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An in depth reveal for Shaco, Master of the League

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Wulfy Summon

Senior Member


1. preguide:

April. I moved a video up. I check this every few weeks still, but nothing really is happening, and riot still hasn't fixed the fear bug from the sound of it... I decided to help yall out, and make something a bit easier to find. Some of you found out already, but the 'blue route' i suggest in the advanced part isn't the real route i advocate, the real blue route was hidden in the extras in my guide. It came to mind when i checked it today, so i'm just going to clean that up while i'm here and move it to where it actually is supposed to be.

The 19/1/2011 patch powered up the jungle. Running 16/0/14 and an AD quint+2 AD seals will get the power you need to not take as much damage and get through it a bit faster (1, 3 setup), or you can run a slightly different setup (2, 2), but the same route. The 2-2 setup will let you run 11-0-19 if you want (or 11-3-16 if you prefer that)


Neutrals as a whole though are attacking shaco's Jitb (or shaco) before they get out of what is supposed to be the fear duration, so he is still taking more damage than he should in the jungle, but with the retargeting adjustment, he is at least playable now. This is not a display bug, where fear appears to be lasting longer than it really is, but instead its a bug where the neutral will strike as if it had never been feared. It is not clear to me though, whether it is an initial strike+actual fear time, or whether it is never really feared at all.


Neutrals 2: They are having a strange bug going on, where while immediately after they get feared, if you step closer than your jitb is, it will target you instead. Example: Fear->Neutral hits the jitb 1x, shaco steps closer->retarget to Shaco. Be very weary of this if you don't want to take excessive damage.

The new system for retargeting is inconsistent, but it still patches the gaping hole they had made. I shot a video showing times where it did, and did not work. The ones that are the most important to look at are the beginning one, and the end one. I just ran into the one in the beginning while avoiding a ward during a match.


You probably think shaco shines best in pubs, pwning those nubs who don't know to look for the puff of smoke that goes through the fog of war.... while you can certainly build him to pubstomp, he shines best in 5's. You never know when shaco is waiting...

**I am pleasantly surprised by the depth added by the january 3rd patch... i may end up playing again. Hopefully they can be pressed to fix the fear bugs, but they made something really worthwhile last patch.

2. Why shaco?

anti map awareness (good in combo with twitch) by ward hunting early
Jitb provide good map awareness for your team
incredible ganks
3 or 4 minute dragon or early bottom gank+turret break,
kill their jungler early,
control mid carry,
control top carry,
feed your own carry,
15 minute baron
complete control of both dragon and baron if done well.
shut down their carry in teamfights,
defend your team with jitb when retreating,
catch enemy heroes with a deceive+shiv for the slow.

for future reference:
Jitb=Jack in the Box (W)
Shiv=Two Shiv poison (E)

3. Summoner spells and Items.
Which summoner spells to use:
[spell=Smite] mandatory. No glass shacos here.

paired with:
[spell=Flash] double flash is very useful for saving your ass or getting that last shot if they flashed away
[spell=Ignite] useful for helping to block heals or help finish champions with ganks
[spell=Ghost] useful for escape and chasing, but not as useful as flash. Flash counters flash.
[spell=Exhaust] I typically only get this to defend myself and my team from, say, Master Yi.

Novice:(21-0-9) [item=cloth armor], 2 [item=mana potion], 2 [item=health potion].

Advanced (16-0-14): [item=Cloth Armor], 5x [item=Health Potion]

Alt novice: [item=cloth armor], 1 [item=mana potion], 3 [item=health potion] (can't gank and still jungle if you're running 21-0-9, but it works if you aren't great with staying high on HP and not entirely comfortable ganking.

With the recent dragon+baron buff i'm looking more into AD. baron needing a full team takes down its viability, and dragon isn't realistic to solo anymore. If you need everyone for the baron they are going to catch on (with a tf/shen you could push bot and teleport in though). This means powerleveling jitb becomes less effective, and deceive raises up in usefulness if you run AD.

AD build *i'm looking more into maximizing damage efficiency on this right now. specifics coming

Core: [item=Wriggle's Lantern] [item=Infinity Edge]

Boots: [item=Mercury's Treads]
I would build it before too long if only to get the extra movement speed.

options are straight forward
options:[item=Youmuu's Ghostblade] good for light armor penetration and added crit chance, + an aspd burst.
[item=Last Whisper] enemies have a decent amount of armor (100+ per person)

[item=Phantom Dancer] can be useful, not used in a typical build though. You do burst damage, not necessarily sustained. (would build very late, not many rounds last that long)
[item=The Bloodthirster] The direct damage is useful, i'm looking more into this early game

HP: [item=Banshee's Veil]
[item=Guardian Angel]
There aren't many defense items on Shaco that are all that useful. By the time you get back up with Guardian Angel, Deceive should be up again, and the Banshees veil is nice for the HP+magic resist and the spell block. Which is more effective may be different between rounds, but there aren't any other defensive items you should look into.

potions are useful for any build!!! Try to start buying them mid-late game. [item=Elixir of Fortitude] & [item=Elixir of Agility]

ASPD build typically out of date now. perhaps viable with certain team setups.

[item=Madred's bloodrazor] [item=Stark's Fervor] [item=Mercury's Treads][item=Malady] [item=Recurve Bow]

for hp: [item=banshee's veil] you absolutely need one, shaco is a squishy hero and this provides a spell block along with HP and magic resist, 2 things you lack but really need as Shaco. The order you build it in will be determined by how much of each type of damage you are taking.

Once you complete your [item=Madred's Razors], get [item=boots of speed] with [item=Vampiric Scepter] and then immediately start on your [item=Banshee's Veil] You need the HP quickly as your enemies grow stronger. You ability to gank tends to die off as the early game comes to a close, so HP for when you do gank to survive the powerful combos your enemy can dish out is vital. You do damage still but it isn't as substantial as it was in the beginning, nor is it as strong as it will be later in the round. Complete your [item=Banshee's veil] as soon as possible, then finish your [item=Madred's Bloodrazor] After this you should decide whether it is a better idea to get the newly revamped [item=Malady] which directly gives extra damage with the magic penetration or [item=Stark's Fervor] for the aspd/lifesteal for your team. Different settings and different types of games require one or the other. If you are going solo queue and your carry is playing like an idiot, Malady is better for its cost. Once you have build one, build the other. I have not found getting more HP at this point to be all that useful, if their team is able to burn you down without your team helping, a few hundred HP won't save you.

