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Twitch: The Vampire DPS Ninja Rat!!! (In-progress)

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Lore, stats, and abilities are here:

1. Ambush allows him to scout areas and gather good intel and also block off enemy escapes from ganks.
2. His DPS and stealth makes him an almost perfect assassin.
3. He is an excellent carry and pusher and is able to take down towers with ease compared to other heroes.
4. His ult is excellent for bottle neck situations and both destroying and defending towers.

1. Since the new patch, his ambush isn't a good of an escape tool as it used to be unless you are near a bush.
2. He's extremely squishy, which makes it hard for him to take on two people or more alone.
3. He is horrible at rescuing someone even with debilitating poison and is more likely to wait for you to die and do as much damage to the other guy and then steal your kill.

Runes and Masteries:
I'm assuming you're reading this guide, you are either a noob or you haven't been playing long enough. Ether way, you barely have squat. And frankly, I am currently only level 16, but Twitch has been giving me a long winning streak. If I have to advise something, then I would go for a build that caters to attack speed and cool downs. So for masteries, I would advise trying to balance between offense and defense.

Summoner Spells.
Typically, I go for the following.
Heal: Like I said before Twitch is a rat and rats are extremely squishy.
Teleport: Since my guide is primarily for pushing and destroying towers. This is an excellent skill that gives you great mobility. It also plays a huge role late game.
Flash: A good escape skill. Ambush takes 1.5 seconds to make your stealthed, if an enemy can hit you even ONCE between those 1.5 second intervals, then it'll keep from becoming stealthed. Flash gives you some breathing room and extra time to throw up ambush to run away.

Skill Order:
Usually, I start off with Ambush at the start of the game. Then I focus on Ambush or Expunge as I level up. However, I do try to having a least 1 level on debilitating poison before level 10.

Item Order:
Starting Item:
Starting Item: Vampiric Specter (Allows you to stay in your lane longer by giving you health from creeps.)

1. Vampiric Specter + 2 Daggers > Malady (The increased attack speed and lifesteal will make it tougher for other ranged champions to kill you)
2. Boots > Berserker Greaves
3. Recurve Bow
4. Recurve Bow > Last Whisper or Wit's End or Divine Sword
Here your items gets situational. Depending on who you tend to bump into on the other team. If you tend to bump into Tanks, then Last Whisper is good for its armor penetration. Wit's End is good against mages and anyone who relies on mana for kill shots, because your attack speed and its ability allows you to quickly drain their mana and effectively disable them. If you're up against a mix of both or other DPSs, then I would go for Divine Sword, which has a faster attack speed and deals an extra 100 damage for every forth hit.
They all cost about the same, so it's really up to you.
5. B.F. Sword > Bloodthrister (Combined with your attack speed, you'll be able to cut hordes down to shreds in seconds and be able to come out of mobs with almost full health. The extra damage also helps with 1 v 1.
6. Infinity Edge (or whatever you feel is appropriate)

Usually, by the 5th item. My team is either dominating (with me at the head of the kill count) or getting dominated (with the rest of my team feeding). Rarely, I ever get to the 6th item. But when I do, go for more damage (Infinity Edge), Trinity, armor, or more attack speed.

As you can see from my build, I strictly stick to DPS and damage.

Twitch makes an excellent assassin and gank partner but only if your team has a gank set up or if an enemy champion is alone. Most people are okay with that and spend most of the time stealthed and roaming the map and waiting for some unsuspecting victim. However, I'm not really patient like most people and I go for a different role with Twitch.


If done properly, by the end of the round, you'll have both the highest body count and number of buildings destroyed.

Early Game (1-5): Last hit as often you can, as well as harassing when ever you are in range. 2 to 3 shots plus an expunge can really do some serious damage on almost any champion. If you're with a partner, try to coordinate attacks on a single enemy with hit and run tactics. When an enemy has about 40% or less, ambush them from behind and expunge with appropriate for an easy kill.

Mid-Game (6-12): This is when the real run starts. After you get Spray n' Pray, you become one of the best pushers and tower destroyers in the game. When you first get your ult, stealth your self and position your self out of the tower's range and in front a mob of creeps or even a champion. Then turn on spray and pray and let it rip! If you did things correctly, you should be able to hit the tower without being its range and also hit a bunch creeps and the occasional champion along the way. Throw in an expunge, you'll be able to either destroy the tower or bring it down half health hasslefree since the creeps will be dead and the enemy champion would be falling back. At this point of the game, you start roaming around the lanes and jungles, farming and pushing to get gold in between your ult's cooldown. Or even killing a stray champion. And when you're ult is up, repeat the ambush & spray n' pray tactic out of the towers range and help your bros bring them down.

