TT custom: Close Quarters

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This is a custom I have played with friends, it's quite fun:

Played on TT, 3-5 players per team.

Played ONLY in the jungle, farming lanes is not allowed. Leeching from them is fine.

Jungle minions are allowed to be farmed.

ALL movement speed PASSIVES are banned, excluding runes/masteries. This DOES NOT affect the Reviere~


The game begins when the altars are able to be capped. Each team must be waiting on their altar to cap it. YOU MAY FARM THE JUNGLE EARLIER, BUT CROSSING THE FAN THING IN THE MIDDLE IS FORBIDDEN. ON THE CALL OF "THE ALTARS WILL UNLOCK IN 30 SECONDS" is your que to GET ON THE ALTAR ASAP.

At this point, the goal is to cap your opponents altar. Capping the altar, then holding BOTH until the capped one is unlocked for 1 minute results in a point. Each team then takes control of their respective altar, goes back to base, and play resumes.

First team to 5 wins.

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How are you getting more than 3 per team, exactly?