3 Short Solo Queue tips from a plat 1 player

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Most of us do it once in a while, but try controlling yourself from raging at your teammates. Calling a teammate bad will usually start an argument that lasts for the rest of the game and ruin the fun. You'll start focusing more on arguing than actually playing the game, decreasing your chances of winning.

Tip #2-Control yourself from derping

This is one thing that EVERYBODY does once in a while. Control yourself from mindlessly doing stupid things like going in 1v3, recklessly tower diving or making really dumb calls. One mistake can lead to more mistakes from your team and lose you the game

Tip #3-Play to get better

You can always find something in LoL to get better at. Last hitting, map awareness, making calls. If you REALLY want to become better and gain elo, pay attention to the areas where you need to get better.

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