a defensive player, I feel that knowledge about my opponents is just as important as knowing how to play my champion.

I remember when I was learning how to play DOTA, I feared bloodseeker more than anything because he would always kill me with his rupture. I would see the blood fly, and I knew that I always got killed by this dot, so I ran my ass off towards the fountain, but somehow I always died...lol. Anyway I appreciate tips on how to avoid dying is all I'm sayin.

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Senior Member


Katarina (Kat)

high speed, very high damage, med to low survivability, melee, blinks.

Kat used to be build as either AP or AD. But the AP build has been nerfed. IMHO she is only viable as AD now. She can be build as a tank but rare and usually fails since she has no synergy with HP, armor or MR and lacks CC.

Most noticeable about Kat is that she has no mana, only CDs.

-Passive: When a champ dies within 15 sec of Kat hiting it, she gains +50g (on top of the kill/assist gold if she also get that) and -15 sec on all her CDs. Basically the only CD that wont be up will be lotus if she just used it.

<Q> Bouncing Blades (BB) : rank1 will bounce off 2 targets, add 1 target per rank. AD+x where x grows with ranks to a max of 80.

This is bread and butter for Kat. Its a range attack that is mostly used to clean creeps and harass. It will do about the same damage as ashes' volley, most likely less, but Kat has no mana, just CDs, so it can be used about every 7 sec or so.

<W> Killer Instinct (KI) : Gives a buff to her next BB or shunpo (next).

BB normally lose 35% damage every bounce. With KI up, all bounces will do the full damage. Used to farm creeps and harass.

On Shunpo (next) it will add significant dodge bonus for 3 sec, rank1 KI is +30% dodge, rank5 is 70% dodge, usually used when shunpo a champ for survivability. Spells will still work as usual.

<E> Shunpo : Allows Kat to "blink" to her target, dealing damage.

If BB is bread, then this is butter. It deals 220 damage and will be about 4 sec CD at rank5. Since the CD is short and cost no mana, it can be used just as extra damage to help farm creeps.

While it cant be used to blink at a location, it can target either friendlies or ennemies. Kat uses this to burst damage while harassing or to kill. Short CD means she will use it often in the same fight. She can use it to retreat by blinking on a friendly. She can use to stay in range while pursuing. Assume she will have extreme dodge after a shunpo. End game its used for hit and runs.

<R> Death Lotus: channeled spell. She will spin and trow small blades at all champs in a rather small AoE range.

If your fighting a tank Kat, id suggest /dance in it. If your fighting an AP or AD Kat, you have to move out of there else you will die. This has many applications, 1 of them is to shunpo behind a champ, slow it, while having 70% dodge, and spin. I cannot stress enough how important it is that you drop what your doing and walk out of it or CC it if you can.

-In Lane-

She is a melee and 1 of her abilities is to blink to a target. So she may sound easy to harass in a lane. She isnt. Her BB is basically having a range attack that does your base damage + 30/40/60/70/80. As i said, somewhat comparable to ashes' volley. The range isnt as good but it will bounce off creeps. When combined with KI, she will hit for full damage all her targets. A good player can bounce it off the melee creeps and hit the champs in the back for fair damage and even further the volley would.

Shunpo hits for a surprising amount of damage in early game and she will auto attack at least once when she does. Add a BB and another auto attack and that might be a kill.

At level 6 she gets lotus. The CD is rather short and it hits for a decent amount, but mostly very fast. I dont have the real number but maybe 3-4 hit per sec. By then good Kats have a Phage that has a chance to slow. So the combo is BB-KI-Shunpo-auto attack-Lotus. Its fast, its dangerous, and it can hit other champs that wont be able to assist.

Mid game is where she truely shines. When ever she gets a kill or assist, she gets 50 extra gold. Most likely something along the lines of phage/frozen mallet to slow, Bllodthists (leach HP) or BF sword and boots.

