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[Guide] Things Champions will do to Kill You

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I've been playing a lot of Veigar recently and see a lot of people making the same dumb mistakes against him. I think he's pretty balanced but ignorance makes him very powerful.


Dark Matter - This spell is an AoE that deals decent damage, but only 2 seconds after it is cast on the target spot. This spell is hardly a nuker for champions (typically used more against minions) but a lot of champions dumbly take damage from it because they don't know to move away from the glowing spot.

Event Horizon - This is the huge gate thing that Veigar casts. The key to countering this is NOT TO PANIC. The stun only happens if you try to run THROUGH the gate. New players who don't know the ability panic and try to run away when they are surrounded by event horizon, falling right into its trap. Whenever this is cast, do one of two things:

1. If you have an ability that can get you safely out of the gate, do it. There are a whole lot of ways to do so:

-Jax's leap attack.
-Yi's ultimate.
-One of the many magic shields.
-Cleanse after being stunned.
-...And many more!

2. If you do not have a way to get out (or don't want to use an ability), DO NOT RUN. Just stay and try to survive. Running will only stun you and put you in an even worse position.

Veigar may also try to cast Dark Matter on you while you're trapped inside (or stunned) so be careful for that. I'm not sure but I don't think it's possible for Dark Matter to hit the entirety of the inside gate; so if you are stuck you can avoid it by moving away from the dot.

As a side note, if you're on Veigar's team, don't be an idiot and use a move that knocks champions outside of Event Horizon unless you really know what you're doing. Singed's toss is great, but not if you're tossing a trapped opponent to freedom.

Primordial Burst - This spell is extremely dangerous to characters who thrive on mana. If your character has low mana then you are actually relatively safe from it; but if you've got a high-mana character then it could easily nuke you late game. However typically it's not enough to take down a single champion; that's why Veigar will cast Event Horizon so that he and another champion can beat on you before finishing you with one megablast Burst.

tl;dr - Don't walk through Event Horizon's perimeter because it will stun you.

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-High HP, high move speed, support role

-Empowered Bulwark (Passive) - Increases HP by 1 for every .3 mana.[/quote]
actually it is quite the opposite, he gains 0.3 hp for every 1 point of mana

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TSB Giles

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actually it is quite the opposite, he gains 0.3 hp for every 1 point of mana

^ This.

It would be ridiculously overpowered otherwise.

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Tryndamere (Critamere, Tankamere, The Barbarian King)
-High health in end game (especially when used as a tank), great survivability, effective slow & physical dmg reduction.

-Passive: (Can't remember the name, sorry!) Increases crit dmg of Tryndamere's base-attacks as health lowers (max. +50% more crit dmg)

-Q Bloodlust Whenever Tryndamere kills a unit (minion/champion) he gains 1 stack of Bloodlust, increasing attack speed and crit chance for short duration. The skill can be activated, consuming all stacks of Bloodlust and healing Tryndamere for 130 + 65 x Bloodlust stacks.

-W Mocking Shout All nearby enemy champions will have their physical damage reduced (-100 dmg at rank 5!) and also reduces movement speed if the enemy champions have their backs turned to Tryndamere.

-E Spinning Slash Tryndamere spins at the target direction, dealing magic damage to all who are caught in his attack.

-R Undying Rage/Endless Rage (both names are used.) Tryndamere denies death for 7 sec, keeping him above 0 health for the duration. (= No damage can lower him to 0hp when Undying rage is up) and adds 3-6 stacks of Bloodlust.

-In Lane - Common laning technique is either farming minions with Spinning Slash -> Stay away from your creeps.
He can also stack Mocking Shout and spam it, making your farming very hard.(-dmg,-movement speed)

-Team Fights - Will chase you down with Mocking Shout (slows when you show him your back!) and spins around. Mostly supports other champions with his slow.

-Things to Watch For - High rank Bloodlust can be very dangerous, so keep a look for Tryndamere if his killing lots of minions/monsters. Also, his Undying Rage might be deadly to more squishy champions (Annie, Ryze...) as he gains immeadiate Bloodlust stacks.

He also is an excellent escape artist. He can heal with Bloodlust, become unkillable for a moment and he might escape with Spinning Slash, as he can SPIN THROUGH WALLS AND TREES! To kill Tryndamere before he escapes, I recommend 2-5 players nuking him.
NOTE: Tryndamere is not on the top of killing priority for his high HP and lesser damage. Save him for the last if possible.

