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[Skin Concept] Slumber Party Riven

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Im Gnarly Bro



About Me
I am a 17 year old High School student who would one day like to get a job at riot for champion concept, and design.

Slumber Party Riven(Concept Art Soon)
This is my first creation, thought of it last night.
In my opinion, its fits riven almost as well as Battle Bunny!
Visual appearance:
Riven Losses the armor for more comfortable apparel, some patented Battle Bunny pajamas!!
Riven gets a makeover, equipped with pigtails, and painted nails!
Riven loses the sword, as not to kill someone, and picks up a pillow for a pillow fight!
Passive: Runic Blades
Riven looses the green and gains stuffing from the pillows.(The stuffing comes from her abilities use so it fits her passive well.) The stuffing can be seen around her wrists and maybe a piece or two stuck in her hair.
Q:Broken Wings
Riven steps forward and lashes out in a series of powerful pillow slashes, each in increasing force. As riven swings, stuffing from the pillows can be seen flying out.
W:Ki Burst
Riven's opponents are stunned by a wave of stuffing from Riven slamming her pillow vigorously on the floor. This skill is up for change easily, could be changed to pop corn, or even sound waves as from a television.
This is Riven's hardest skill to design something for so, this is also up for some heavy change, currently all riven skins just keep the animation with a re-colored dash, I would like this skin to have a newer animation kinda like a skip.
R:Blade of the Exile / Wind Slash
Blade of the Exile causes Riven's pillow to regain all of the loss stuffing and look brand new! Riven's Pjs are now glowing white.
Wind Slash allows Riven to throw three pillows in a cone exploding on impact and releasing the stuffing from the pillows!