The key to this strategy is not staying in one lane for so long to allow your enemies to know where you are. Like I said before Twitch is really really squishy and when outnumbered, he is extremely vulnerable. This is where Teleport comes in handy. By level 12, everyone usually falls in the same mindset and starts pushing middle. While, it is a sound idea to work with your team and push with them. I would rather push whatever lane is empty and take down their tower. After taking down 2 mobs, the enemy team will notice and send either 1 or 2 people to stop you. Teleport when ever you feel they are close and go to another lane with either mobs or unprotected towers. This is a rather form of indirect team work since you divert the other team's attention to you and have them send people after you instead of working on pushing mid lane. If done correctly, your center team will be able to push up to the base's turrets.

Late game 13-18: Continue pushing and destroy towers. Try to destroy towers by tiers instead of lanes, because the other team will be able to track you if you stay in one lane for too long. From here, you could either go rogue or help your team push a tower (even though, you could destroy it WAY faster with spray and pray). Personally, I go usually go rogue and harass the other team as much as possible with my hit and run tactics. If most of the other team is in a specific lane, leaving any turrets or inhibitors unguarded. Then break away from the team and destroy them yourself. Since ambush allows creeps to move fast past, the other team can't use creeps as an indicator of your location. So when you're in range. Unleash your spray and pray out of the towers range and haul ass before you get ganked.

My primary strategy is to destroy towers, since being an assassin takes up too much time. Using ambush + spray n' pray, you can do some hefty damage against towers and then move on to the next lane with ambush. I also rely on staying of the other teams way and distracting them by making them focus on me and try to chase me down. You can also defend towers by using the same strategy by waiting for the opposing team to charge at a lower behind a mob. Simply spray and pray at the closest creep or champion that's bunched together and then throw up debilitating poison and expunge so either you or the rest of your team can finish them off. And if an inhibitor isn't being defended, then simply sneak past mobs while cloaked and then take out the inhibitor when the mob or champions have moved past you.

And when you're assassinating someone, go with usually attack, debilitating poison, expunge, attack, expunge again.

When escaping, 2 shot each attacker, debilitate, ambush and run.

Keep in mind, Twitch is one of the few people who can destroy towers in a short amount of time without relying on a mob.

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Constructive advice : It seems liek you would be better off with Cleanse. A reason for this is the new buff (it makes you immune to debuffs for 2 seconds)
Heal is also nerfed because they lowered the level coefficient mastery and replaced it with CD. Also the heal isnt as large as if you were to stay alive for 2 seconds and lifesteal. Furthermore Heal can be reduces by Mortal Strike things such Explosive Shot(active) , Executioners Calling , Grog-Soaked Blade.

Because it seems like you rely on Bloodthirster and Malady for lifesteal(which i do aswell) its good to be able to be disable free for 2 seconds. Also dont over estimate your opponent , many people will try to crowd control a Twitch without realizing he has Cleanse on , thus futily wasting their cc's(maybe even multiple of them).

Get cleanse , pop up and use your ultimate and attack them , cleanse the moment the first crowd-control comes up on you and then continue to DPS relying on your lifesteal and disable-immunity to keep your up. If you are pretty well farmed the lifesteal from your attackings piercing multiple targets is a HUGE GIGANTIC ENORMOUS GARGANUTAN heal.

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Nice guide, I completely agree about being a tower destroyer with Twitch more then a ganker, since games are more often then not decided by which team destroyed more towers early on. And I think Twitch with teleport is the best backdoor champ in the game.

Your build is pretty much identical to mine. In terms of skill order, taking ambush as your first skill is kind of ineffective since it really doesn't give you much. If you take expunge first and lane with someone like Blitzcrank, Sion, Ryze, Ashe or Teemo or even just someone with exhaust, you are likely to draw first blood in a pre minion gank.

I have to agree with alcapowned about heal. On Twitch heal is pretty much useless, When you are focused you will die with or without heal very fast if you are unable to stealth in time. Since teleport is a must with Twitch, taking cleanse or flash is a much better idea.

Another VERY important tip that I would add is constantly check enemy champs to see if they have vision wards in their inventory and or the oracle buff to avoid stupid deaths. And if someone bought oracle focus them as much as you can.

If you play Twitch properly you should have a pretty low number of deaths, which means that you are a top candidate for purchasing oracle yourself when you play against other stealthed charecters or even Teemo. Its always fun to ambush another Twitch when he thinks noone can see him.

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So, get the 2 attack speed items before your first damage item?

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I usually start with a fort potion, then build a bloodthister. Getting the BF sword by L10 turns you into a beast that'll cause early-game rage quitting, esp after a few potion-aided kills. It's just demoralizing to the other team.

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So, get the 2 attack speed items before your first damage item?

