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Indefinite Rune "Loading..." in PvP.net Client

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I'm experiencing a bug when opening the Runes tab in another summoner's profile. It locks you into the Loading... modal until it times out and lets you Cancel. The runes load fine, and the bug only happens once per session - which makes me think there's something going wrong with the very first time your client tries to talk to the data that serves up Runes Dat Ain't Yours.

Reproducing the bug: Open the PvP.net Client. Navigate to another player's profile. Click the Runes tab. Get stuck in Loading. Set yourself free with the Cancel button after 15 sec. Head to the Runes tab in any other player's profile and note that you no longer get stuck Loading.

Can anyone else on the Mac client give this a try, so I know whether it's just my computer? I don't recall this happening in the Windows client, but I haven't played on that side for a couple months.

This has been fixed! Yay.

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IT's not just your computer man. That's been an issue for me since I first started playing the game on the Mac client. It's nothing major, so I've just worked around it, but it would be nice to see it fixed.