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Jungling Trynd Guide?

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Senior Member


I need a fully detailed jungling trynd guide please

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Junior Member


Since none help i can give you some start. Not detailed thou.

For masteries i go 21/0/9.

Bloodlust first of course and whenever is possible, armor and 4 (not 5) health pots.

Start with wraths. Smite the big one. This should get you 8 bloodlusts.

If they have a jungler too start by their wraths. if you see that their jungler is taking too long to kill his first creep you can go for their golems too (you have to stay right between the golems, the closest to the wall, if not their minion wave might spot you and give them FB).

Then just keep killing the minor creeps until you farm wriggles latern ( the best item in game) then you can kill any buff.

And you can gank early since you dont need red for a slow.

Ive been only playing Trynd these days that he is free, so i went to jungle. Else i would just end up hugging/feeding in lane.