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Hidden Agendas: A Collaborative Fiction

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Hey everyone. So Riot Morgageddon and I were chatting for a bit and we both love writing as well as League of legends. The two of us talked it over and we decided to do a fan fiction tennis of sorts, where one of us writes a chapter and then we swap to the other. However, I have to add this disclaimer for everyone.


With that in mind we'll update this as we can. I hope you enjoy this, however, and people overall find entertainment in fan work from both someone who works for Riot as well as someone who would one day love to work there!

Table of Contents-RM for Morgageddon, CM for Marvelous
Chapter 1- RM (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=39443583#post39443583)
Chapter 2- CM (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=39454182#post39454182)
Chapter 3- RM (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=39463964#post39463964)
Chapter 4- CM (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=39471417#post39471417)
Chapter 5- RM (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=39495276#post39495276)
Chapter 6- CM (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=39544512#post39544512)
Chapter 7- RM (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=39602287#post39602287)
Chapter 8- CM (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=39734347#post39734347)
Chapter 9- RM (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=39748708#post39748708)
Chapter 10- CM (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=39802095#post39802095)
Chapter 11- RM (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=40041471#post40041471)
Chapter 12- CM (http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=40329814#post40329814)

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so what is the point of this post

[Edit] oh

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Riot Morgageddon

Player Support Tech Specialist



"Do you understand why you were called here today, Summoner 1220?"

He still remembered the bass tones of the Council, the uniform voices speaking in sync as they addressed him.

"I do not know," he had replied, looking up at the five members confused. He slowly twisted his ring, his skin used to the abuse as his nervous habit took over. "I'm brand new to the Institute, could it be related to that? Are my studies not up to par?"

"Summoner 1220…"

"My assigned name is Dirk, it's far easier to say…" Dirk started to say.

"Silence! Summoner 1220, do not interrupt your superiors." The uniform voice chastised him. "Your task is too great to be delayed by unnecessary comments. As for the things which could be deemed irresponsible, such as your conduct in class, your behavior towards champions and your cavalier attitude towards your elder, you are lucky to not have been expelled already."

"Apologies, Summoners." Dirk had bowed his head in respect and waited for his briefing to continue. "What may I do for the Council today?"

"How well do you know the champions?" The man asked, staring intently at Dirk.

"I know of all of them. I only personally know a few, and generally don't interact with any of them on a regular basis."

"Yet, you spend most of your free time away from your fellow Summoners and instead talk with those champions." The man's head tilted slightly sideways. "Why?"

"I figure if we're using them, we might as well know about them as well, otherwise we'll take them for granted and may end up making enemies out of them." Dirk replied carefully. "They have a very varied past as well as knowledge useful to our activities."

"Now do you understand why you are here 1220?" The man asked again.

"Do you understand why you are here?" The librarian asked Dirk, seeing the young man standing in front of the help desk but hadn't requested anything yet.

"Yes. Sorry sir." Dirk shook his head to try and focus on the present and not what had happened only an hour before, which had changed his entire future. "I'm here under Council authority to request full access to the champion and asset files. I might need to use some of them, and should know as much as I can about them before I start my assignment."

"A non-named Summoner?" The librarian laughed briefly at Dirk. "You're far too new to even be assigned to deliver the files to someone else. What are you really here for, a prank to pull on the old librarian?"

"I am under Council authority." Dirk's voice turned hard, tired at the continual display of seniority everyone at the Institute seemed to love. If he was going to risk his life on a reconnaissance mission, he might as well enjoy the perks of it. Dirk brought his hand up to slam onto the librarian's desk, the large ring visible and with the small touch of magic he fed it, began to glow, displaying his assigned numbers to the librarian with a bright solid white light. "I am Summoner 1220 and you will give me complete access to the champion and asset files. Further delay will make me very happy to report you to my superiors."

"My apologies sir." The librarian bowed his head in respect for a moment as he recognized the rank of the ring by the pure white color. To obtain that bright and pure of a light, he must have been sent by the Council. "I did not realize the Council themselves sent you. I am called the Librarian, or Summoner 125 at your service. How can I help you?"

"No worries, I myself am unused to standing out." Dirk shook his head at the speed with which he had been temporarily promoted. "Now that we're on proper footing, may I see the files? I'm in a hurry.'

"Yes, follow me please." The Librarian gestured and Dirk followed the older man down the hall. They walked in silence past the unmarked stone alcoves, even as Dirk started to count them. Unsure what to do with such a young Summoner he began pointing out various arches to Dirk. "That one there takes you to the Grand Hall in Demacia, that one to the field in Summoner's Rift. Those two aren't used since the Freljord is rather inhospitable. We don't even know where in Noxus that one goes out, the end location isn't yet fixed. It's rather hazardous to say the least." The Librarian barked out a laugh.

"I'll only need to view the files, no side trips to a location yet." Dirk said as they stopped directly in front of another uniform stone alcove.

"To make copies, use the blank files." The Librarian waved his ring over the side of the arch and a faint shimmer filled the opening. "If you need me, I'll be at my desk. Just wave your ring over the door on the other side and it'll open. Do remember, this is the only room where you can return from a fixed point. You'll need to make your own sending arch in order to return."

"I haven't been taught that spell yet." Dirk said sadly. "I am, as you said, far too young for this assignment."