Tomorrow I will post a guide about fighting against Master Yi.

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I just wanted to add some things about singed to watch for (atleast if you are playing against me )

-Team Fights - Singed is not a big threat in large team fights except to initiate them (by throwing you to his teammates) or by chasing you (if you get caught in the Mega Adhesive, you will die). His damage output is nothing to write home about, even with Insanity Potion, unless your entire team is clustered around him, so he will probably not be the first target; just keep in mind that he tends to have a very, very large amount of HP. Just be aware of your positioning and his positioning and avoid an inevitable fling, and you will be fine.

-Things to Watch For - Mega Adhesive slows your movement speed by 84% at Rank 5, so if you get stuck in it, you will not be moving anywhere. Couple that with his incredible move speed and Fling, you will probably lose a 2v1.

You should always watch out for Poison Trail gas and try to avoid running or standing in the gas. With the combination of gas and high hp Singed can be in the middle of the team fight spreading gas all over and causing damage to all opponents.
Also you should avoid running directly behind Singed when chasing him, because of the gas again. This combined with Singeds faster movement speed and Mega Adhesive will make you not be able to catch him, but you will take damage by just running after him.

The gas does not cause huge damage quickly, but it can easily leave you vulnerable to ganks by his team mates or you could die from the dot effect even after you have killed Singed!

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Black Mongoose



This should be great can't wait until all the champions are on the list.

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Since Twitch seems to a problem for a lot of people lately...

Twitch - The Assassin Rat

* Can be a hard carry and excels at BDing

NOTE - If you are REALLY having trouble with Twitch buy wards OR have your tank buy an Oracle's elixir and stay around/support him.

Passive - Deadly Venom - Twitch's attacks infect the target with Deadly Venom, which deal damage each second, stacks up to 6 times, and lasts up to 8 seconds.

* These stacks prove to be truly deadly with Twitch's other abilities.

Q Ambush - Twitch hides in the shadows, waiting for a nearby enemy. If he attacks, he will gain bonus attack speed. After 1.25 seconds, Twitch becomes stealthed for 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 seconds. If Twitch attacks a unit while Stealthed, he gains 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 attack speed for up to 10 seconds, depending on how long he was stealthed before attacking.

* I've seen many Twitch users not understand his stealth/attack speed buff completely. Although the stealth is great, the attack speed buff is the true power of this ability. The longer you're stealthed, the longer your attack speed buff is.

W Debilitating Poison - Infects a target with a crippling poison, slowing his movement speed.
Slows nearby enemy champions' move speed by 20%, plus 10% per Deadly Venom they have.
3 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 5 second duration.

* Basically an AOE slow and whoever has Deadly Venoms stacks will get slowed even MORE (10% per stack)
This is one of my favorite spells as Twitch, because this is his only utility spell and combined with his ult can enable your team to get an ace.

E Expunge - All nearby enemies secrete Twitch's toxic venoms from their bodies, dealing damage for each stack. Deals 30 / 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 (+1 per ability power) magic damage to each nearby poisoned enemy, plus 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 additional damage per stack of Deadly Venom applied to them.

* This is the move that will deal the killing blow to you 90% of the time. If you have stacks of venom on you, RUN far, far away. The range for Expunge seems to be a little under flash range, so if you can get distance from him, he can't expunge you. The more stacks Twitch has on you, the more dmg expunge will do. Keep in mind that expunge will clear his venom stacks, so if he uses expunge and doesn't kill you, you won't die from his venom.

R Spray and Pray - Twitch closes his eyes and fires his crossbow as fast as he can, spraying piercing arrows ahead of him. Twitch gains 40 / 80 / 120% attack speed and his attacks become 1000 range line missiles for 7 seconds, dealing 100% damage and poisoning all enemies hit.

*Great uses of this move are for killing Golem, Lizard and Dragon, killing towers or BDing them (you will not get hit by the tower if you use this move, because of the added range) and for team fights. In team fights, position is everything. Twitch will usually try to position himself against the trees or a wall, so he can spray you from the other side and if he sees you trying to come towards him, he can have time to stealth/retreat. If he gets enough stacks on everyone, he can mass AOE slow them or expunge everyone for great burst dmg. I usually like to slow them, if my team is around and then expunge after I add more stacks.

In Lane - Twitch will usually stealth and try to pick you off, once you're around 50%. If he has the lizard buff, he can take you from 100%-0 with his attack speed buff, stack venom, slow, stack venom, expunge combo. Try to stay close to your tower if you don't know where he is.

