The Fall of Ionia (Master Yi) Ch.1

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Chapter 1

"A morning duel then?" Yi smiles thrilled at the prosect of engaging in some early morning combat.

A furious bear spirit surrounds Udry, he stomps, and Mt. Ionia shakes. They two warriors stand face to face on the summit, sheer cliffs surround them.

Udry's voice is gruff and primal, "I'll enjoy mashing you before breakfast, be ready you squishy?"

"Never was I not, Tibbers." Yi sneers in good humor and enters into an offensive Wuju posture.

As he holds his sword up the first rays of morning light illuminate the tip and he wastes no time alpha striking forward, aiming for the bear man's throat. In a flash Yi is on top of him, slashing and stabbing with the fluidity of a master swordsman.

Udyr is caught off by the intensity and speed of Yi's initiation, but quickly recovers and enters into a turtle stance, and deflects the majority or Yi's sword strokes.

Yi's attack does not slow. His blade striking like a snake from unpredictable angles with blinding speed. Udry's eyes cannot keep up with Yi's strikes and he senses his shield fading; to make matters worse he is being forced to the edge of the mountain.

Yi smiles and drives even harder, forcing the turtle-man closer to the edge. Udry attempts to sidestep away, but Yi's agility is too high and he pivots with Udry, and forces him even closer. Udry feels his trail foot half off the edge.

"Do you yield? Seems to me the rabbit is winning this race!" Yi laughs and then continues his attack.

Yi's jibe however gives Udry this split second he needs, and he summons forth the spirit of a tiger. He feels strength and furry course through his veins and roars, so viciously that it sends a small tremble down Yi's spine. Spirit claws encase his hands, long, sharp, and blazing as if made of dragon fire. He deflects Yi's blade in with a claw.

"Have you ever cornered a cat?" Udry growls, and before Yi can answer he's upon him, striking with such vicious power that Yi is immediately forced to drop his offense in order to fend off the wild Udry.

Yi parries a claw aimed at his face, and tries to back out of range, but Udry is in a rage and doesn't allow the nimble Yi any space. He grabs his arm and flings him into air. He then leaps into the air, whilst switching to bear stance and slams Yi into the ground stunning him.

"Bad cat." Yi groans and leaps to his feet, shakes his head, and cracks his neck ridding himself of the daze. "Let's see how the cat does against a Highlander."

Udry switches back to tiger and charges Yi. Smiling savagely like an enraged cat toying with a mouse, his arms unfurled wide like wings displaying his massive chest; he barrels forward with the speed and agility of a tiger.

Yi closes his eyes as he connects to his mind's eye. The eye that sees and feels everything, the eye of awareness. Without seeing he can sense more acutely the infinite energy deep within his being. He places his awareness on this energy source and begins to tap into it. His body begins to vibrate with enlivened vigor and he lets this energy intensify and grow. He summons forth thousands of years of fighting experience, recalling every battle fought in his immortal life.

The energy reaches a threshold and Yi feels the true power of his soul enlivening every cell of his body; he opens his eyes. Everything around him has taken on a new clarity and his senses are amplified.

Udry is upon him. Yi dodges to the left, his body rotates and pivots like a dancer as he strikes with graceful fluidity; his blade and body as one.

His speed is beyond measure and he strikes with such precision that Udry again begins to lose ground.

However the closer Udry falls back the more enraged he becomes and although not as fast as Yi, he is much stronger. Eventually the battle reaches a peak, both fighters locked into a blur of combat.

Neither fighter having a clear edge over the other. Neither giving ground, unmeasurable focus, and unwavering endurance as each seeks to gain the slightest advantage. The conclusion uncertain.

Out of nowhere a thunderclap strikes between the two of them, blasting them each to the separate corners of the mountain.

"Both of you are to report to immediately to my temple. Make haste, Noxia is moving on Ionia. Time an illusion is short." Karma says and then dissapears.

Udry and Yi stand slowly both a bit rattled by the news and souflare.

"Karma's a ***** huh?" Yi says.

"Lets continue our duel another time, I'll be damned if you beat me to Ionia." Udry says and leaps from the cliff.

Yi smiles and leaps after him.....


My first attempt at fan fiction - positive and negative feedback welcome