"Then you'll have to make it back the standard way, with your feet."

Dirk nodded and stepped through, finding himself in a small confined room that was several degrees warmer than the room he had been in. He couldn't know it, but that room was far in the frozen north, away from the Freljord but still just as inhospitable and cold. He pulled up the chair to the small table and began rifling through the first stack of champion details.

"Who's available…" Dirk flipped through the large folders until he found the city he wanted. "There you are Bilgewater. Who do you have that I can use?" Dirk began reading though each dossier, analyzing the strengths and weakness of each champion, much as his own file had been dissected earlier.

"It probably has to do with the champions." Dirk guessed.

"Correct. Since you are somewhat known with them, you are the logical choice for this assignment."

"What assignment?" Dirk asked, unsure what a first year Summoner could do that a veteran couldn't.

"Summoner 1220, you have average magical ability, while being unusually proficient with defensive spells and swordplay." The long fingers daintily flipped the page over, still reading the summary. The large ring bobbed up and down as the fingers moved, always drawing Dirk's eyes back to the impressively low number the man was.

"Your studies show that you perform adequately in all classes, except for cases when you are under pressure or have a moment of brilliance, which is where you excel. In short, you are not motivated unless something is at stake." The man flipped the folder closed with a strong flip. "Consider this an intervention as well as an assignment. You must prove yourself as we don't accept average Summoners, since they don't last that long here."

"Your ring." A female Council member spoke, pointing directly at it.

"Here." Dirk said with a sinking feeling as he pulled it off his finger and levitated it over to her. He didn't want to think what his assignment could be.

"You are to go to Bilgewater." She spoke again, even as she touched the face of her ring to his. "We have been hearing rumors that an attack will be taking place there within the next few days. It may be orchestrated by a champion as well. You are to discover who is behind it, stop it from succeeding, and then report back, taking any actions as needed to succeed. Your ties to various champions should be useful and key to uncovering this plot. As such, you are allowed to pull from the pool of Champions and other assets if you deem it necessary."

"Consider this a judgment." The first Council member said as he pressed his ring against Dirk's, before continuing to pass it down the line. "Should you succeed, you will confirm your position in the Institute."

"And should I fail?" Dirk asked hesitantly as his ring was levitated back to him.

"Expulsion from the Institute, if you lived, that is." The woman said smartly.

Dirk finished pooling records and stacked the few files together that interested him on one side of the table. Then he moved into the asset files and began reading through each of them, seeing who weren’t just close enough to be regarded as a champion, but powerful nonetheless. Dirk narrowed down the list to a couple and set them aside as well. Lastly, he picked up the file of possible additions, reading through them.

“A sentient barn? How…what…” Dirk put down the folder and ignored the entire stack as he figured none would be able to help.

Then and only then did he file the remainders back and compare the champions with the assets, seeing who would compliment the other without being a huge hindrance. It only took a few more moments before he had a pair he liked, even if they didn't like each other. Dirk pressed the contents of both folders against the copy stone, making an identical set that he then tucked away into an inner pocket of his shirt.

He turned to leave but before he had swiped his ring along the arch to reactivate the doorway, he had an idea.

"Why not be prepared?" Dirk said to himself as he turned back to stare at the complete champion files. He sat back down and carefully read all the other champions pages, making a copy of a single profile and tucking it in a different pocket as well. Only then was he ready to leave and he flicked his ring over the archway, seeing it glow with power as the doorway formed.

Dirk walked back along the halls of the library until he made it back to the librarian's desk.

"Manage to find the information you needed to?" The librarian asked carefully.

"For now."

"Do you need direction to a city?" The librarian began to pull himself out of his chair, ready to show the proper arch to Dirk.

"Not yet, I need to get a snack first." Dirk said before he strode out of the library and down the main street, with a particular destination in mind.

It only took a few minutes of steady walking before he arrived at the bakery. Dirk looked at the locked door with sadness, seeing no expected return sign in the window. Dozens of pastries and cakes, hundreds of cookies and brownies sat behind various counters. He was so engrossed at thinking what breakfast could be that he didn't notice someone hover up to the same store and peer inside as well.

"Yes, Sinful Succulence has been closed for a few days now." Zilean said sadly. "But I have all the time to wait for it, her sweets are particularly good. What is your favorite snack Summoner? I find mine are day old brownies. Two days is slightly too stale and fresh is just too gummy to handle."

"The Devil's Chocolate cookies are amazing." Dirk admitted. "The brownies are fantastic as well."

"You'll have them when she finally returns." Zilean hummed to himself as he floated away down the street. "Those are better fresh."

"If I return." Dirk said to himself as he turned away from the delicious desserts and walked back to the library, saddened that he hadn't been able to snack before he left.

"I need to go to Bilgewater." Dirk demanded once he stood in front of the librarian again. "Which arch is it?"

"First intersection, take a left, third arch from that corner." The librarian pointed and Dirk nodded. "Good luck."

"Thanks." Dirk said as he strode away. He rounded the corner and stopped in front of the third arch, raising his ring to activate the arch.

"You can really pick them." Dirk patted his shirt, feeling all three dossiers contained inside. Then he strode through, starting his first assignment as an member of the Institute.

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A Swarm of Koala



Dis gonna be good.



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How Marvelous

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Bookmarking this.

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Can't wait for more!

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Wai ma i