Team Fights - Twitch will usually wait a few seconds after a team fight has started as to not give his position away. If Twitch is focused, he will go down fast! If you spot a Twitch, your attention should immediately be on him, unless there's a Fiddlesticks around. (He has too many disables to allow him to live and cast) The teams that focus Twitch never have a problem with him. Avoid his poisons as much as possible and try not to group up if he's using his Ult.

Things to Watch For - I'm not sure what to put here other than be careful of a BDing Twitch. He can take down towers ALMOST as fast as Master Yi. If you kill him early and often, he shouldn't have the gear to give you trouble later on.

I hope some of this helps!

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Brief - An AP based spell caster who excels at clearing large groups of creeps, freezing opponents in place and offering protection to teammates (or self) with a fantastic magic protection shield.

She has lower HP, but can dish out quite a bit of damage to multiple Champions if she can stay alive long enough to use her moves to full extent. Paired with a tank is a combination to watch out for playing against Morgana.

Dark Binding (Q) : This move fires in a straight line, with decent range, and will freeze the first enemy it reaches (can be avoided by staying behind your creeps). Dark Binding will prevent you from moving for several seconds, but will not inhibit you from attacking. This is deadly if other enemy champions are around.

"Corrupted" soil: (W): I can't remember the real name. This is her bread and butter move that creates an Area Effect on the ground (large black circle) that causes a DOT for as long as an enemy creep or champion stands in it. It does significant damage at higher levels. A common strategy is to freeze your hero with Dark Binding and immediately place this AOE spell on you while you are frozen. It is also used in conjunction with her ultimate.

Shield(E): Morgana has a defensive tool that some people QQ should be her ultimate. It is a magic prevention shield that lasts for several seconds and protects against magic attacks. She can cast it on herself and can save her allies by castingthe shield on other champions. It is a saving throw in many situations when you think you have her beaten.

Ultimate (R): Morgana's ultimate can be devastating if she closes in to your group of heroes. Within a short range of her, she will send out tendrils of damage to all Champions within her radius. The spell performs several large ticks of damage and does an extra burst at the end if you are within range for the entire 6 seconds. In large group combat, she will follow behind the tanks, run in, shield herself, and clean house.

As a solo fighter, her HP is a limiting factor in her fights. She is not stealthy but is great at pushing lanes because of the speed she can clear out creeps. In a group setting she is deadly when played correctly.

I wanted to make a few corrections, as Morgana is probably my favorite champion to play as.

1. Morgana actually has a fairly high amount of base health for a caster, and there is a tanking Morgana guide. Her high survivability and utility is what makes her so dangerous in a group fight, and she can solo kill most non-tanks without much difficulty.

2. Dark Binding does a small amount of damage over time during the duration. Moves such as Master Yi's Alpha Strike can cause you to move through the stun without setting it off, causing it to miss or hit something behind you. As a general rule, keep creeps between you and her. If she misses Dark Binding, she's completely useless until the cooldown comes back. It is a skill shot, so it can be avoided by sidestepping or running out of its range.

3. Tormented Soil is the name of her AOE. It ticks 5 times with an AP ratio of about 0.3 per tick, for a 1.5 AP ratio (this is a lot of damage) so do not stand in it. She often uses it to farm, clearing out the backrow creeps. If the melee creeps are close, I can hit both groups. If you are melee, you will have a hard time laning against Morgana because of this and Dark Binding together.

4. Black Shield is potentially the best defensive ability in the game. It scales extremely well with her AP in damage absorption, and it also removes ALL debuffs and prevents debuffs from being applied while it holds. Debuffs with a DOT effect still apply their damage against the shield but any stun/snare effect is disabled. She will often cast it upon her allies (think Master Yi with this on him) so they can gank you while she immobilizes you with Dark Binding. Keep in mind that this shield absorbs magic damage, but physical abilities such as Alpha Strike (Master Yi) and Spinning Slash (Tryndamere) will go through the shield even though their damage is considered magic damage.

5. Soul Shackles, the ultimate. This move does initial damage, scaling 1:1 with her AP to all nearby Champions. It does NOT tick for more damage over time, however any champion that stays near her will have their movement speed reduced by 30% and after 4 seconds will have the damage applied a second time and stunned for 2 seconds. If you can get enough distance, it is possible to run back in immediately without being hit by the stun.

