High ELO Twisted Fate.. halp?

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Dying too fast? I get Warmogs.
---STILL dying too fast? Guardian.

Most of fates items need to be reactive to what the enemy does to make him most effective.
Best survivability item? Its called Map Awareness. I think its under the Learn to Play section of the Shop. Cheap to.

Listen, if you are buying a Warmog on Fate or a guardian angel before the hour mark, its not because he's squishy.. its because you are playing badly.

If you are dying too much or too fast... pay attention to the map, let your initiators initiate. Fate has the advantage of being where he wants to, use it to your advantage.

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I have to agree with AP build by Tarion.

Really, TF doesn't gain much from building DPS. You're squishier than almost anybody in the game, and have pretty much no survivability skills. While with AP your gold cards are a constant threat, and the thing that makes TF someone to fear is when they can constantly spam gold cards on you.

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AP, high ELO teamfights your job is to land gold cards and how well you played is determined by it. You CAN be successful with a dps build although it will not be optimal for TF. TF is not a character that just stands there and throws auto attack cards at other people. He is squishy, he moves in and out of battle, as in throw a gold card - wild card - back -repeat. That's why items like lichbane work so good on him while going AP, it helps you do maximum dmg while moving in and out.