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Emissary of the League


I was able to uncover these writings after searching for their existence for a long time now. I always remembered them, but I couldn't find their exact location.

This early Lore created by Babagahnoosh sheds some light on the concept of 'Two opposing Summoners summoning the same champion to the same Field of Justice'. Please note that this was originally posted by Babagahnoosh before the creation of our Lore Forums.

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Just to follow up on this - I got the nut of a story going this weekend. As it almost always turns out, I have ended up writing more words than I projected and I'm still not done. So, there's a story... in progress. I'm pretty excited by this, actually - I've been inundated with other kinds of work as of late that it's been a while since I got to make a short story.

Here's the beginning of it. It's not been copy edited. It's pretty raw, but it's been inspired by the great questions you guys are asking.


Blinding white light.

Dizziness. Nausea. Vertigo.

Ezreal clenched his stomach. He couldn’t help but be hunched over from the pain. Being summoned wasn’t a new experience for him, but it had never happened with this amount of accompanying anguish. Something had to be wrong. He took a step forward; his leg buckled slightly, but he nonetheless remained upright.

“Easy now,” the slightly raspy voiced called out to Ezreal. “It looks like you were doubled.”


“Yes. You most likely were pinged by an opposing summoner in addition to your own. That or you have the worst case of summoning sickness I’ve seen in years.”

While the colloquial terminology threw him for a slight loop, Ezreal thought he was starting to understand his current predicament. This wasn’t the first time he had been summoned into a Field of Justice to fight for one of the countless, faceless summoners who made up the League of Legends. This was the first time, however, that a summoner from both sides chose him to be their presence within the same battle arena. The raspy voice continued. “It was painful my first time too. Actually, it’s always painful. You never get used to it.” The raspy-voiced man extended out an intricately tattooed hand. “I’m Ryze. It looks like we’ll be working together here in the Twisted Treeline.”

Ezreal’s stomach had stopped doing flips inside him long enough to reciprocate Ryze’s courtesy. “Thanks. I’m Ezreal. This is our first arena on the same side, I think.”

“Indeed. While I wish we had more time to get to know each other, we’re needed. Now. Get yourself together. The minions will be emerging soon.”

Ezreal knew he had to get ready, but his curiosity could not be contained. “What exactly does it mean to be doubled?”

Ryze clearly wanted to be heading out from the summoning platform at this point. “It means that you’re also on the other team. We need to go.”

“I’m on the other team?” Ezreal took one last grasp at rational thought before giving in to maddening logic. “I don’t understand. I can’t be in two places at once.”

“Yes, you can. I think you know that, too.” Ryze turned to face Ezreal as he backed down the platform and headed to the northern lane. “You’re a bright kid, even if you did luck into being a champion. Nice glove, by the way.”

Ezreal glanced at his prized gauntlet, but otherwise didn’t acknowledge the back-handed compliment. “I understand what you’re saying, but it doesn’t make any sense. Does their team have a doppelganger?”

Ryze paused. “In a manner of speaking: yes. The most important thing right now is for you to defeat their doppelganger. I’ll share with you what I know – after this battle. Let’s go, already!” With that, Ryze turned on his heels and quickly proceeded down the lane.

Ezreal couldn’t argue with that; the most important thing now for him was to aid his summoner. Ezreal followed quickly behind Ryze, staring intently ahead. He became a League champion to make a difference; learning the secrets of summoning was secondary, at least for now. Worrying about the minutia of summoning wouldn’t help him win or lose this battle. There would be time to figure everything out later.
I will add this to our mini Lore Red-Tracker for future reference. I almost feel like a Lore Historian

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I dont even know what this is

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I wonder what Kog'maw was like on his first summon... "BLEAEAEEAEEAEAEARRRRG!" "Kog'maw! Oh **** that stuff looks nasty!"

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First: wow, that was actually a pretty good and humorous read XD

Second, and more importantly: Sylph, what does the title "Emissary of the League" signify?