Soul Shackles has many good applications. When ganking, I usually begin with Dark Binding, drop Soil beneath you, pop my ultimate and then shield myself. If you are still alive at this point, I have 40% reduced cooldowns and will shortly hit you with another binding/soil combo to finish you off. This move is also excellent for escaping a gank. Shield yourself and use it and run away. I have escaped 5 man team ganks using this strategy combined with flashing through walls/trees. Finally, this move is amazing in a team fight. Stay toward the outside of the fight and try to hit at least two champions with it. Move to try to keep them both in the effect but if they separate, pick one and follow them, but never ever put yourself at risk and DO NOT just run into the middle of the fight and pop it and expect to live for more than 2 seconds.

Final note: Her auto attack is extremely weak and has a very short range for a caster, so take advantage of this, being aware of Dark Binding. If she misses, that's your chance to take her out, but never ever chase her far, and don't get caught with a binding near her towers. Her cooldowns are quick and if she hits you while retreating, it can easily go from your kill to hers.

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I'll help with this:

(Big Bug, Bug, Zerg, Carnifex)

He's very good at harrassing champs, keeping them from farming/ganking effectively, or setting up a team kill. High HP. If you see him and he's big, VERY high HP. Low damage.

IN LANE - He'll mostly be a bother, but with (Q)Rupture can slowly hit at your life total from far away. That attack deals some damage, throws you into the air, and stuns. Stay AWAY from the grass if he's getting to level 6. FAR away. He can hide there, shoot (Q)Ruptures at you, and once he hits rush in to use his other two attacks: (W)Feral Scream and (R)Feast. That combo deals 600+ damage at level 6, and buffs his max health. Plus you'll be Stunned all along. DO NOT try to attack him, unless you know he's spent Feast already.
If he gets close to your tower, he can use (Q)Rupture to kill your supporting minions and harrass you, without ever being within tower range.

GANG FIGHTS - Low priority target. He's got lots of health, so it's hard to kill him. Later on his combo isn't as dangerous, unless you have low HP. Low HP means anything under 1200, so yeah. He'll mostly just act as support, setting up kills or saving allies. But if he starts to run towards you, assume (R)Feast is locked and loaded.
-He has a long-range, AoE Stun that deals some damage. Luckily it has a long reload time, and a hefty mana cost. Look out for a small circle of dust appearing on the ground: that's where the spikes will strike.
-He can silence instantly on a small teardrop-shaped AoE in front of him, again dealing some damage. This has a shorter reload time, so expect to see this spammed a lot in big fights.
-His normal attack deals physical damage on impact, magical on a short AoE in front of him. But it's not too much damage.
-HE CAN EAT YOU. If your HP is at or below 500 on lvl 6, 1000 around 12-ish, he'll insta-kill you in close combat. If his equipment increases AP a lot, you'll have to be extra careful.

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Annie: the dark child.

passive: every 5th offensive spell cast will stun target.

her three skills are:

Fireball: dealing high dmg on low levels, on high levels deals moderate dmg.
Incinerate: (cone aoe infront of her) small range, dealing low dmg on low levels and raising quickly becoming the strongest spell at high levels.
Fire Shield: small armor/magic resistance buff, she'll use it mainly to setup the passive fifth spell stun, its a defensive tool but not very good untill later and usually its the last spell to be raised.
Ultimate: Timbers the cuddly bear, timbers has moderate dmg on attack and burns a small aoe aroudn him, the biggest threat is that it stuns when cast on top of enemies, she can control it without moving, using it to scout or tower dive for last hits.

Annie will harass with her fireball most of the game, she is quite weak but has great dmg so dont go near without a healthy chunk of hp, on later game her incinerate becomes a bigger threat and shell usually combo her 3 offensive spells to kill you, pay attention to the sound, she laughs when her stun is ready, meaning her combo will come soon, fireball(stun), gets closer and throws the incinerate, and finishes with timbers on your head (stunning again) and a couple auto attacks.
The good annie players will hide the stun and change the order to surprise you:some examples are starting the combo at the 4th spell with incinerate, then fireball stunning when ur running away, and timbers right after, the order can change to timbers first dealing more dmg: timbers(stun), incinierate, fireball(stun) and timbers is hitting u during the whole time.

Remember shes squishy but packs a big punch, try to disable and finish her quickly, and if she unleashes her combo on you get out of stun or range with your summoner spells.

Annie can equip full ap for crazy combo dmg or tank annie to cover her weakness, make sure to select her and check what gear she has, you can also see if she has combo rdy on her buffs.