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Ap Janna = Best Janna?

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gun fu panda:
AP is expensive. Janna should have 0 kills and end with a nearly 0 CS. It makes getting items difficult.

It seems like when I pick Janna i have to end up essentially carrying the team. I mean to say I have to basically outplay the entire other team with her skills and I always find myself ganking, pushing, and getting the clutch kills. I know that's not generally what people think of when they think of Janna, but it just usually works out that way in solo queue. When I play with friends it's usually different and I can play babysitter a lot more effectively. now that everyone plays the Janna is easy win card I don't even touch her much anymore (same with my other main morg).

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Senior Member


Dominatius Maxim:
Janna's ratios are:
Howling Gale: .75
Zephyr: .8
Eye of Storm: .9
Monsoon: .35

I don't know where you got the idea that monsoon has a 1.4 ratio.

So assume you get 300 AP. That means...

Howling Gale: 160 -> 385 AOE damage --> Unimpressive.
Zephyr: 280 -> 520 Single Target damage --> Unimpressive.
Eye of Storm: 240 -> 510 Shield --> Not even one shot from late game carries, unimpressive
Monsoon -> 170-275 Heal per second --> Hardly noticeable change.

170-275 Heal per second is INSANE. And yes, .35 spread over 5 seconds or whatever it is, = to a 1.4 AP ratio. Finally, believe me, 280-520 Single Target Damage on the Zephyr, will help you in so many ways taking down an enemy straggler.

An AP Janna can literally carry the entire game by herself. I've seen it happen, and believe me, there's almost no way you can fight against it. A support Janna, on the other hand, relies on the skill of her teammates, which may or may not be adequate.