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Let's talk about Yorick

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Herro everybody! So I understand I'm altogether WAY to late for this discussion, but I still felt I had to get my 2 cents in. I really like the idea flowing around atm, and generally agree with what has been said. (Picked either for theme, or for obscene lane power. Kit needs rework. More intimate control of the minions)I do have to say though, that the idea of Yorick running a "necromancer army, Is completely counter to the lore. Yorick's tragic flaw if his commitment to his lineage, and his lack of an heir. He is a gravedigger, not a necro, and Is summoning his family line to protect and aide him in his quest. These are likely even family members he knew in life, and should be given more power than as tiny minions to be AOE nuked every fight. I saw the rework of yorick's kit as a good way to beef up his relatives, while allowing for actual plays with them. My idea was something where his relative was more like orianna's ball, but could be killed. something where he could control the minion by re-activating the ability (similar to say tibbers). I really thought it'd be cool to then have activating another ability have yorick channel, and his current minion will (also channeling) change into the new minion likely healing (the minion) as well. I also recall a post a while ago talking about some alternative yorick kits. something to the likes of his ult either; sending his 3 minions to protect target ally while also conferring their benefit to that ally (e's heal, q's movespeeed), or he channels and then summons a large amount of low health minions to suicide bomb the opponents. With that kind of spirit in mind I'll just jot down my idea's for an optimal yorick kit (no real numerical values, because I am FAR from a game designer, and while I like to conceptualize characters and kits and numbers I put in would immediately unbalance.

Passive: Ties that Bind
Yorick is duty bound to uphold his name. When he has summoned a relative Yorick Gains a % movespeed, and damage reduction based on the distance between him, and his relative. Conversely watching a relative's demise demoralizes the family man, and He takes A % of the damage reduced as damage(cannot be fatal) And the movespeed buff, is changed to a decaying slow.

Q: Grandfather Mori
Yoricks grandfather was a true inspiration, and an exemplification of physical capability. after activating Yorick will have a X second window to attack a target, If he successfully attacks during that time, he can then re-activate the ability to start channeling his Forefather`s spirit. The spirit summons at the location of the current ghoul, if none is present he will summon next to yorick himself. The ghoul grants yorick increased speed, the farther the ghoul is from yorick.

W: Father Mori
Always disappointed Yorick, Father Mori continues degrading his son, even beyond the grave. Upon activation Yorick will either begin channeling his father`s spirit from the shovel at the location of his current ghoul, or if no ghoul is currently summoned Yorick may target an area for the ghoul to summon (Y range, likely around AA range). The ghoul`s hate spills forth slowing all enemies near him.

E:... Mori
The son that never was, Yorick`s unrealized offspring still holds a place in the heirloom, and still provides Yorick with inspiration. Upon activation Yorick will either begin to channel his unrealized offspring from the shovel to the location of his current ghoul, if no ghoul is currently summoned Yorick will have a Z second window to target an opponent, minion, or monster whose location the ghoul will summon at. Seeing this ghoul Fills Yorick`s heart with hope through all desperation. This minions returns a small % of it`s damage as health to yorick.

R: Remember Us!
After a brief channel yorick holds his shovel high, and calls fourth All of his Mori forefathers. During the channel Yorick`s 3 other ghouls come to his aid, circling and conferring their bonuses to him. after the channel yorick loses his ability to attack, and will begin to constantly summon minions. The Mori minions do not suffer from unit collision with allied units, and will start to surround target opponent, drawing them into the grave. After the channel all ghouls accept for any one ghoul present before the ability was cast will begin to have their health decay. Ghouls dyeing during the ultimate will not trigger the negative aspects of "Ties that bind"

