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Light in the Dark (Riven x Lux, fan continuation of Guiding Light)

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A/N: Little bit shorter than last chapter, I decided to split this here instead of continuing into Riven's point of view. Mostly filler, and next chapter probably will be mostly too. Chapter five will definitely have some good action though. I hope you all enjoy!

Lux woke to the sun in her eyes and someone's bare skin on her cheek. Opening her eyes, she found herself snuggled into Riven's chest, who had her arms wrapped around the smaller woman. Lux smiled and closed her eyes, not wanting to rise from her current position.

However, fate did not seem to want her to go back to sleep. A short, crisp knock on the door opened Lux's eyes once again. She frowned, wondering who would need to see her at this time of the day. Reluctantly rising out of her bed, she rubbed her eyes and yawned. She stepped into her living room and walked around the couch towards the door.

She grasped the handle and turned it, pulling the door open to reveal her brother, Garen.

"Garen," she said and frowned once more, "what do you want?"

"That's no way to treat your own brother," came the playful reply. Lux's frown only deepened.

"Oh come on sister, am I really that bad?"

Lux's silence answered that well enough. Garen sighed and his perky stance slouched a little bit.

"Well, whatever you think of me, I'm still your brother. Anyway," his face brightened once more, "I came to tell you that we are heading home for a little while, Mom wants to see us and it's the Prince's birthday." Garen smiled wide at his sister.

"B-b... but I-I..." Lux sighed and her head drooped a little. "I'm guessing there's no way to convince Mom to let me stay, eh?"

"Absolutely not, little sister." Garen beamed. He was enjoying this.

"Alright, well…" Lux sighed again, "when do we leave?"

"In half an hour, I hope you have time to get ready!" With that, Garen smiled once more and strode off down the hallway, leaving Lux standing in her doorway gaping at where he had been. Lux shut her mouth and growled. He could have at least given me some warning, she thought.

She angrily walked into her bedroom to begin packing for her trip. She had no idea how her brother expected her to be ready in only half an hour, but she didn't really have any choice other than to try. She noticed the sleeping form of Riven and her anger re-doubled. Whenever I start to settle into anything, someone has to ruin it, she thought bitterly.

She turned her attention to her dresser where she pulled out the few sets of clothing she had possession of. Her wardrobe was not extensive, but she did not need it to be. It consisted mostly of t-shirts, tank-tops, shorts, and skirts. Her favorite colors were the Demacian gold as well as a forest-green and black, which were the colors of most of her clothes. She pulled her suitcase out from under her bed and shoved all the clothing into it.

She then rose and collected her various pieces of armor and the skin-tight jumpsuit she wore underneath. Looking under her bed, she found the case she used to keep these garments on trips such as this. It was a large, abnormally shaped case that had a hard frame with leather on the outside and a padded interior with slots for each piece of armor. Fitting her armor into the correct slots, she closed the case and set it aside with her suitcase, then walked into the bathroom to get herself ready.

Closing the door behind her, she turned on the shower and stripped out of her nightgown and underclothes. She shivered as the cool air caressed her bare body before stepping into the warmth of the shower. She grabbed her soap and lathered it onto her body, starting with her arms and working her way down to her chest then legs. She rinsed herself off and then worked shampoo into her hair, kneading away at the knots as quickly as she could with as little pain as possible.

When all the knots had been worked out, she rinsed out her hair and forced herself to turn off the shower. She didn't have much time left. Stepping out of the shower, she grabbed a towel that was hanging on the same bar as the shower curtain and wrapped it around herself. She grabbed another towel from a bar to her left and wrapped her hair up in an attempt to dry it as much as possible.

She emerged from the bathroom and noticed Riven was still sleeping, facing away from her. She quietly strode to the dresser and pulled out her "dress uniform," which consisted of a blue and white, knee-length dress. The dress did not have shoulder straps, instead opting to hold itself up by perching atop her breasts. It was mainly white, but it had a blue strip around her waist which was embroidered with yellow figures meant to depict the sun.

