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new comp

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so i ended up getting a new asus computer with windows 8 with 16 gig of ram, 1 tb hard drive and a 2 gig graphic card with i7 in it.

i booted it up to play a game of league the other day and for some reason my ping was going haywire going from 100-190 when i on my 3 year old laptop with a i3 in it i get 60-85 ping.

anyways when i get in game my latacy is full... i messed with the settings an whatnot an it didnt help at all.

then i started a custom game and it did the same thing for about 10 mins in then in calmed down an was at one bar of latacy...

i was thinking the computer had to get used to running the program knowing it was new an hasnt had anything done to it.

i un hooked it and put it back in the box ready for the move i am about to do.

also i was thinking it could have been my net because ive seen in the forums about comcast having problems with league and whatnot.

still clueless about it.
any help would be great.