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OMG LoL ROFL | STOMPED by OP forum trolls

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Holy ROFL|STOMP this forum is full OP wingers.

Infact they are so OP that they are constantly trying to force our beloved game developer to ROFL|CHOPTER this and OMFGBBQ that so there spasticly simplistic tactics and lack of build knowledge works against ALL heroes.

I for one love the challenge of fighting a team who has MORD, VLAD or Garren while playing as Pantheon.

Working out the correct rolls that your teams heroes should play against the opposing teams match up is half the fun of the game.

For instance, if theres a Mord and Garren on the enemy team, a tactics which can work is for a DPS players to rush Madreds and last whisp before anything else and focus down tanks by delaying there appearance to team fights by a few seconds.

Devaloping tactics to use against tougher tanky caster adds immense depth and satisfaction to the game IMO.

SO heres a solutions

Release a separate client for the game and call it League of Downs.

Set ALL hero stats to be identical but keep all the separate hero models

This will give the illusion of a unique and diverse heroes VS Heroes game while maintaining a 100% even playing field devoid of any chance of challenging gameplay and tactics

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Nalni is FAT

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i lol'd