Checking once more to make sure that Riven was sleeping, she dropped her towel and quickly stepped into her dress. She pulled it up over her chest and secured it in the back, making sure everything sat how it should. Satisfied, she walked back into the bathroom to do her hair.

Lux decided that she wanted to put her hair up in a bun today, it would be easier and she wouldn't have her brother yelling at her for being out of "uniform." She rolled her eyes to herself, thinking about her past experiences with that. Garen had always been a stickler for rules, and she technically was not supposed to have hair that reached past her shoulders in uniform, but she had rarely cared to follow that rule. Subsequently, Garen had yelled at her often with various results. Sometimes she would cave and put her hair up, but others she couldn't be bothered. Today she felt that it would be a good idea anyway.

Unwrapping her hair from the confines of the towel, she first gathered it on the top of her head, wrapping a hair band around it near her head to create a sort of pony tail. Then, she took an old sock that she had previously cut the toe off of, as she often used this trick when she needed to put her hair up. She rolled the sock over itself to create a sort of torus shape and then slid that over her ponytail about half way down. She then started to wrap her hair around the sock and tuck it into itself. As she kept the process up, a donut-shaped bun started to form on the top of her head. When she was done, she tilted her head down so she could inspect the top in the mirror. She fixed a few stray hairs then nodded to herself, satisfied with the result.

She walked back into her bedroom and was reminded of her last dilemma, how she would let Riven know. She walked over to the bed and sat down on it in front of riven, her legs hanging over the side. She debated waking her, but decided against it because Riven looked so peaceful in her sleep. She brushed a few hairs away from Riven's face and stood up again, walking into her living room. She walked to a little desk that sat in the back corner of the room near the kitchen. She withdrew a sheet of paper and began to write.

My presence had been requested in Demacia because the Prince's birthday is fast approaching and my mother wants to see my brother and I. I'm sorry I couldn't let you know face-to-face, but my brother just notified me about twenty minutes ago, and I didn't want to wake you from your sleep. You looked so… angelic. Anyway, you're welcome to anything in my room if you'd like, though I don't really know why you would… the League provides for us pretty well. Have fun in the League while I'm away!


She folded the piece of paper in half, writing "Riven" on the front. Setting her pen down, she stood and walked into her bedroom once more. She set the letter down in front of Riven on the bed so that she wouldn't miss it when she woke. Satisfied, she strode across the room to gather her luggage, hoisting the armor case over her shoulder with some difficulty and then grabbing the handle of her suitcase with the other hand.

Letting herself out of her room, she walked down the familiar hallways of the Institute of war. She continued straight through the Demacian hall into the main hall which had pathways that led to each of the different bunking areas. One of the hallways led to the entrance hall, which is where she was headed. She turned left into this tunnel and emerged into the entrance hall, a grand thing with a welcome desk and statues of some of the famous summoners scattered around. Not paying this much attention, she strode out the front door, seeing her caravan waiting for her.

Garen smiled when he saw her and motioned for her to put her luggage into a trailer. She did so, hoisting each one in turn into the back of it. She then walked to the carriage she had seen her brother disappear into and stepped in. The carriage was modest, with benches on either side, a small table in the center, and a bed on the walls adjacent to the benches. Everything was either white or the light brown of wood. She sat down on one of the benches as her brother greeted her.

"Sister, I'm glad to see you've made it, and in uniform no less." He smiled and continued, "Make yourself comfortable, the journey is going to take a few days."

Lux only nodded and then rose, moving herself from the bench to one of the beds. She lowered herself into it and was surprised to see it was actually quite comfortable, if not quite as much as her bed in the Institue. As she laid her head on the pillow, the carriage started to roll. Lux's last thought was of Riven's peaceful form sleeping on her bed as she was slowly lulled to sleep by the carriage's constant bumping. A smile crossed her lips as she fell asleep once again.

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not bad, not bad at all

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It seems the Author has forgotten about this?? D:

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It seems so

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Riven with style

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i need this sequel pls