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Riot just doesn't care about Mac users...

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It's incredibly annoying how little support us Mac users get... I'm not sure what percentage of current league of legends players play on Macs, but it certainly isn't negligible, and I know for a fact that the incredible low customer service and instability of the Mac client has deterred a lot of my Mac user friends from playing this game. Just saying... If you launch a client for the Mac, you should be ready to dedicate enough resources to its maintenance so that it's viable to play.

Considering Riot is a company with an estimated worth of hundreds of millions, this is pretty unacceptable In 2009, a survey stated that 9.9% of all internet users were on Macs, a number that has only increased since then. Do they somehow assume that this massive demographic does not want to play League of Legends? That perhaps only PC users are interested in this incredible game? Somehow I don't believe it.

I'd really appreciated it if Riot started to get its head out of its a**, and show Mac users even a tenth of the support PC users enjoy, because the constant crashes, FPS drops, and other general client issues is quickly becoming unbearable.