[item=Elixir of Fortitude] [item=Elixir of Agility] [item=Oracle's Elixir]
Potions are very effective for their cost, and are an absolute must late game, but be careful on how many you buy early and mid game. I tend to get my first set of potions after madreds bloodrazor completes.

Shaco is the hero you want to have an early [item=oracle's Elixir] on. This is useful for your mid as well as yourself, and also great for taking down map awareness for buffs and dragon. This is the reason i also love playing alongside twitch. They can waste all the money they want on vision wards, i will just come up and kill that ward and make them lose farm, die to twitch, or spend even more money on vision wards. If someone buys an oracle, you focus them down, not a hard thing for your team to do. Buy this item after you get your boots+vamp scepter.

"What about starting red potion then, instead of cloth armor? You said yourself that you don't take much damage."
red potion disappears once you use it, cloth builds into madreds. also, any kills you would get with ~15 (assuming level 3) extra damage you were going to get anyway. There are no 'close calls' as shaco. Either your enemy escapes fairly cleanly, or they die a miserable death. You may get low if you do a bottom lane gank, but if you flash and hide behind your teammates past the initial strikes, you should be ok. This applied to ganking ex:garen/taric combos as well (but be very, very careful with that.) If you sit in their range they will kick the hell out of you, so attack as long as you safely can, then get out and leave the rest to your teammates. (note: if you aren't focused, keep attacking!)

What about [item=Wriggle's Lantern]
Another item that seems like a good idea for an ASPD shaco, almost seems in your way, but it's not. Yes, it is 45 extra gold for an item you will be keeping on you for quite a while, but the catch is you have to pay an extra 1k to get another basic madreds going. Shaco isn't a gold rich character, that 1k means a lot, so while this item seems like a good idea (especially with that free ward... except you have jitb for that) after a bit more consideration i don't think it really is worth its cost. If you are building AD though, it is a great item to grab.

what about [item=Boots of Mobility]
Initially it seems like a good idea. It will seem like that until you realize that you will die to a stun or slow far before you get another deceive up, which is what you rely on to get that movement speed boost going. I would not suggest these boots for any build, just build merc treads to save your skin or spend the gold on more damage output or hp if stuns aren't much of a problem. Just because you can catch them doesn't mean they can't turn and burn you when you outpaced your allies.

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Wulfy Summon

Senior Member


4. Jungling for new shacos
Beginner rune set & masteries:
[rune=Greater Quintessence of Desolation] (armor pen)
[rune=Greater Mark of Desolation] (armor pen)
[rune=Greater Seal of Vitality] (hp/lvl)
[rune=Greater Glyph of Strength] (atk) 5x, 4x [rune=greater glyph of intellect] (flat mana) You can run 9 flat mana if you want.


Novice:(21-0-9) [item=cloth armor] 2 [item=mana potion], 2 [item=health potion]
Alt novice & alt advanced: [item=cloth armor] 1 [item=mana potion], 3 [item=health potion] (can't gank and still jungle if you're running 21-0-9, but it works if you aren't great with staying high on HP and not entirely comfortable ganking.

Because of the recent baron and dragon upgrade, the usefulness of early jitb is limited. Because of this i would suggest AD and the skills that go along with it. The order is pretty easy to guess.


Good for a new shaco:
4-1, not at all efficient for an expert (21-0-9): [good for learning how to gank and who you can easily take.]
**note: You cannot kill Udyr or Rammus at their golem, their shields will keep them alive until they reach their turret.
time trials vs the heavily guarded amumu...!!
(lizard is more defensive on the blue half, but the setup still works on purple, just can't place the jtb as far away.)
4 lizard (first at 34 seconds in, not sooner) ->1 small golem kill, kill the small golem both as it spawns with smite+atk, leave the other alive. Attack the lizard once and drag him into your jitb set, set another behind him for a 2nd fear+tank, attack with your jitb. Do not clean up the minions.
Go to their golem and try to catch their jungler at either their mana golem or their wolves, or gank mid/bot. Clean up golem, banshees, mana buff, wolves, heal when you need to or right away if you lost a lot of hp, or have enough gold to buy your madreds.

**4-1 (21-0-9) Starting at lizard
2:20 i can set a jib at their golem to check or ward for when they get to it.
Amumu finishes golem at 2:09 uncatchable as shaco.

2:30 i can be at their wolves.
Amumu finishes wolves ~2:34 i can gank here. he has little hp and no guard by then either.


The reach on the buffs. The red lines are where he will turn around at, so try to set them before the line, but not close enough to set off when he first spawns (they will randomly fire and not provide damage) The reach is pretty unbelievable on the lizard, test it and see for yourself.

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Wulfy Summon

Senior Member


5. Advanced gameplay and advanced jungling route

**An important note: Find places to jump from that aren't expected, enemy banshees, wall, the brush has become predictable, and your deceive poof goes through the fog of war. Give them no warning, and jump behind them if they will be able to see you coming. This is also very important if they have warded for you.

[rune=Greater Quintessence of Fortitude] (flat HP) (useful for early team fights)
[rune=Greater Quintessence of Desolation] (useful for extra penetration, not always needed)
[rune=Greater Mark of Desolation]
[rune=Greater Seal of Strength] (2)
[rune=Greater Seal of Vitality] (hp/lvl) (7)
[rune=Greater Glyph of intellect]
alternatively: 3-7 [rune=Greater seal of Replenishment] (gank mid->gank jungler at lizard) each rune is worth ~12.3 mana (150 seconds worth) 3 allows for an immediate deceive, more can be more useful for the jitb+shiv.

ASPD alternatively: 0-2 [rune=Greater Quintessence of Alacrity]
[rune=Greater Mark of Alacrity]

AD alternatively: 0-2 [rune=Greater Quintessence of Desolation]
[rune=Greater Mark of Desolation]

i suggest:

Mana buff route: (had to change for speed, purple is slower than blue.)
[rune=Greater Quintessence of Fortitude]
[rune=Greater Mark of Desolation]
[rune=Greater Seal of Replenishment] (3)
[rune=Greater Seal of Alacrity] (6) (can switch with other runes)
[rune=Greater Glyph of Focus] (4)
[rune=Greater Glyph of Alacrity] (5) (can switch with other runes)

Lizard buff route: **suggested route
[rune=Greater Quintessence of Fortitude]
[rune=Greater Mark of Desolation]
[rune=Greater Seal of Strength] (2)
[rune=Greater seal of Replenishment] (7)
[rune=Greater Glyph of intellect] **main difference

the masteries and glyphs are regardless of AD or ASPD build. the mana you get from them allows for flexibility and does not lock you into needing that golem buff, or needing to start on it.

