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Tips to playing ranged carries

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the #9 farm i think generally goes without saying, but I did mention it in #7.

Ezreal does very well with a early brutalizer, as does Ashe at times, but if you are building with late game in mind, IE should be your first big item. The gold outside of doran's and boots (wards, red pots, hp pots) should be saved for an IE first.

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Those are the 2 main AD carries I play and I've tried a whole bunch of different combinations and brutalizer always wins in terms of usefulness. I'll build sheen before it though on Ezreal because it's relatively cheap and it just melts faces early on (or did at least before it got nerfed hard in the last couple of months?).

Ashe with a brutalizer early on will just poop all over most mids just by auto attack harassing with some volleys if you can. All it takes is walking back from your pool to mid + hitting a crit and volley to get your squishy opponent to start playing ultra defensively.

You can still get an IF on Ashe quite early (20-25 minutes) with boots and a brutalizer already built. You just need to last hit like a machine in mid and not die. My memory is shady but I'm pretty sure I've had that all built once at 17 minutes in a game where I was like 5-0 by level 10. Doesn't happen often but it's possible!

There's only a small handful of heroes who can prevent Ashe from last hitting ~70 mobs in 10 minutes.

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I prefer two doran's blades rather than three because:

a) I like being able to have hp pots and wards after I get BF sword
b) I like being able to have hp pots or wards after getting two non-boot items (BF + pick axe or IE + recurve/LW)
c) I like being able to hold an elixer in your inventory after you buy it so that you can use it when you first need it and have it on for longer
d) I like being able to start on BF/IE sooner
e) I don't like wasting gold for selling it which you need to do in not too long

All that being said, I will still do it if I am doing poorly and need the health.