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RADS Error

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Dat Halfrican

Junior Member


Okay so i've been playing League for about 4 months now ... Never had ANY technical issues whatsoever up until this point. Well I guess that's a lie there is one other issue I keep having, after a game ends for some reason it doesn't show the game stats (not the "click here to refresh stats" thing, but the game actually crashes and I reopen) that issue however is not very bothersome. Today I encountered a more strange issue, one in which I do in fact have a problem with. When I try to launch LoL I get this error dialogue saying the following:

"RADS Error
Could not connect to the HTTP server. Please check that your internet connection is enabled and that your firewall is not blocking access."

My internet connection is obviously enabled, and I have all of the games that I play on the exceptions list of my firewall. I don't use anti-virus programs as I find them to be useless if you perform regular cleanups and common sense during downloads. Any help regarding this RADS Error would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time fellow summoners, but for now i've got to get off to work! Keep slaying those minions and STOP OVEREXTENDING!