16-0-14 masteries (with the recent buff of the jungle)

alternative expect shaco masteries 4-5-21 (for use against an Evelynn)

difference between the mastery sets:
Primary: 4% aspd, 6 armor penetration
Alternative: 6 magic resist, 4 armor, 6% cooldown reduction, +2% movement speed, and summoner spell cooldown reduction.
(I find 1-8-21 to be more effective when fighting a counter jungling Evelynn, but 16-0-14 to be more effective the rest of the time.)

advanced (16-0-14 main items): [item=cloth armor], 5 [item=health potion]

The skill order for AD is rather straight forward, heavy burst.
level 1 ulti>Shiv>Deceive>jitb>level 2&3 ulti. levels 2&3 ulti are just cooldown and a bit more on the explosion, but the explosion rarely ever hits, so jitb is more useful. Shiv>Deceive because 1 level of each: 20% more damage vs 40 damage (even though you have more armor penetration than magic penetration) without resists, you have to have 200 damage to equal how much each level would do. You will get ~200 damage if you are fed by the time you max your 2nd skill, so this order maximizes damage.

I'll also list the old ASPD skill order. Not as viable since they powered up the dragon and baron because the dragon can't be efficiently done solo, and there are few combinations that allow you to baron with less than a full team. If they fix fear on neutrals it may be useful to get the level 2 jitb at 4 then stop leveling it and focus on Deceive.
level 1 hallucinate>jitb>shiv>levels 2&3 hallucinate>deceive


Well what did powerleveling Jitb allow you to do...?
15 minute baron (significant amount of damage from 6 of them, 3990 from level 4 jitb, 4830 from level 5 jitb)
95*7*6 115*7*6

**Note: As you pass key areas (their blue, mid brush) its helpful to jitb for team awareness and sight. Try to put it out of fear range and but sight.
**Note2: keeping control of baron and dragon can win you games you never thought you had a chance at. 6 minute spawns on dragon, 7 on baron. Mark them, say them in teamchat, control this and you control the game.
**Note3: You only really need the 1st buff set, past there figure out if your carry can get kills with it or not and start to hand it off accordingly, you are less useful mid game than other heroes, realize this. For example, Corki will want the 3rd lizard onward because thats when he hits 9 and can gank. Do try to take a golem buff for the baron setup though, its another jitb (665~805 damage) with the cooldown reduction.
**note4: If you are on purple, the defensive stance for your jitb takes time to run the lizard to. Start setting the lizard jitb up at 54 rather than whenever it comes off of cooldown to buy yourself extra time. If you don't do this you will hit the 90 second life on your first jitb before the fight begins. You can also lose enough time to lose that jitb if a teammate forces you to delay killing the small golems by sitting on you as they spawn. Be careful of that time!

Lizard route

**2-2 Post january patch. More defensive for getting the red on you though.

**1-3 Pre January patch

1 small golems
3 lizard (lizard is more defensive in different places on each half. Purple is stronger.)
2nd small golems (timed) [upgrade Shiv]
1 lizard (timed) (+1-2 shiv, then clean up minions)
1 blue banshees (dont kill red banshees, not worth the HP or time lost)
5 options

A: Gank mid or bottom (in combo with B, if you can, A then B)
A2: if successful ganking bot, break the turret as well.

**NO LONGER POSSIBLE because of the 20% aspd slow from the dragon with the January 3rd, 2011 patch
xB: 3 minute dragon (need jitb level 2) [mid can come help if you get deceive instead, their mid will fear a gank and turret sit, their jungler move to defend mid if its a cloaker like twitch.] I would not suggest this. It gets you low on hp and unable to gank, and is inconsistent soloing. You have to dodge one attack to live through it if you are soloing it. To me that is not quite worth it, check for Fiddlesticks though.
**SOLOING it is no longer possible at this time, but i am uncertain about having a teammate there to fight with you. Test it out yourself and find this out if you are playing competitively. (example: twitch cloaking out to fight it with you.) 21/0/9 may not be necessary, but it would likely be helpful.

C: Gank jungler (likely at lizard soon, possibly at golem, clairvoyance early to figure out their route, jitb ward, etc)
D: gank top
E: continue on in jungle to the Mana buff and keep an eye on any ganks you can do

Mana buff (no setup, 1 jitb and facetank, not much damage taken)
3+ options
A:Gank any lane (the jungler will be too hard to find, if clair reveals differently gauge how useful it will be, but it may still be in your interest to set a few jitb up in their jungle [they provide powerful damage as they level up] and steal jungle/wait for an opening from a lane])

**January 3rd, 2011 patch. This is only possible to solo if you are running with 15 armor penetration, and 21 offensive masteries because of the aspd reducing attacks, and even then it is difficult. I would suggest ganking a lane and having them help you. Refer to the section i made on this if you want more info.
B:solo 4 minute dragon (or call for help from bottom if you want it to die faster, or you previously ganked so you're too hurt to solo it call for them)

C:Gank bottom, if both die then turret break, then dragon, or just dragon if you only killed 1.

return to base when you need to, make sure to take the 2nd dragon as well, and watch the clock for your next big objective: 15 minute Baron.

when you return to base buy:
[item=Madred's Razors] and maybe 2-3 [item=Health potion]

if a gank was successful and you have extra gold, buy:
[item=Vampiric Scepter] and upgrade it to [item=Wriggle's Lantern]
Grab [item=Boots of speed] after this when you go back to base.

[item=oracle's elixir] can be needed to grab here if wards will be or are a problem very early on, and if your opponents are warding against your twitch.

keep jungling and ganking, figure out when your carry can start getting kills with a lizard buff and hand it off accordingly.

competitive mana buff route
**Note, this has been in the guide for a long time, i just had it hidden in the extras section as a little reward for those of you who really wanted to learn Shaco. I don't play anymore so i don't care how many people know about it at this point.

extremely effective vs Rammus or Udyr (reason: successful ganks as they jungle are rare, but you can still harass by taking jungle)


Mana route runes.

Mana buff route: (had to change for speed, purple is slower than blue.)
[rune=Greater Quintessence of Fortitude]
[rune=Greater Mark of Desolation]
[rune=Greater Seal of Replenishment] (3)
[rune=Greater Seal of Alacrity] (6) (can switch with other runes)
[rune=Greater Glyph of Focus] (4)
[rune=Greater Glyph of Alacrity] (5) (can switch with other runes)

wolves->blue->enemy lizard (dead by 2:54 or 3:04 ) (blue, purple)


This works against more than just rammus and udyr, but i prefer to use the lizard as extra damage and a trap as a whole, so killing it early wouldn't benefit me. Nunu is an option to use this route against as well, it depends on how good and smart the nunu is.

