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Help with my nasus build

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Hi i am currently lvl 10 and got a strong interest in playing as nasus for a long time. i need some help with my items, my first 3 are sheen, ninja tabu and manamune. idk what to build after these items can someone plz help my out? id greatly enjoy the help

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One should keep in mind his damage output isn't the greatest, so try not building him as a carry.
If you're going up against 2 or 3 physical DPS persons (eg: Trynd, Tristana, and Xin) then get a Ninja Tabi, otherwise Mercury Treads seem to work best.
He does have mana problems, but one should build him as an offtank. Although less effective in terms of mana maintenance and damage output, for the sake of offtanking the Chalice is a better choice.
At least you notice the synergy between his Siphoning Strike and the Sheen proc, get a Trinity Force later game.
Also, an Aegis seems to be a rather effective support item for him to possess.

If you need more, just google up Hyfe's Nasus and you'll find satisfactory answers to your request.

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Mastery build should be a 9/0/21, rune for mana regen so you DON'T need to get chalice or any other mana regen item. At level 5 I am able to spam my Q/W/E every single minion wave without ever running out of mana. If you need more mana than this you are doing something wrong. Your skills should be R>E>W>Q, you don't need to level SS until the last moment as only the base damage is increased, not the bonus damage.

You need boots (merc treads are almost always better) then sheen. After those two items you need to build DEFENSIVELY. Nasus is picked for one single purpose, his ult. If you build nasus anything but defensive you will die in team fights and your ult will be absolutely worthless.

Typically with him grab cleanse/ghost for your summoner spells. For phys teams I grab randuins omen, for ap teams I grab a force of nature. I try to finish my sheen-> tryn force after my defensive items are in place. Aegis is suggested by many players, but i find this item to be less than great on most champions. I understand you can build nasus as an aura carrier, but even so the extra little but if armor/mr doesn't help your teammates all that much.

In team fights you should have enough armor/mr to follow your initiating tank into battle, ult, then rush their squishy/carry and either chase him out of battle or kill him. Thats your goal typically. Do remember nasus isn't a great pick for most teams, but against hp tanky teams he can be a good choice. Build him with plenty of armor/mr though or you will be dead.

As synergyDreamer said hyfe's guide has one of the most successful nasus builds around. If you have any questions or need more detailed info I would refer to that.