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[Campion Guide] Gangplank !

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no we want crit damage runes, but NOT avairace in this build


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Horrible build, kill yourself.

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Honestly the build isn't too bad, but I've tweaked it to what I think works for me.

First off this is what I use:

Meki pendent + 2 health pots > Philosopher's Stone, Sorcerer's Boots, Sheen, Infinity Edge, Black Cleaver, Bloodthirster.

And if the game lasts any longer, which in my experience rarely, then go for another Black Cleaver.

To me the Philosopher's Stone is almost a necessity on Gangplank. You will be getting a lot of gold and it should cover your health regen and mana nicely for the first part of the game until you've farmed bigger items.

Sorcerer's Boots are just one way to go for boots IMO. Mobility and mercury also have their uses on gangplank too.

The rest is pretty self explanatory.

As for summoner spells...

I usually use smite/rally + exhaust/ghost. Smite lets you control the lane by killing off those bigger creeps, while rally lets you both control the lane and help even more in team fights. Exhausts and ghost help chase down enemies so you can shoot them in the back.

With this I rarely go negative in games.