**If you want a real trick for the competitive scene, take this route as much as you can, gank mid, then immediately give your lizard to your mid. Now you're thinking with portals.

Mana buff route, the crappy version


1 wolves
3 mana buff (be careful to set them far enough away to not set off when it first spawns)
2nd small wolves, hit+smite the large wolf, clean up the small wolves
hit mana buff and drag back to set, 4th behind it
set 1 at lizard, shiv and drag back, set 2nd jitb behind it, smite.
Blue Banshee or small golems next, the order is just where you want to gank next, no setup.
gank mid:small golems->blue banshee
gank bot:Blue Banshee->small golems

If you power leveled jitb

at the 12:50 mark you need to b and shop. You need to have an oracle on you for this, and buy more of the banshees veil if you can. b back earlier if the mana golem will be up so you have time to grab it. A full 20% cooldown means another jitb and 665-805 more damage on the baron.

Nothing ruins a baron attempt like them knowing you're doing it. It will take ~30 seconds to walk to the baron from base. Set up jitb starting at 13:37 (90 second life, 5 seconds of firing, 2 seconds for extra time if your team is a second behind getting there.) And keep setting them until it spawns. This beginning baron is rather important, so try not to get distracted for a single gank. You can still easily win if this gets interrupted, but i like taking every advantage i can. Try to not make anyone cross you (dont have 3 people top when 3 of their team is mid) to avoid being discovered. You will need 2 other teammates for damage (more is better) or just karthus (his Q is broken on baron.) Play with this and figure out who has the damage you need and who lacks it.

KEEP CONTROL OF BARON. its a 7 minute spawn time and gives huge rewards. The next time it spawns you wont need all your jitb, but they are always nice to have (5k damage free is always nice, no?) b 2:10 earlier than it takes to spawn, or a bit earlier than that if you want to ward hunt to be safe.
Once you have your madreds and a 2nd recurve bow, aspd and atk potions + jitb set lets you solo the baron. You don't absolutely need the jitb set if you are doing it with a team, so figure out if jumping into what could be a teamfight would be better for you and your team.

**Note: Don't carelessly let your clone tank the baron until it dies, the on hit effects combined with your aspd provide high damage, juggle who is taking damage. He always attacks the closest target. also, be careful of getting too low on HP if their team has a WW to keep from getting sighted.
**note2: Dragon. Look carefully at the setup i use in the video, you have to have your jitb close enough to set off when you drag it backwards, but far enough way to not get caught in the AoE fire that the dragon spews. (if it gets hit by that fire it will die in 1 hit rather than 2.) The dragon takes practice, so don't get frustrated if it doesn't work the first couple of times you try it. If i get enough requests i can make a small part specifically catered for the dragon at level 4.)

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Wulfy Summon

Senior Member


6. Oh noes, my boxes were broken!!
They warded my red (and likely blue as well), killed my initial jitb set, and will likely leave their lanes the moment i approach a buff to gank me... what do i do?

Go for the lesser creeps, banshees+golems, set 1 up for the red still (try to do it out of sight of the ward), so you put down 1 before banshees, then 1 as you're fighting it + smite. Walk a bit away to drag the lizard minions out of sight of the brush (or just kill the red banshees, they are worth the same exp.) I wouldn't suggest avoiding red buff altogether, but if for some reason you want to (your take more damage avoiding it unless you come back to those red banshees), golems->banshees->wolves, it will get you to 3 if you want to gank somewhere but be careful, because you have no slowing buff. Fake them with the wards if your team can take them, or set a few jitb up and quickly burn down the creep if you want to use a buff against them. Once you have the lizard you can burn down the golem if you have smite up with just a single jitb and smite. Be careful about ghosting mids though, they can still catch you in time.

For the 2nd half of the jungle, do the wolves before the mana buff if smite won't be up in time.

It takes you 10 seconds to kill start-finish the lizard:
it takes a ghosting Garen 15 seconds to reach you if he is in the middle of bot lane. 10 seconds for him to walk there directly from mid, 12 to go through the brush to get to you (avoiding some punishment from your mid), and 8 seconds to get there ghosting through the brush from mid. It is important to save that smite for the finishing blow just in case their mid ghosts to get to you.

If you know they went into your jungle after you... just go after the wolves. If you backtrack to cleanup the red banshees or the lizard minions you are putting yourself at unnecessary risk, or unnecessary summoner spell use to keep yourself alive.
the comments i wrote were:
Alternatively if you have a moment to spare, you can back off after you kill the 1st golem until your jitb gets up again, set it down and engage. It saves you some HP but makes you wait a few seconds longer.
Stay out of sight of the ward, no reason to let them know where you are.
(i realized afterwards that when it shrinks, you can't read the comments i wrote)

oh and to the enemy team: Congratulations, i am about 50 seconds behind on my jungle, you have just burned several summoner spells trying to reach me, and you've also given my team some free kills early game. Well done!!

7. the 4 minute dragon

I would like to stress that running 11-3-16 and ganking, then killing it with your team is in my opinion the best route, but knowing how to do this is useful as well, especially if they fix the fear bug on neutral monsters.

If riot ever fixes the fear on the neutral monsters, the dragon will become MUCH easier to kill and it will open things up a lot. as of January 5th, 2011 though they have still yet to, and the bug is not recent. A video of bug is in the preguide.

video shot before the January, 3rd, 2011 patch, but i will leave this here in case they change targeting again (they never announced that they had, they just did)

*Note: with the January 3rd, 2011 patch, it gets much more difficult. 21 offensive is necessary, as is 15 arp from runes if you wish to solo the dragon. You need to make sure to set down your jitb immediately to avoid getting hit and slowed. This is now very difficult to do alone, but fortunately Shaco is a great gank hero, so you can always get a kill and take it with a teammate. You can always set it up then gank and get your teammates to help kill it.

21/0/9 inconsistent: with arp and aspd is inconsistent but possible with just 2 in the preset. There are no requirements for team+route.