If you feed a good Kat early on, she will dominate the game until late 18. She is mobile and will do so much damage that she can kill about anything that ventures in a lane. She 3 shots neutral creeps and will basically starve gold and xp.

Late game she gets down ranked to high dps. But her CDs are always up and she still hits like a truck. She will use hit and runs to soften and go for a kill or will try to go for softies. Her lotus will do about 400-600 per sec to all enemy champs so pay attention to her at all time cause it will be fast.

-Things to Watch For-

Her! Her range isnt that good but if you do get in range it will hurt. Even late game her damage is very high and should be among 1 of your top priorities. Mostly since you should save a CC for her lotus, might as well use all your CCs to kill her. If she isnt CCed, she is devastating.

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Tristana (Trist), The Megling Gunner

Role: Pusher, Farmer, Ranged, Slow, Snare, Carry, Fighter


Draw a bead - Increases attack range with level.

Q: Rapid fire
- Activated buff that increases Trist's attack speed by 30 / 45 / 60 / 75 / an insane 90%.

Rocket jump - Targeted AOE, causes Trist to make a big jump at the target, doing 70 / 115 / 160 / 205 / 250 (+1 per AP) AOE magic damage where she lands, and slowing anyone caught in the range.

Detonating Shot - A passive/targeted active that causes killing blows/last hits to explode, doing 30 / 50 / 70 / 90 / 110 magic damage around. Activated effect causes damage over time and slows down health regeneration.

Buster Shot - Targeted ultimate that knocks the target away (600 / 800 / 1,000 distance) and deals 300 / 400 / 500 (+2 per AP) magic damage.

Early game: She has low hp and will most likely be laning to farm gold for things like Infinity Edge. She will try to harass you by autoshooting, or by last hitting minions. Stay away from minions with low hp or any that she is shooting at. Rocket jump and/or buster shot can easily kill you if you are low on hp, or if you stray too near her tower and she punts you into it. Her super high range allows her to harass easily, counter this with hp regen or harassing back with strong spells.

Mid game:
Trist will either continue to farm her lane, in which case a team gank is suggested (although she can easily escape such situations with rocket jump and buster shot). If she isn't farming, she will be switching lanes and looking for opportunities to gank. She can easily rocketjump behind you and buster shot you into her team members, followed by rapid fire activation and autoshooting till death (plus a rocketjump to further prevent running).

Late game:
At this point Trist (if she farmed enough) has incredibly high damage and criticals, and attack speed (with rapid fire on). Never fight her 1 on 1, you will lose from the sheer amount of DPS she does (Comparable with Master Yi). She will clear minion lanes in seconds. She can initiate team fights by rocket jumping into a enemy team and buster shoting someone into her own team, or stay back and simply DPS things dead with rapid fire, then rocket jumping runners and buster shoting as a finisher.

Things to watch out for:
-Beware of the jungle near lanes, Tristana can easily rocket jump over trees into you while you are assaulting towers and punt you into a towery death.
-Don't stand near minions, their deaths will cause you a lot of damage if Tristana is involved.
-Try to move a lot, so Trist can't buster shot you into a unpleasant situation (e.g. enemy team or a tower).
-Keep an eye on her rapid shot buff, if you see her activate it, stay away. If she's running towards you with rapid shot, RUN. You do NOT want to be slowed and miles away from safety while a 90% faster shooting Trist picks away your HP in seconds with stupid high criticals.
-Trist has the highest range in the game for auto attacks at max level (a bit under max range of a tower) so be very carefull of attacking directly.
-Trist can turn a chase into a gank in her favor, don't be too confident and go near towers if she didn't use rocket jump or buster shot recently.

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Senior Member


I've been reading all of these noob threads and this is by far the most helpful one so far. I'd love to see more of these posts!

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what will champions do to kill you???
They would gank you...

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Junior Member


This is gonna be a massive and messy thread, but it's good info so good luck with that. I would seriously recommend keeping it all organized at the top.