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Blitz and runes help

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I mostly only have tier 1 runes except for some cooldown runes, since I've been switching around the champs I like to pay a lot. I'm starting to settle into Blitzcrank and am thinking about getting some better runes. The guides are all over the place, even for the same types of Blitz build, so I'm having a hard time deciding. As I don't have a lot of IP, I don't want to really blow them. I tend to play him in a utility fashion, if that helps. I also like to play Rammus and Dr Mundo occasionally, so something that helps them would be preferable due to the small amount of IP I have.

I was thinking something like this, to cover the 3 chars
Quint - Fort
Blue - CDR (mostly because i have tier 3 already)
Yellow - Dodge Is this a waste? Should I just go straight HP here too?
Red - not sure, have magic resist right now. Would this be better as armor pen, since you get more bang for your buck in reds with that? Even in a tank type build?

Are the fort quints my best bet? At 2k IP each that'll pretty much wipe me out, but looks like a good investment. Or am I completely off-base on all of these? Thanks for the help