21/0/9 consistent: route+team corresponds to what finishes and leaves you closest to the dragon with the most buff time left.
Purple team: Start lizard half, Armor Pen marks, ASPD quint and ASPD seals, flat mana glyphs.
(Golems(smite), Lizard, Blue Banshee, Mana buff (smite), Wolves, Dragon(smite)
(do NOT use a 2nd shiv on the lizard, you need to save the mana)

Blue team: Start Mana Buff, Armor Pen marks, ASPD everything else (mana isn't needed because you are starting with the blue)
(Wolves(smite), Mana buff, Lizard(smite), Blue Banshee, Golems, Dragon(smite))

3 is inconsistent, but cuts it close every time. 4 is consistent and a bit easier. You do not have to separate them out because only the initial jitb will take damage, the rest will be ignored because of how they changed targeting. Also, be careful of the retargeting bug when fighting him.

You have to decide for yourself how much time you want to spend killing the dragon, and if it would be better spent ganking and then killing it with your team. You can do a light setup then gank and have your team help you. You could also run one of the other mastery sets and set up 1-2 more jitb to replace the damage if you wish to have a better ability to gank, and this also wouldn't tie you as much to these specific routes according to the team.

8. The 15 minute baron

**The baron was not excessively strengthened with the january 3rd patch, but be cautious about it until you are ready. You can still do it fine at the 15:00. I easily took him with an allistar, TF and myself at 15:00, so it is still possible.

There is one thing that is extremely important for your team to understand, and one that is often missed in solo queue. 15:00 will not delay because you want to grab that dragon or golem, your team cannot wander off to do something else and try to start the baron at 15:45, either you go at 15:00 or it doesn't happen. The jitb will up and start firing, then die. It seems straightforward, but its amazing how people can still mess this up.

You need at least 3-4 more teammates to help kill it. Just 2 used to do the trick, but the 1/3/2011 patch buffed his MR and HP, so you will need a full team. If you think the enemy team will be on to you, then set up a trap and start a teamfight instead. Wards are very important for sight and safety, nothing worse than handing off an early baron.

**video taken before the January 3, 2011 patch.

**Important note: The baron will attack the closest target, no exceptions. Use this to juggle his attention so no one person takes too much damage (its useful to start by juggling it with your clone in case you get surprised by any enemies. If it gets hit by a critical like it did in the video there is no saving it...)

at times it's useful to delay killing the dragon and keep them from doing so until ~8:40 so the other team focuses dragon while you take the baron. If you can get it early without interruption it is always best to do that.

9. Shaco in teamfights

So you have fed your team, controlled dragon, controlled baron, and choked their carry for cs/levels. That means you're done, right? WRONG. Learning when to jump into a teamfight takes practice, and this is one thing that is very difficult if you have a ragtag team with no positioning. You want to try to take out their carry, but their mage is just also good to take out. Some carries have escapes that are too good for you to kill them, in that case try to fake them, do a bit of damage and make them leave the fight, then focus someone else.

You need to wait until the crowd control spells are used before you jump in. If you jump in and then galio ultis you, you have just died uselessly, they will focus you down. This may mean you team is at half health when you jump in, but when the important spells are gone, kill them all.

Try to ban the heroes that have crazy escapes like corki. He will just Valkeryie away from you and load you full of led.

potions potions potions potions potions. extra HP and aspd for cheap? yes please!!

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Wulfy Summon

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10. Collective insights on shaco(lizard/lizard route, vs Rammus or Udyr, Eve is stalking, Misc, extra Shaco tricks)

Lizard/Lizard route related:

A neat little trick you can do with the lizard on any jungler is smite to drag it outside of the sight of the ward to fight it. The buffs do not show up as icons on the map, which makes this possible, but if they are manually watching it they will see the lizard move, so be careful! This can be done as any jungler (using a ward of your own for sight) but it is easiest as Shaco, because his jitb can act as free sight wards. (Because they changed how neutrals retarget, being feared outside of his normal area no longer means he will go back to heal.) Do a small setup (1-2) and then set one inside of his ring (through the wall, stay out of sight!) let it die and smite the lizard with the remaining sight it gives you after its death. This is an alternative that is available to all junglers, but i would suggest you still go with my original recovery route for killing these buffs because a ghosting mid is the only one that can catch you, and you kill it faster not taking this long way around. (shaco has both options, all other junglers only have this one.)


Wait, can't you do a quick gank still using 11-3-16 and that same jungle route, killing both golems rather than 1?
Yes, it is only 1-2 seconds behind the 4-1 route. Just leave the lizard minions and don't kill the blue banshee and you can kill mid when they are still level 1, so heroes with escapes typically won't have them yet. (This can be useful against vlad, corki, or trist.) I still don't prefer to do this, but it is an option that is viable.


You have a 4-1 that is faster at ganking mid, and even catches most junglers before they kill their 2nd mob!! Why is that less effective?
You will level slower if you go for a quick gank, which in my opinion, hurts your late game. You can kill both their mid and jungler, but as many games as i have done this for, i have been behind on levels, even if im a little bit ahead on gold. it isn't worth the trade-off to me, no jungler is quite THAT dangerous, and shaco isn't a useless hero that needs to take another hero down to make it a 4-4 instead of a 4v5 like Evelynn. There is also no guarantee that the mid gank will work, nor that their jungler will be near their golem early to kill. It also gives your enemies a safe time to farm in, because they know you can choose to either keep up on levels, or try to gank and fall farther and farther behind.


vs Rammus or Udyr (reason: successful ganks as they jungle are rare, but you can still harass by taking jungle)


Mana route runes.

Mana buff route: (had to change for speed, purple is slower than blue.)
[rune=Greater Quintessence of Fortitude]
[rune=Greater Mark of Desolation]
[rune=Greater Seal of Replenishment] (3)
[rune=Greater Seal of Alacrity] (6) (can switch with other runes)
[rune=Greater Glyph of Focus] (4)
[rune=Greater Glyph of Alacrity] (5) (can switch with other runes)

wolves->blue->enemy lizard (dead by 2:54 or 3:04 ) (blue, purple)


This works against more than just rammus and udyr, but i prefer to use the lizard as extra damage and a trap as a whole, so killing it early wouldn't benefit me. Nunu is an option to use this route against as well, it depends on how good and smart the nunu is.

**This specific route is useful in a competitive scene, because you can take their red before they get to it, then gank mid and quickly hand your red off to your mid. Killing them at their red if they don't start on yours is still an option though.


