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IP points

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Junior Member


After a win I get 51 IP points, but a friend get more!
How can I get mor IP points?

Please Help

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Senior Member


1. Stop leaving games. You get bonus IP for no leave streaks.
2. Stop playing practice games, they have reduced XP/IP
3. Play better, you seem to get a little more IP/XP if youve got a good k/d/a and building kills
4. Buy an IP boost from the store. This will give you double IP.
5. Win games fast, lose games slow. Bonus IP for winning team if the game is fast, bonus IP to losing team if the game takes long.
6. The first time you win after not having played for 24 hours seems to give triple XP/IP. Pay attention to when your last game was. Waiting another hour so you havnt lpayed a game in 24 hours is well worth it.

Thats pretty much it.