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Spell vamp swain build?

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A build that allows swain to not be completely shut down by Ignite. Spell vamp build.
Note, not representing exact build order, not quite sure whats best yet.
Rod of Ages
sorc boots
Will of the ancients
rylais sceptre.
hextech revolver (into gunblade as very last item build.)
Spirit Visage

Crucial: A buddy must also get will of the ancients. I hit 60% spell vamp, and 20% more healing from visage., and around 350 ap, with 3k hp. I won the game 15-2. essentially unkillable. Anyone got input on this build?

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Captain Dildac

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sounds ****ing awesome to me

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I did all the math for spell vamp on Swain in another thread, and it just doesn't add up to be all that effective. I'd rather go for AP/Mitigation to make me tanky than rely on spell vamp in small doses over time. Keep in mind that two of his skills are AoE, and thus only return 15% of the Spell Vamp benefit, making the return negligble.

Of course, fed 15/2, you will be unkillable no matter what your build if you have any kind of survivability in mind.

EDIT: Found it... really wish search was working...

Granted, this is for WotA alone. Spirit Visage is another case all unto itself, and I don't doubt it's effectiveness, I just dislike it's lack of offensiveness.

Will of the Ancients offers 20% Spell Vamp.

Your Ultimate:
Ultimate at level 3 deals 90 damage per second, AoE.
Since it's AoE, it only receives 15% of the 20% Spell Vamp:

20x.15 = 3% Spell Vamp per hit.

90x.03 = 2.7 HP per hit

You go from 45 HP healed, to 47.5 HP healed per return.... not worth it.

At 200 AP: 130x.03 = 3.9 HP per hit... still not worth it

Same as above. It's AoE, only 3%, per target captured.
At 18, deals 240.

240 x .03 = 7.2 HP gained per target captured. Not worth it.

At 200 AP: 380 x .03 = 11.4 HP gained per target captured. Still not worth it.

At 18, deals 235 damage to a single target. Gets the full 20%

235 x .2 = 53 HP returned... 53 HP every 6-8 seconds depending on your CDR - not worth it.

At 200 AP: 395 x .2 = 79 HP returned... still not worth it.

Laser Bird
At 18, deals 85 damage per second to a single target. Gets the full 20%.

85x.2 = 17 HP per tick. 51 HP if they stay in the spell for it's duration. Not worth it.

At 200 AP: 145 x .2 = 29 HP per tick. 87 HP if they stay in the spell for it's duration. Still not worth it.

For a full combo of spells, at 200 AP, you'll gain a max of 177.4 HP before your ultimate, with 0 magic resistance - Over time... not all at once. Doesn't sound like a whole lot to me considering it's over the course of several seconds. If it was a burst of that amount, I would say otherwise... but not for Swain.

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In spite of the recent buffs to spell vamp, it's still that great an ability to get imo. I just build my Swain with Spirit Visage plus a few other tanky items and call it good.

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Sadness Assassin



Actually, Spell Vamp gives 33% on AoE abilities/multi-target abilities, not 15%. Thus, if you have 20% spell vamp, that would be reduced to 6.6%

So to correct your numbers:

Swain Ultimate:
Multi-target because it fires 3 crows optimally which each do 90 damage and heal you for half that with 0 ap.
20x.33 = 6.6% Spell Vamp per hit.

90x.03 = 5.94 HP per hit

So if you're getting one crow out, you're healing 45 from the crow, and an additional 5.94 (let's say 6) from the spell vamp. With 3 crows, that would be 135 healing from crows, with an additional 18 from spell vamp.

At 200 AP: 130x.066 = 8.58 HP per hit. With 1 crow that's 65+8.58, and 3 crows it's 195+25.74 healing.

So for the ultimate, you get about a 13.3%increase in healing with 20% spell vamp, which doubles to about 27% if you're ignited (because your crow healing is halved).

AoE, so 1/3 standard spellvamp.
At rank 5 it does 240 damage

240 x .066 = 15.84 HP gained per target captured.

At 200 AP: 380 x .03 = 25.08 HP gained per target captured.

Unfortunately, it has a rather small radius (read: less victims) and a long cooldown, so the spell vamp gain from this spell is not so hot.

If we only calculate for the spell vamp gained in one second of combat, managing to hit 3 targets with both the ultimate and Nevermove while getting your DoTs on another target with 200 AP, and calculating for 30 MR for each target, we get 115.2 Spell Vamp. If we allow for 4 seconds of combat, this number goes up to 271.9 total, because Swain does a sizable amount of damage over time.

Even if you give them all 100 MR, the 1 sec of combat Spell Vamp is 74.825 while the 4 seconds of combat gives 170.7 health gained total.

You also have to take into account that none of this includes the damage amplification of Torment, which would certainly boost these numbers some, though in a way that would take more time than I care to involve.

Although the amount of health gained seems fairly low, it's worth noting that this can help shore up the weakness Swain has to ignite cutting his ultimate healing in half, since Spell Vamp is not affected by ignite (it's also not affected by Spirit Visage, unfortunately). I think building Spell Vamp is certainly viable on him and is something I'll have to try to see if it shores up his weaknesses.

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Relatyve Mynd



Thanks for that, Sadness Assassin, you have killed my sadness that the OP's bad math was inducing.

I wonder what a tanky team with SV+WotA Vlad and SV+WotA Swain would look like.