Ah!! Evenlynn is stalking me!!
she can't really take either of the buffs soloing well. Once you know where she is switch the buff you are aiming for. If you were at the lizard, then run over and quickly set up 1 at the mana buff, delay for 2nd to get up, immediately start +smite when it gets in range. You can't be leisurely with your smites, you have to be exact and not do it too early or give it too much room to be stolen. If you think you have a second, then go kill the wolves after this fight, but it's unlikely, she is probably hot on your heels. Head back over to your lizard half, and do the setup, kill the blue banshee in between while waiting for smite to get up, and then take down the lizard. Gank now if you can, you won't be able to jungle in peace, so don't let your enemies farm as they like! Still be careful of eve on the ganks though, try to go for top or bot ganks rather than mid.

alternatively if you know she is going to interrupt you and you know she will smite the lizard then walk away if you do it any other way, don't place any jitb down at the lizard. Instead place 4 where the blue banshee spawns and walk over to your blue. 1, delay until second, mana buff spawn, hit and drag it back into your jitb, set another jitb behind it, smite when appropriate. she will likely sight you and think she knows where you are starting. When you kill the golem you will immediately level, consider putting the point into deceive just in case she tries to strike again, and just face tank the lizard to drag them into your jitb. Once you get the mana buff run over to the lizard, and if you are running 1-8-21 (i would suggest doing so for this opponent, 58 second smite is necessary to stay ahead of her) you will be able to set 2 jitb down and smite will come up when the 3rd gets up. I would suggest using 1/2 to kill the remaining banshees because you don't need it for damage and fresh banshees won't respawn until you do. It's unlikely that you can place a jitb so evelynn would be feared if she did manage pop up on you, so just clean up those banshees.

it is on this rare, rare occasion that because you quickly get the blue buff, it is a fine option to switch out those mana glyphs for magic resist (flat or lvl) or cooldown reduction (flat or lvl) I would suggest flat magic resist.



Why don't you level deceive first?
The lower mana cost and slightly higher damage on Deceive is not effective when compared with his other more spammable skills. You don't want to burn your escape mechanism or gap closer for the sake of harassment. Leveling it isn't as effective as his shiv or jitb.


**Not suggested
Going without [spell=smite] (SHATTERING GLASS SHACO):

Sharp name right? It is a very, very bad idea to run without [spell=smite]. All the other team has to do is interrupt your beginning jitb and your ability to jungle well dies.
if you are still interested in this horrible idea....
If my close lane takes out the golems with me, i would get 93 from it, enough to boost me over to get my level after lizard. I then gank lane, jungle, or mid, and i never need smite. i will have madreds with a more useful teamfight/gank skill.

can be easily interrupted, can't facetank and kill the lizard without smite. if they just keep you from setting up 3 jitb then you can't get the buff.


Is it better to gank specific junglers than go for exp & elsewhere gank or dragon?
i think it hurts myself more to go after their junglers early. it is a gaurenteed kill normally but you can do a lot more elsewhere, and you have no guarantee of actually finding them quickly.


can you skip the lizard creeps if a lane is in trouble very early?
40 exp short (350/390)
if you have Zilean on your team, you can skip the creeps. you need more than 6.4% more exp to get your level (3 exp quints would be 6%)


blue banshee gets stolen, can i replace it with the wolves easily? yes.


Shaco specific tricks:

Jack in the Box:

Are there any other tricks with the jitb that you haven't said already?
Yes. The two heroes that come to mind immediately that i can be a nuisance to with jitb are Gragas and Rammus. Each of them has a sliding or movement ability that is interrupted when they hit something. Setting a jitb as they are about to start this (or as soon as you appear, in their escape route) is a good way for them to lose that boost without escaping. A special thing that happens with rammus that is great to abuse is that when he hits a jitb, even if the 2 seconds it requires to set to go off hasn't passed, it will instantly go off. This is amazingly useful if he is alongside his teammates and rolling. Set one just about on top of him, and he will hit it and immediately set it off, fearing himself and his team.
They are also useful for blocking Morganas Dark Binding and really any and all skill shots. Whether its protecting yourself or one of your teammates, try to use them to block damage or grabs, or protect stunned teammates from your enemies when you aren't using them for their fears/wards/ganks.


Shaco's Ultimate:

Any more experienced shaco player can tell you this, but because Shaco's ultimate removes him completely from the map for a moment when he casts it, and that means it can be used to dodge attacks. Whether it is Karthus ulti, an Ashe arrow, a Tibbers bomb, or any not specifically targeted attack (Example: Taric's stun will still stun you even if you time your ulti well) it can be dodged if you time it right.


Shaco's clone, deception.

One useful trick that fools even advanced players is making your clone run in another direction or fake following you (change its direction multiple times) right after you deceive and start running. A lot of players are used to looking at his clone (which Shacos tend to forget follows you with a short delay automatically) to figure out which direction Shaco went in. If you deceive and begin running downward, and then send your clone in another direction i can guarantee you that a lot more often than not your enemies will go in the direction your clone went, thinking you went that way. This gets you out of a lot of sticky situations.



A useful thing to do with deceive is make Shaco take a step in one direction, then deceive in another. (Step toward one escape route then deceive to take another route.) This is one of the more basic tricks, but it's still useful. All your opponents see is you stepping one way then deceiving, so a lot of people assume you deceived in that direction and try to chase you. As you start to fight more advanced players this becomes a guessing game.

