[GUIDE] Cho'Gath, the Assassin Tank

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Originally Posted by TheOrius View Post
I started off as a MFChogath but having played 20 games or so now with him. I nowl feel and will probably always feel a balance of defense to ap/colldowns is the way to go.

Defenses to 100, capped cool downs then depending on how the game is going max defense or go for ap.

For instance last night I played one of the best games of LoL ever where my team was better than the other team but there Yi was so fed and we were lacking stuns save my rupture and his 12 second ulti was ruling the field cause he could zip in slaughter a carry and get out before we could focus him.

We even alomst surrendered but I knew i could take him if I could lock him for even 2 seconds.

Which we did! We got a Nunu ulti, rupture and then a feast on him pushed the mid and when he showed up again (due to capped cool downs) we axed him again with a twitch ulti and a feast, mopped up the rest and plowed on through victory.

Rupture and feast won the day due to damage and the stun of rupture. My feast was at 1k, and my rupture ws pushing over 800.

It freaks carries out when you eat so much of there health or when they are wounded finish them off. They tend to get super careful and dodgey making mistakes.
nice game, i add cooldown sometimes. you cant ever play 1 build and never change, you will start losing. I start the same and change to fin the needs, you don't need to get cooldown reduction, if you against a largly squishies, because 1 rupture will stun them long enough to rape them., however you might want the stun septre if your playing against people who dodge you rupture or are fast.

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Originally Posted by Motas View Post
Rupture 1.0
*Feral Scream 0.7
*Vorpal Spikes 0.2
*Feast 0.5
AP ratios for those curious. Seems viable, plan on giving a variant a shot when I get the chance. Rylai's for rupture seems like the selling point to me, it also folds well into a tank type with the hp boost. Even a 2 Kage's blade build for some naughty lane harass could turn out well. There's a lot unexplored for Cho I feel, stacking HP when you have feast doing all of the work for you seems a little redundant to me. (talking solo queue here, not premade specialty tanking)