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Ashe, Twitch, or Ryze?

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Twitch often dies more and isn't great for high level play.

This is a stupid myth. Go check the elo top 500. Qtips is third and he plays twitch all the time now. He ends games like 8 minutes in. After that it is just waiting for the 25 minute mark.

Twitch + lizard buff is incredibly OP.

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It's odd, but out of the list of champs that seeing them on loading makes me go 'Ahhh ****', Ashe has never been one of them. She just doesn't scare me. She's a pain, sure, but I've torn her to bits every time I've gone against her. Teemo due to Blind and Tristana due to both burst and DPS make me squirm a bit, but Ashe? No.

Maybe I've just yet to go against anyone good with her.