How many people am i not doing true damage to, and by how much with purely Armor pen runes? 31 armor penetration with masteries... can i switch out a quint for something more useful? (you can probably guess already but this was originally made for just me in a text document, where tab actually worked as a spacer. I can't seem to clean it up on here though, sorry.)
ANY HEROES THAT RUN DORANS +8 (shown in parenthesis) (+6 for hardiness as well, but not shown here)
----------------level 1-level 2-level 3
akali 13.5+3.5 17
-----Allistar 14.5+3.5---18
amumu 15+3.3----18.3
Anivia 10.5+4---14.5
Annie 8.5+4-----12.5
Ashe 9.3+3.4----12.7
Blitz 14.5+3.5--18
---Cho 21+3.5---24.5
Corki 13.5+3.5--17------20.5----24
-----Mundo 17+4-21
-----Eve 14.75+4-18.75
Ez 12+3.5-------15.5
Fiddle 5.5+3----8.5
Galio 13+4------17
GP 17+2.8-------19.8
Garen 19+2.7----21.7(29.7)-24.4-28.1(+5)
Gragas 16+2.7---18.7
Heimer 7+3------10
Janna 9+3.8-----12.8
Jax 18+3.2------21.2
Karthus 11+3.5--14.5
Kass 14+3.2-----17.2
-----Kat 14.75+4-18.75
Kayle 17+3.5----20.5
Kennen 14+3.75--17.75
Kog Maw 10+3.5--13.5
LaBlanc 12+3.5--15.5
-----Lux 8+4----12
Malphite 13+3.75-16.75
-----Malz 12+3.5-15.5
Yi 16.3+3.7-----19
MF 15+3---------18
Morde 15+3.5----18.5
Morg 15+3.8-----18.8
Nasus 15+3.5----18.5 (26.5)
Nid 11+3.5------14.5
Nunu 16.5+3.5---20
Olaf 14+3-------17
Panth 17.1+3.9--21
Poppy 18+4------22
Rammus 21+3.8---24.8
-----Ryze 11+3.9-14.9
Shaco 15+3.5----18.5
Shen 18+4-------22
-----Singed 18+4.2-22.2
Sion 17.75+3.25-21
Sivir 12.75+3.25-16
Sona 8+3.3------11.3
Soraka 7.4+3.8--11.2
-----Swain 12+4-16
Taric 16.5+3.2--19.7(39.7)
-----Teemo 14+3.75-17.75
Tristana 15+3---18
-----Trynd 14.9+3.1-18
TF 11.25+3.15---14.4
Twitch 14+3.3---17.3
Udyr 14.75+4----18.75
-----Urgot 15+3.3--18.3
-----Veigar 12.25+3.75--16
Vlad 12+3.5-----15.5
WW 16+3.2-------19.5(37.5)
Zhao 16.2+3.7---19.9
Zil 6.75+3.8----10.55

but most often i gank the carries mid, the highest at level 2 without dorans shield is 21.5, with dorans shield it becomes 29.5
Kennen 14+3.75--17.75---21.5-----------E
Tristana 15+3---18------21-------------E
Twitch 14+3.3---17.3----20.6----23.9
akali 13.5+3.5--17------20.5
Corki 13.5+3.5--17------20.5----24-----E
Kass 14+3.2-----17.2----20.4
Sivir 12.75+3.25--16----19.25
Vlad 12+3.5-----15.5----19
Karthus 11+3.5--14.5----18
TF 11.25+3.15---14.4----17.55
Ashe 9.3+3.4----12.7----17.1----20.5
Kog Maw 10+3.5--13.5----17------21.5
Heimer 7+3------10------13

So i can lose all 3 of my armor pen quints and still often do true damage when my ganks are most effective. If you want to run pure damage though, its most effective to run 3 flat atk quints rather than Armor pen, looking only at mid carries.


Rune related:

What about aspd mark rather then armor pen?
15 armor pen=63.75 hp (on a 420 hp char)
*.6=38.25 (i likely do ~60% of the damage in early ganks)
-(6*4.25) (masteries)
38.25-25.5=12.75 hp difference... because i'm only looking at 60% of their HP rather than 100%, and thats kind. So those armor pen marks are worth 12.75 hp in a gank... not all that useful.

-- but thats JUST looking at the carry, what about bot lane?
lets take the extreme of garen/taric
garen has ~200 hp more from his armor, with just dorans shield.
probably~40% of his hp, and even less if bot was harassing well. (40/35/25)
100 hp, thats another 1-2 strikes....
assuming something similar for his lanemate, thats 3-4 more strikes to kill them...


hp regen vs flat HP?
66.66 seconds for it to regen 32 hp. but i have extra potions anyway, so does the extra regenned hp matter as much as flat later on...?
no. I can also just run the extra HP potions if I am that worried about my health.


movement speed? or do i want HP given that that is one of shacos main weaknesses?
I would take HP over a bit more movement speed. 5 speed every quint, or 32 health. I think the health is more effective. It isnt my movement speed that will save or kill me, or at least not 10. 65 hp is very useful to an hp strained character like shaco... or i can run aspd for better damage later on.


Is armor penetration better than aspd for the dragon? its 39.1 hp for every 1 armor.
.722 vs .899 aspd. .793 with aspd quints only.
55*7+ 55*5*3 (385+825)=1210 from jitb. 30.95% of its hp
404.98 hp difference given jitb damage between arp and aspd.
26-53 27 second fight. (solo video, for this info)

19.494 (no aspd at all)
21.411 with the 405 hp difference...
24.273 attacks with pure aspd 3*66=198
but somehow this isnt how it all plays out... does the lizard buff get affected by the aspd of the hero?
either way, this is just for the 2:45 dragon, not for the 4 minute. the 4 minute is an easy consistent kill.
No, arp is not better than aspd for this. In theory it is, but it is no more stable or consistent.


Mastery related

Is, say, 1.5% cooldown worth it? Deceive .16 seconds will not save me, the cooldown is very long.

Deceive: 10.92 .16 seconds earlier
Jitb: 15.88 .24 seconds earlier
shiv: 7.94 .12 seconds earlier

in a battle, this much cooldown is not all that important to a shaco... if i die i will die FAR before that, and if i live i wont need it. Cooldown has its main use with the amount the Mana buff gives when setting up for the baron (a whole new Jitb is granted because of it) and honestly at no other time.


What about 14-3-13?
(assuming you are taking damage rather than cooldown in the offense tree)
The 4 extra damage per hit on minions doesn't save me any HP in the jungle, because the creeps die no sooner. The extra 1 damage is also never the difference between life or death in ganks, so that is meaningless to me as well. Despite shacos already very fast movement speed, i would rather have 10 more than ineffective damage in the jungle.


Is 11-3-16 the best for jungling as shaco then?
Considering the fact that I don't like being predictably tied to the golem buff, yes. Having the unpredictability and fear of very early ganks is advantageous. Also, if you are not running mana regen masteries and your jitb get broken, there is only one place you can be to still have a shot at jungling (the mana buff.) All they have to do is interrupt you one more time and you will be very, very set back on your jungle.


Dragon related:

2:45 dragon? or 4 minute dragon.
i am back in base with the blue buff at 5:45 and madreds... if i do mana+wolves, BUT it does not allow me to gank. If i dragon i have no hp or mana until i get the golem. competetively thats bad. It is also a little bit slower to do the dragon last, and i can run into opposition, but it's better as a whole. If you are fighting a fiddlesticks, always check the dragon once you kill that blue banshee though.


**Not suggested
spawning dragon to start 4 corner jitb 1 center, needs an ally for damage to get it.
~1:07 first jitb (2:35-90 +2) not effective long term, and can be accomplished 30 seconds later if im in a rush to dragon while taking a better route.

Alright... but is it better to start on the dragon if we're fighting against a fiddlesticks?
No, you can 3 minute dragon with help and catch him in the process if hes doing it. There is no reason to hinder yourself by starting on it.


