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Tyrndamere - The ULTIMATE Physical DPS Solo

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"Ah, yes... Tryndamere. The walking crit machine with an attitude and an AoE slow..."

*** NOTE: ***
This guide is geared towards mediocre/advanced players, and assumes that one knows various basic points about LoL and gaming in general.

Few think that Tryndamere is a solid solo mid carry, but I believe otherwise... Here's my level-by-level guide on becoming the strongest solo carry in the game. I'll use Q W E R to represent Trynd's Champion abilities, and talk about items afterwards.

Level 1: Q - It's VERY important to get your bloodlust stacks early so that you can last hit easier. Dont count on level 1 bloodlust heal, as 8 stacks will only afford you 80 health. It's usually best to save your heal until level 3.

At level 1, Tryndamere is a bit of a baby unless he has someone helping him out. Be careful of taking excessive hits, and run up to the creep line only for the very last hit. Tryndamere has an extremely easy auto attack to last hit with, since it is very fast and clean. If you know what you're doing, and if you're not being harassed too hard, you can usually last hit almost all of the first few creep waves, unless tower is throwing your rhythm off.

Items: Vampiric Scepter - If you can continue to land hits, and you're properly runed to critical damage, this item will yield far better health regeneration than a regrowth pendant. If you're being harassed so hard that you can't sustain yourself on last hitting... you should probably reconsider solo laning as Tryndamere, and get together with a nice support hero until you learn how to last hit well.

Level 2: W - I see a lot of tryndameres make the mistake of getting their spin attack second. It's definately better to get a single rank in slow and start using it to harass enemy heroes before they get too confident in laning against you. Trying to harass with spin attack just gets too many creeps on you for it to be effective this early in the game.

Level 3: Q - You can now use x8 Bloodlust heals to sustain you, but don't expect them to save you from anything too heavy yet.

Level 4: E - Use your spin to surprise-harass the enemy as they usually won't expect you to start spinning if you've already shown them that you went chicken choke first. Usually, at this level, it's more important to worry about using spin attack to intimidate people and get them to back up so you can choke their chickens and land 2-3 hits before returning to the creep wave.

Level 5: Q - Once you get level 3 Bloodlust, you can begin taking moderate to heavy creep damage during harasses on your opponent as long as you continue to last hit.

Level 6: R - Be sure not to waste your ultimate!!! Trynd's ulti is the deciding factor in what makes him such a great 1v1 hero. It's best to play passive and let creeps pile up before you go in to use your ultimate, because it will make the enemy player feel more confident in killing you. Spin + Slow + Slice them until you're around 15-20% unless they have nukes, and pop your ulti to finish them off. It is CRUCIAL to know when to run, though, and if you aren't going to kill them 6 seconds or less after using your ulti, it's best to haul ass and fight another day. REMEMBER: Tryndamere is most vulnerable after he's used his ultimate, as the only things keeping him alive are usually a small heal from bloodlust and a few pro spins through jungle walls.

--- BLUE PILL when you have 1350 Gold and buy Boots of Swiftness (Boots 3) and an Elixir of Agility. The Elixir will alow you an easy kill on lizzy before you go back to your lane. Continue to buy elixirs of agility any time you're around base with 300 or more gold to spare. The 20-35% attack speed is nice, but the main reason is the 20% crit chance it gives. This helps immensely with spamming spin attack on creeps and self healing with bloodlust. ---

Items: Vampiric Scepter, Boots of Swiftness, Elixir of Agility

Level 7: Q - Hopefully, you will have killed your opponent in mid by now. If not, never fear! Simply dip into the woods and kill lizard with the help of Elixir of Agility. This will allow your opponent move up to your tower, placing him in a perfect gank spot for when you return to lane with Lizard buff. Remember, it doesn't matter if you run in and land a few feet short with your first spin attack, just make sure to get the slow off as soon as you're in range and their backs are turned to you. If you can't kill someone at level 7 with Lizzy buff and Elixir of Agility... you need better summoner abilities or a more easy hero.

Level 8: E - By this point, you should have killed your opponent in mid at least once. This means that it's now time to start going global. You can usually get a good 2-3 more ganks out of your lizzy buff after you use it to kill mid. After ganking top or bot, go to mid to control any push that may be threatening your tower, and then head to dragon. You can easily solo dragon at level 8 with lizard and elixir of agility. I've managed to solo him without buffs, but it's difficult and requires full HP. When killing neutral creeps, be sure to use your x8 bloodlust heal whenever it's up, and be mindful of spin cooldown to maximize damage. It only takes 3 crits to fully recharge your spin attack!

Level 9: Q - Now that you have maxed your bloodlust, you can begin even more aggressive play like tower diving or taking entire creep waves alone. Your lizard buff should be wearing off or gone by now, so carefully make your way to the enemy side of map to get theirs. Continue to gank and make sure to kill ALL the neutral creeps you can, including golem!

--- BLUE PILL!!! - If you land a few successful ganks with your 2nd lizard buff, you can probably go straight for B.F. Sword. If you're having a slow game and need to farm more, I've found it best to get two zeals and a few elixirs of agility before getting B.F. sword. ---

Level 10: E - Continue to gank and farm neutral creeps while making sure that middle tower stays safe

Level 11: E - Most people go for ultimate here without really thinking about it. The only thing you gain by leveling up your ultimate is more bloodlust stacks. It's far better to just level spin, since you'll usually have 8 stack bloodlusts without needing your ultimate at all.

