League of tanks?

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So tired of seeing tanky AD champs push late game into a win. I see ALL THE TIME in almost every game mode tanky AD champs win if they get to late game because they can do more damage by % hit to ADC/Casters than the casters can do to them.

It seems all you need to snowball is frozen mallet, maybe brutalizer or bloodthirster, then just build runic bulwark, and as much health as you can. This works on almost EVERY AD champ. There's no risk vs reward playing with or against these champions.

Makes it seem like the theme in season 3 is "tank out and win". Even if you build the %hp items, it doesn't seem to help.

What am I missing?

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You're missing a high ranked rating. That might sound harsh, but it's true.

In lower ranked play, where teamfights are extremely disorganized, champions that are self-sufficient and able to do damage despite being tanky are very strong.

The higher you go, the more organized teamfights become. ADCs and APCs become better at kiting, and they receive better peel, so bruisers have a much harder time killing them, and tend to get relegated to peeling for their own ADCs instead.