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[Suggestion] - Creep minimap icons

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I have a suggestion regarding the creep minimap icons.

From what I understand they work like this:
- You clear a camp the minimap icon disappears.
- The minimap icon will pop up when the creep camp respawn.
- If the camp is already cleared and you go visit it the minimap icon stays.

My suggested change is that if and only if you scout an already cleared camp the minimap icon should be removed and then pop up when that camp respawns just like if you were the one that cleared it.

The reason for this is that currently if one team for example get dragon they will have more control of when the dragon is back up leading to unnecessary snowballing.

Yes, I know that you can watch camps with wards and clairvo but the same thing can be said about any camp and in total there are quite a few camps to keep track of.

If anyone has any reasons why this would be a bad idea I am very interested to hear it.