Level 12: E - Keep puttin' that ultimate off and get spin again. You can now start to rely on spin for doing substantial AoE damage on multiple Champions in team fights.

Level 13: R - Go ahead and grab your ultimate here, since it DOES come in handy every now and then to have those quick bloodlust stacks.

Level 14: W - Time to start leveling your slow again.

Level 15: W - Continue to get as many neutral buffs as possible, and power grind off neutral creeps when you're not ganking.

Level 16: R - Grab another rank in your ulti for improved survivability when escaping. Depending on items, you can probably tank baron for your team. With lizzy buff and elixir of agility, I've been able to 2 man baron at 16, with the other person's job being mainly to stop baron from resetting when/if I get knocked out the back wall of his pen. If you have your whole team with you (given that they're stacking themselves well also), you can do baron as early as level 13.

Level 17: W - Keep leveling your slow.

Level 18: W - Unless you've died several times, you should have been able to independently end the game yourself by now. If not, continue to farm neutral creeps and gank/push lanes until you have your items completed.

::: ITEMS :::

(1) Vampiric Scepter
(2) Boots of Swiftness
(3) B.F. Sword (or Zeal if you're dying a lot)
(4) Zeal
(5) Infinity Edge (or Phantom Dancer if you're dying a lot)
(6) Phantom Dancer (Inf. Edge if you already have PD)
(7) Trinity Force
(8) Bloodthirster

The idea of this item build is to play off of Tryndamere's huge crits to sustain himself with lifesteal early game, and then quickly take control of the entire map with lightning fast move speed.

I find that Ghost and Flash work best for Tryndamere, since he's all about mobile ganks and surprise attacks. Flash is an amazing combo with spin attack, too. Some people get cleanse, but I can't explain how many kills I've gotten with flash, as well as how many times it's saved my life. Cleanse just can't hold a candle to flash when it comes to Tryndamere.

I hope you guys found my 4 hours of hard work informative and maybe even entertaining. The most important part of playing Tryndamere is the early game. If you die before you can get Elixir of Agility and lizzy buff, you will most likely need to switch out of middle or get several ganks to help you balance the scales. This, however, is sometimes impossible for your team because they're too busy getting raped by the very person who owns you in middle. REMEMBER -- A kill in mid counts for twice as much as another lane kill. DO NOT DIE!!!

Well, this sure was a good way to spend time at work. Maybe I'll write an Ashe guide next Thursday on my next shift. Til then... GL HF everybody!


Ah yeah, I forgot about runes and spec. Nothing too hard though: Just max Furor Runes in everything but your Quintessences. Get all +2.00% EXP Quintessences since your whole objective is to outlevel your opponents by soloing mid and neutral creeping the jungle often.

For your spec, go 21 - 0 - 9. You end up with massive damage and 11% bonus exp.


3/3 Deadliness, 1/3 Archmage Savvy

1/4 Sorcery, 4/4 Alacrity

3/3 Sunder, 2/2 Offensive Mastery

3/3 Brute Force

3/3 Lethality

1/1 Havoc


3/3 Good Hands, 1/1 Haste

4/4 Awareness

1/2 Utility Mastery

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Haha, I just realized I misspelled Tryndamere in the topic title! Oopsies...

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Senior Member


So I tried this 2 games in a row and what I found was that the scepter is pretty much a waste. Just get crit gloves or something + 2 pots. Use bloodlust to heal, you can easily last hit without the bloodlust stacks anyway.
I'm not a level30 summoner yet. but I have 21 in offense and 11% crit from runes. OK not crit dmg like in the guide but even with 11% crit from runes I found that critting was not reliable enough. Low attack speed with the boots of swiftness as well. Didn't quite have the punch that a usual crit/attack speed early build has.
I felt a lot weaker around 10-15 than usual.

The way you pick the spin before slow is a waste I feel was well. Getting the slow/dmg reduction fast is way way nicer than the extra dmg on the spin.

Flash over cleanse had it's advantages but also disadvantages. Sometimes I was glad I had flash but other times I wish I had cleanse. I feel that ghost is a must as I seriously hate getting blocked and not being fast enough.

From experience I think that as long as you go mid as tryndamere you will become downright OP as you get so much exp and gold. I ended up with like 21 or something kills and 3 deaths in 1 game and 10+ kills and 1-2 deaths in the other. All deaths could probably be avoided.

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This guide as fail.

I personnaly go for :
1 Elexir of Agility + 5 pot lvl 1
2xAvarice when u have money
zerker or mercurys
followed by IE,stark or frozen mallet.
Buy agility pot all game long.

Cleanse + Ghost

Pwn with OP tryn

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Senior Member


KEY: solo mid

avarice x 2
zerker boots

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Senior Member


I agree with lifesteal first. It keeps you on ur lane more, + lust heal.

Then if u want, make it exec calling. Altho, i never really notice benefits from exec calling., i'll do it, but I don't see em.