Yeah, expunge is your bread and butter for getting a kill and harassing champions. Debilitate and then expunge, the moment the other champion has 6 venoms on him for maximum effectiveness. While increased damage is good, increased attack speed takes priority since

As for heal, I primarily use it for early game, but most of the time I go with teleport and flash. The whole point of my build is for pushing, destroy towers with spray n' pray. Generally, hit and run tactics. I only kill whenever it's convenient. The whole goal is to destroy towers, while champions are secondary. Besides, they're usually near a tower anyways, so I simply line up my shots with the tower as priority, throw up debilitate and venom and then run.

And the reason, I go for ambush first is because I usually go solo in mid, so the extra attack speed allows me to both harass the champion and last hit during early game. As soon as I get spray and pray, I move on to the lane with the weakest enemy tower and help them push with ambush & spray and pray to do about 1000k of damage.

As for vision wards and oracle, I find that the best method is to simply change lanes if you know a champion has one of those. The wards only last 4 minutes and do not really have strong range. You can usually for behind them or let the mob go past you to bring the action outside of the wards range.

As for oracle, usually people get those late game. Rarely, have I seen ANYONE get them below level 14. And since it takes up an item slot, they usually stop getting them altogether near the end of the game. Frankly, the only reason they would even HAVE oracle is if they perceive you as a threat after you've been kicking their collective asses all game.

Basically, only worry about stealth detection if you're good. If you suck, then the other team won't even bother. (The truth hurts)

But if you really must get rid of the person with oracle, odds are they are at the frontline of a team push down mid. Just, have your team set up from behind with you at the front of the push. While camping near a tower, cloak yourself. When they get close, pop a spray and pray and aim for the guy with the oracle. Although, they can see you. The purpose of ambush is also to boast up your attack speed and help your ult. If you do right, you'll be able to hit multiple targets and kill them or slow them with expunge and debilitate. At this point, it's a fight or flight scenario. All of which are covered, since your team is behind them and you're near a tower. Within, the next 2 minutes, someone's going to die.

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If the rest of this post is too long for you to read let me summarize here:

This guide is written out well and contains good strategy tips but DO NOT get attack speed items on twitch, attack speed items on twitch is a really bad idea and will severly limit your damage compared to other builds. I elaborate on the reason for this in my post.

This is yet another in a series of twitch guides that makes the same blunder that most players I see make. The best build that any top rated/skilled/competitive twitch uses does not get attack speed items. While the malady build might be arguable for roflstomping noobs at low elos it does not make any sense at high level play.

First of all you can cap your attack speed(attack speed cap is 2.5) using ambush and spray and pray. The use of twitch in team battles is that of using the spray and pray range with ambush being mostly a way of buffing attack speed. Due to the attack speed bonuses the clear way to maximize damage output is to buff your damage per hit. I would recommend furor runes and quickly build blades of avarice and then an inf. edge. Frozen Mallet is also a good item on twitch if you wanna survive a little better since the freeze effect is also quite useful.

As far as boots, I usually wait awhile to upgrade them. When the boots are upgraded there are alot of options, basically depends on the specific game. Beserkers Greaves are the one set of boots I never get since the attack speed is not needed/overcaps.

For starting the game I would reccomend a longsword and a health pot if you are going to get lizard buff.(This is almost always a good idea for the twitch's team if you can). With rally and another summoner skill like flash, cleanse, or ignite you can often can a first blood if the person you are laning with doesnt hug tower.

As far as oracle's they arent very effective against twitch compared to eve. His range is so good that you can maneuver into position for team battles without coming within sight range until just about when you open. Of course if the oracle guy finds you in jungle it can be a problem, so killing the oracle holder is nice, but I wouldnt let it sway your choice of targets in a team battle.

As far as skill leveling i would HIGHLY suggest ambush at level 1, as this greatly helps your team in the 5 man-ganking/dragon/lizard/golem killing as the creeps spawn. Stealthing to scout the enemy team can be quite helpful. It is also quite useful in getting a kill with your level 1 red rune since you can position perfectly to gank. Expunge is the best choice to max first, with ambsh being leveled high 2nd. make sure to pick up 1 level of debilitating poison at level 4 then leave it there till you finish expunge and ambush.

There are however many things in this guide that I agree with that are well written. The description of game strategy is good. Although it should be mentioned that twitch can be a great solo laner early (usually someone should come fill in once twitch gets high enough level to gank/pressure the outside lanes). The vamp scepter is a good starting item if for some reason you are not getting red rune.

A well written guide, but the suggested item build is not at all conducive to doing good damage/winning team fights. I would reccomend talking to good twitch players / playing the furor runes-avarice blades-infinity edge- more damage per hit build and updating the guide.