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Multiple bug issues, demotion

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Recently I experienced multiple bug issues in consecutive games. I lagged horribly(i know the lag is not my comp or my internet for other reasons), disconnecting and reconnecting for three games in a row, which proceeded to be losses. Immediately afterward I played an ARAM because i was sick of having to worry about losing a ranked match while lagging. The ARAM was completely bug free so I proceeded to try another ranked game on Summoners Rift. About 5 minutes into the game I started having ping problems. Around ten minutes I disconnected and when i reconnected I was lvl 1 and couldnt use abilities or summoners. After I died once, I was once again able to use abilities but I couldnt use summoners for the rest of the game. The game ended as a loss. Immediately after the game I recieved a notification from Riot that I had decayed due to inactivity and I was demoted even though I had played multiple games recently and my LP was well above 0. Using Mac Client on a 13 inch MBP. Please help Riot. I want to play your game.