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No room temp folder??

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i got this the other day. reconnected. worked

still lost the game because of it.

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So i said i had this problem a couple of times... it has just happened to me 2 games in a row and i mean that every time i quit LoL and restart it goes to 'Game still in progress reconnect'. I click reconnect and my champ loads up... then the error pops up again. I restarted my mac and still had the same problem.
So, I waited about an hour (til the game was over) and tried a custom game (so i didn't ruin another game) and have had exactly the same problem...champ loads up but won't enter the game because the error pops up... (probs should of taken a screen shot)
Currently i am re-installing LoL and hoping that it fixes the problem for now, but i hope this is something that is being looked at It's just a little bit annoying is all

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The Silverhand



Yeah I just recently began to have this problem as well.
Which really sucks because it just made me lose a ranked game, since I was finally able to reconnect on my pc.

I've tried restarting my mac and it does nothing so I'm not really sure where to go from here