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Lux trouble :<

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Xenotime Gaze

Senior Member


ugh. too much to put in a post.
add me in game, name is aisoku, if you wanna ask some questions, easier to answer then.
but whoever said to play silly aggressive lux, die.
whoever said anything that equates to saving your abilities for bursting, dont bother listening.
lux IS support, but she has no heal, and her shield is quite bad. Her snare is her second biggest source of damage, after ulti, and early game her cds suck.
overall she is underpowered. BUT, her job is not to fight like every other character. Her job is to be one of the most brutal harassers in the game, to make people never feel safe, even with full hp, and to ulti them when they run, even if you ultied less than half a minute ago.

I lane with a nasus, and we are on voip all the time. Lux is underpowered, and this helps greatly.
But overall, just hit me up ingame with questions.

Thank you and i believe i'll take you up on the offer.

Also, thanks to all of you who have taken the time to help me with this problem. Continued tips and advice would be greatly appreciated.