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First Win of the Day

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Hello there Riot team!

I've always wondered why is there no type of a display where it shows you how many more minutes until the first win of the day is available. There are days that I simply cannot play for a long time, after a tough day at work, or because I have to go do something in a few minutes and I get to play one game just so I can check how many more minutes until the First Win of the Day is available.

It would be a lot better if I could just check a timer on the main LoL client screen, like where it stands the Bonus IP Boost or XP. By the way, why is the cooldown on the FWoTD 22 hours and not 20? 20 hours is a good timer, knowing that a game can last an entire 1 hour long, people usually play when FWoTD is already available, when they should be playing 25 minutes before it is available. Lowering the timer to 20 hours would do some good to those types of players!

Anyways, FWoTD has always been an issue of mine.

Thank you for the opportunity, and keep up the good game you guys have been doing so far! Sorry if my english is not the most accurate one, I am from Brazil and haven't used him in a while.

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Yeah I was wondering this myself funnily, I had to complete a game to find out how long was left for my FWoTD.

This forum is mainly for technical help, Riot don't look at it too much, it might be worth mentioning it in the HUD suggestions or another forum, not sure which would suit...but developers don't look in here much =-P