"Why don't i see any mana buff jungling routes on here?"

Mainly preference, i feel am a lot more open to gank and a lot safer by starting on the lizard, but honestly both are viable. I will explain why i start on the Lizard.

The routes:
Golems(smite), Lizard, Blue Banshee, Mana Buff(smite), Wolves

Wolves(smite), Mana Buff, Lizard(smite), Blue Banshee, Golems

If you do the main lizard route that i suggest, you:
never get touched by:blue banshee, 2x golems, lizard itself, large wolf, possibly 1/3 red banshees (21-0-9 only, 11-3-16 avoids red banshees)
little damage from: Mana golem, possibly 1/3 red banshees (if done well but not perfectly, 21-0-9), Dragon if you're lucky and jitb well (still hurts).
full force from: 2/3 red banshees, lizard minions, golem minions, 3rd small wolf. thats all.

But i'll give you more in depth reasoning than just that:

760 Lizard half of the jungle: Small golems=140+140 + Banshees=120+20+20+20 + lizard = 200+30+30
easily losable: 140+120+230 = 490 (and a very important buff)
470 Golem half of the jungle: Wolves = 90+50+50 + Mana Golem= 220+30+30
easily losable: 140+250= 390 (and a useful, but not required buff)

Can you run a recovery route like you did on the lizard, except for the golem?
Yes, then you are able to start moving to gank ~3:16. The difference is that you go straight for the golem rather than grabbing other creeps before it like you do on the lizard half. (1 jitb, wait, hit and drag, 1 jitb+smite) This is focused on in the part above where Evelynn is stalking you.

If interrupted 3:16 (mana buff), 3:12 (lizard buff) is when you can head out of the jungle to start ganking. There is not much of a difference there, at the very least.

but wait... if you're interrupted, can you switch what buff your aiming for free of charge?
If you are running 11-3-16, yes. If you are running 21-0-9, then you won't have enough mana to actually jungle and recover, so you are forced to take the golem buff to start or b back to base and sacrifice whatever their jungler can reach and the levels your enemies get while safe from you.

If done well, you can reach the ~4 minute dragon (assuming you are on the blue team) at the exact same time on both halves of the jungle, and both have a level 3 and ~3 minute dragon that it can do. If a Fiddlesticks had help with it though, he is gone by the time you reach it when starting on the Mana buff half, because it is slower getting you to 3 and getting you the lizard buff. If you are on the purple, the walk from killing the golem/wolves to the dragon is shorter, so you would be several seconds ahead of your blue counterpart. The mana buff run would be several seconds behind compared to the blue half, because you are then on the far half of the map.

If you are starting on the mana buff and the enemy team rushes to your lizard and doesn't find you, their jungler will start on your half because they know you wont be there in time to stop them. Then you are stuck without a lizard buff as well as some high EXP jungle creeps, which is very damaging to both your levels and any ganks.

But if you're running 21-0-9 you can run 5x [item=health potion] rather than 3x if you start on the mana buff, can't you?
Actually, yes you can. And while that HP can be nice for padding for ganks, to me you risk too much by not starting on the lizard half of the jungle, and i don't really like doing that. You can live without a golem buff, and even during ganks HP isn't really a problem in my experience. Things get a lot tougher if you try to go without a lizard buff, though. You can also just run 5 HP potions if you are running 11-3-16 and don't find the extra 100 mana to be useful.

minor things that go with it: ~20 seconds behind on being able to gank using the lizard buff if not interrupted. If you run the lizard route (11-3-16) you can try a gank once and double back for a second shot at it without being out of mana. While you can argue that the mana buff route will have continuous mana for more attempts, i have to wonder how many attempts past 2 you are willing to try before giving up, and how much time you lose by focusing too much on one target rather than looking at the bigger picture. If you just add 30 seconds onto the Mana buff run, you will be in the same situation, buff wise, as if you were starting on the golem buff.

Which half is more defensive when doing a teamfight, assuming they attack the correct buff?
let's take a look. Your enemies have to walk by brush while having none of their own to hide in on the lizard half, no matter which way they come from. The golem half gives them brush to walk through one way, (quite a bit actually) and a wall to hide behind in that same direction. An Ashe can also rather reliably hit your jitb set with say, a frost volley, when on the Mana buff half, but i can't really say which is better or worse... I suppose some people would be more comfortable fighting using one half than another though, but that brush on the Mana half likely allows for some very annoying escapes which doesn't happen on the lizard half.

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Oh, and if you're wondering why i didn't just make a team and get a free 20k + whatever else i can win in prizes, it's because when people learn to buy items they think they can be part of a team, i did give an honest attempt, then just got tired of searching and fed up with bugs that destroyed the game and weren't fixed in a timely manner (heck, some of them still aren't fixed, and how many months has it been?) and just quit altogether. I'm not stopping you from using them to get stuff for yourself though.

At some point riot will realize the true face of Shaco and either remove him, or completely rework him. In the meantime, get some money or prizes, and **** **** up. (He's only still in the game because people outright didn't know how to play him... thinking 7 minutes is the earliest you can solo dragon and needing a madred's razor... haha, oh you.)

This will be Wulfy Summon signing off. Maybe you will see me in another video game at some point, maybe not.

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Wumpus Yob

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thank you... i<3shaco oh and on your advanced masteries the offense side shows that is has 11 ticked but 12 are o.o

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A Retarded Clown

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rofl deleted my comment which was asking for a question....it was after ur post...

anyways my question was...

1) how are crit chance runes?

2) What abt malady?

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Couple of thoughts I'd like to chuck into the circle - Shaco being my first and only true love championwise:

1. I think you can play Shaco pretty well without Jungling (in case your team already has one - or else)

Shaco can spread pure rage on the lane in the early game - in case you use Armor Pen runes. It almost doesnt matter who your ally is, what matters is the kind of enemy. Stun Tanks as Sion are worst case of course.

Considering that and that youre pretty good at last hitting - Shaco is also quite good in laning.
(Until Mid, where you start spreading the rage over all lanes and from all directions - mostly unknown xD )

2. I find especially therefore Brutalizer is one of the core items on Shaco.. from my experience the dmg output increases remarkable and the item is very nice cost-earning relationwise..

3. I do absolutely agree in terms of the counter-nature of Shaco ... TIMING IS ALL on shaco..

This guide motivated me to start with the jungle-angle again and of course im gonna try the fast dragon etc. now =)

Thanks a lot!