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Need a rioter about a bug (potentially major as it affects ranked play)

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I was just playing as Cho'Gath with Flash/Teleport and 9/14/7 masteries (wanted the 10% summoner CD) in a ranked game at about Gold V.

My teammates were Tristana, Taric, Volibear and Lissandra (Taric and Lissandra were duo'd but I do not remember names).

The enemy team was Vayne, Vlad, Jayce, Gangplank and Nunu.

I was using the Battlecast Cho'gath skin, we also had a Northern Storm Volibear and a Nunu Bot skin (I do not remember any others).

I was split pushing top when the enemy team pressured mid, I teleported to a minion and it told me it was reconnecting right as I was about to teleport in. I'm sure my team is pissed at me, but there is nothing I can do about it. I tried to leave the game and reconnect after checking my internet connection and the game just dissappeared. It's not in my match history nor do I have any recently played people near me.

Not sure what to do as I don't really like the fact that my team will lose because of something outside of any of their control. If you could (if nothing else) give a loss forgiven to them for that and maybe give them back their LP. I was a pretty big force on our team (276 farm at 35 and 4/2/2) with a major bulk of aura's to aid my team.

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Thank you Magnaru for finding this bug and taking the time to submit it. However there is a section that I have linked below that is dedicated to looking into these sort of issues and the appropriate people will have it looked at.