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Should be implemented?

Yes 6 75%
No 2 25%
Voters 8 .

League Selection

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Lord Dreth



Saw this on uvladbro.net on like page 46 or something. I've brought this up before but uh, i'll just leave this here to see if the community still likes this. The MAIN point of this, is because in ranked i've gone in with so many people saying "OHHH, PICK ORDER OVER CALL ORDER HER DER DER." and then the next game people are like "CMON GUYS, IT'S CALL ORDER OVER PICK ORDER HERPA DERPA DER."

So. For someone like me who occasionally watches the pros, ALL of the pros have one position they are the best at. Dyrus isn't gonna go support all of a sudden unless he talks with his team, and Wildturtle isn't going to suddenly go jungle when he's obviously best at adc. So hear me out. When TEAMS go into a match, they each have a set role, and this queue system will allow players for ranked to do just that. Yes, it opens the possibility for people to troll more, but given the time it takes for most players to reach level 30, MOST people don't troll unless they DON'T receive the position they play. This gives people a chance to get out of the so called "Elo-hell" and will give players looking for team members the ability to scout more proficiently so we don't see the same 5 teams winning tournaments every month. This isn't being a meta ***** as people have said before, because the whole call order over pick order and vice versa is doing just that, being a ***** for the meta. There's no sense in playing ranked nowadays unless you've got at least 3 champions you can play proficiently in each position that don't get banned, and even so if you lose your main spot it becomes harder to win a game. This would also allow people who are not playing ranked to go into a match to practice a position that they truly are best at. I'd rather sacrifice time waiting for a ranked match that I have a higher chance of winning, than play as my 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or even 5th best position, and lower the chances of victory not just for myself as I'm aiming for, but for my whole team.

20130326192421_new que.jpg

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I love this.

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Many people have made this thread and I do not think it would work.
One such reason is that many people will have much longer que times.
A result of that would also be people picking support to get in a match really quick then playing what they want or trolling.
On top of this it enforces a meta which riot does not want. They want people to be creative even if others just think of it as trolling.