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I honestly feel like I am being ignored with my Mac issues

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I'm in no way an employee, and I've never claimed to be; Adjudicators are just the original beta testers of the game.

While actual Riot employees are forced to put on a friendly face towards exasperating people, I am under no such constraints. I don't do it often, but when someone is just stirring up resentment and seems to have no real interest in working with the forum community to get their problem solved, I'm more than willing to call their bluff.

He's started multiple threads about his issue so far, and bumped several more dealing with unrelated issues. I've personally asked him to post his complete set of patcher logs, as has a riot employee just above, but he has yet to do so. He's been provided with detailed instructions on how to do this properly, yet the best he's managed is a small fraction of one of his logfiles as an inline post, which is now buried deep in the forums.

He's ignored several helpful suggestions by the community, and I seriously doubt he's put any sort of effort into searching the forums for help. Offhand, I can recall almost a dozen people with a similar issue over the past two months, and there are tons of suggestions littering the forums that he could try. Instead, he just keeps complaining about everything, and trying to get people's attention.

I'm sorry if you think I'm out of line, but I stand by my original assessment on his behavior on the forums. He's welcome to wait for the glacially slow official support, but personal experience has shown me that its going to take days to weeks of back and forth to solve an issue like this. If he calms down and starts trying to work with the community to solve his problems, I'm confident he'll have things worked out more quickly. That said, the community will have to help him without me, I wash my hands of this one.

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Blah... Blah... And blah. Why are you stalking me on the forums is what I want to know?

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I haven't played a game since te patch and I don't feel like I'm getting the best help. I have been emailing player support since te incident and still no fixes. The tips that they do give me are not working at all. I asked about 3 seperate times if I could make an appointment to visit their office in Clayton missouri because I live really close to them. I'm not trying to do anything but get help loading this game. I have been digging through forums, redownloaing the game, and doing everything I possibly can. Even trying 4 different wifi connections. I'm not that smart with computers so there may be something's I'm not seeing which is why I've been trying to see if it would be appropriate for me to go into the riot office. I know at least 6 other people that are having the exact same problem as me and all we want to do is play. If a rioter could please comment on this as soon a possible that would be great.

Mac is... terrible. Of course you have problems.