I really hope you guys enjoy the concept as much as I enjoyed theorizing about it, And of course Riot feel absolutely free to use any and all of my ideas as either inspiration or gospel. Just to clarify a few things.
-Reactivating one of yoricks q,w,e abilities will allow him to control his ghoul (again, similar to tibbers)
-Yorick will no longer be able to have more than one ghoul out, unless he has his ultimate running. -Yes Yorick can move while casting his ult, He would actually still get all the movespeed buffs that each ghoul gives.
-By "Yorick`s 3 other ghouls come to his aid, circling and conferring their bonuses to him" I essentially mean that his ghouls would body block for yorick during his ult. hopefully this will give it some utility, and is a really interesting style of shield allowing for potential turn arounds.
-I picture the other ghouls in Remember Us! as being fairly squishy, and low dmg allowing for a lot of them. I'd think some type of aoe damage reduction would keep casters from nullifying your ult immediately. Also I gave them No unit collision with friendlies so that they could circle, and trap an opponent, yet all of them could still attack.

Alright I'm hungry this was supposed to be a quick post. please enjoy, Much love! <3

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Yorick Players:

What is the fantasy of playing Yorick?
I like the idea of summoning a bunch of ghouls and playing the role of the the infamous, "gravedigger"
What are the high moments of Yorick?
Being able to dominate the other laner in top I guess, It's fun to overwhelm the player with spamming ghouls.
What do you dislike most about playing Yorick?
He gets a bit boring if I play him too often, not much of a fun playstyle after a while, ult isnt that fun to use either, thought it provides good utility.

Yorick Opponents:

What is the most frustrating part of facing Yorick?
His constant Zoning and lane bullying.
How do you win a game against Yorick?
Ask for more ganks, get through laning.
What do you enjoy most about facing Yorick?
Most Yoricks cannot use him effectively after laning.
How does Yorick lose a game?
If his team doesnt do so good, he's not much of a "carry", he relies on his team, mostly adc.

Yorick is like old heimer and present urgot, good job on Heimer, next go for Yorick and urgot.

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What is the fantasy of playing Yorick? To be honest my fantasy is split to two camps: His Kit, and His Lore/Who he is.

His kit to me gives me the idea many have said of a Necromancer, summoning endless multitudes of undead to do his bidding.

His Lore/Who he is a gravedigger, not someone that summons undead but buries the dead with last rites etc. Sometimes the dead appreciate it and move on, other times the dead just do not want to move on yet, and Yorick's job from his lore is to help those who have passed to move on.

What are the high moments of Yorick? Summoning Ghouls, why else would I pick Yorick? To Auto-Attack?

What do you dislike most about playing Yorick? Alot to be honest. Limits on ghouls due to mana/cdr/time ghouls last until death to name one.

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Update Logic:

* Shovels are cool
* Hard CC on bruisers is not a good idea
* Some healing in lane is fine if the enemy can counter it
* Shovels are still cool.


Stop it, Riot. These reworks are horrible, I love Yorick, and I play him why? Not because he's "overpowered" or because he's fun-to-play, but because in order to utilize all his abilities, you have to build him with all these different kinds of items. And what you're doing to him is the same bullox as Yi, Tryn, Aatrox, Yaosuo, (sadly people build him like this) and Nasus,all building AD,AS,LS all the time. (which is a stupid move for team composition ((especially when the enemy has a strong burst champs)))

In other words, STOP dumbing down champions. All I see in 5v5 games are all-ad top laners, and Im sick of it. And the only times I see it working in there favor, is because my team doesn't know what team composition is. ("Yi jungle, Teemo top, Soraka bot" WHERE THE HECK ARE THE TANKS and the CC!?!&quot

-From one of the few guys who plays tanky yi with some ap, adc Urgot, and support Galio: Please, Riot, for the love of competitive gaming, stop making easy-to-build and easy-to-play champions.

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Alright, I want to thank everyone for their contributions to this thread, but I am locking it for the time being.

After some discussion, I'm handing off the Yorick rework prototype to RiotScruffy (who did a great job on Skarner as you'll see very soon) - and we've reordered the reworks we're doing. Yorick will likely get a larger rework than Xerath, but this means we need substantially more time to do it right.

Thank you for all of your input.