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Teemo solo vs Biltz + Nunu

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... wtf is blitz gonna do, aside from roam back and forth. and nunu's snowballs cost a lot of mana and deals little damage at low levels. doran's shield = enough regen to handle both of them.

OK, well, I don't know if you know this, but Nunu can cast one of his spells for free, after auto-attacking 8 times, which means that he can pretty much spam Snowball off cooldown at level 1, if he has lane dominance. Should a Snowball hit you, you will be an easier target for a grab by blitz. So far, you, as the extremely squishy Teemo, has just had two very powerful spells used on him, both of which have been magical in nature. So, how much of that damage has your Doran's shield reduced? None. Now, while you have been grabbed out of position, you're probably taking hits from, not only two pretty strong champs, but also, quite likely, the enemy minions also, which pack a massive punch in the early game.

That's just an example of what can happen, given a moment's bad positioning on your part, or luck on theirs. Of course, I'm not saying that Doran's Shield is a bad starting item. My opinion is that it's an excellent starting item, but that it doesn't make that laning situation 'easy', and isn't a solution in itself, which is why I responded like that to your less-than-helpful comment.

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Whenever I solo with Teemo I either get regrowth pendant or doran's shield+pots. In your situation I would level poison early and often and when you have a chance to go back to base buy scepter or star ruby? (the +200 hp) probably both actually. I would tag every creep with poison and tag them as much as possible (preferably just harass the blitz non-stop since he can't heal). Once you're level 6 shrooms should be enough to hold off any waves of creeps. You won't kill anyone but you should be able to farm unimpeded and not feed as well as keep your tower up untill you can pull off a gank.

In the end though 4v5 you should lose everytime.