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My Soraka Build

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Still new to using her, but recently I've started hating her pure support build.. so i created this build for her.

1)Flash(I just prefer the usefulness of this ability over the rest)

2)Teleport(same as flash)


Astral Blessing(If you're taking to much damage get Astral at any level to recover your self without having to go back to base)

1) Starcall
2) Infuse
3) Starcall
4) Astral Blessing
5) Starcall
6) Wish
7) Infuse
8) Starcall
9) Starcall
10) Astral Blessing
11) Wish
12) Astral Blessing
13) Infuse
14) Astral Blessing
15) Astral Blessing
16) Wish
17) Infuse
18) Infuse

Starcall- allows you to last hit and harass heroes at early levels and loses some of its power late game were average heroes have over 2,000 health thus I make the most of it early game

Infuse- Keep an eye on your mana pool. This build makes you need to conserve mana at times so if you can last hit with your normal attack instead of using starcall then i recommend you save that little bit of mana for later usage.

Wish- good global heal! I usualy use it as soon as i get it to keep my teammates at full power.

Astral Blessing- Good early game support and lane staying ability

Items! I don't have the names memorized so ill try my best to describe them
1)Boots(Upgraded to the Magic Resistance boots)
2)Philosopher Stone(good early game support)+5 gold every ten seconds
3)(The other weapon that gives +5 gold every ten seconds, and gives ability power)
4)(Mana Burn Weapon... i really have to figure out their names >_&gt
5)(Whenever you cast an ability it boosts your next attack by 100%)
6)(attack speed or Damage item) your choice

Her natural ability gives her magic resistance so i went with a antimage build...
Her starcall has pretty fast cool down so i also added the *5* item

What do yall think? Still working on her build but this is just something im starting to like

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gief free mana

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James Pringles



Hmm, what's your starting item for this build? It's interesting, I would need to try it some more, but the few games I've had with her has been either poor or average.

I don't feel that starcall is a good hero harass, with the low damage/low aoe it has, but that might be just fine.

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This build totally sucks Sorry to say so, but taking a champion which is entirely made for support and trying to skill her offensively is totally stupid and doesn't work against decent players.
Soraka is one of the very few characters that really are full supporters..and even a highly pushed Starcall and the Infuse won't challenge any decent enemy, so waiting for the last hit on champions might be a bad idea. Getting much money out of creeps is also very mana intensive and is harder than for other champs.

Too make a long story short:
If you really want to win the game, then play her on full support, heal you allies, shield your allies, do everything to keep them alive.

If you want to have some "fun", try this build and you will either dominate (because you have very weak opponents/very strong teammates) or you will have frustrating 40 minutes with no gold, no kills and many many deaths

And please:
Don't write guides/builds if you are new to this game, this makes no sense. I won't tell you how to fly a spaceship, because i never did it myself...

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@WhiteMantisX: That's a bit harsh.

While I agree that it does take quite a bit of experience with the game before you learn all the ins and outs, I think it is wrong to assume that a character like Soraka can only shine as a healer. If anything, I think she makes an excellent tank. Her skills mostly doesn't scale too well with AP anyway, and you'll get a much better throughput through CD reduction. That's how I play her anyway, and I have been fairly successful. Don't expect her skills to deal huge enough damage to make a difference though. Like I said before, she has great DPS--but she lack the burst to take anyone down.

Personally, I don't think all out offensive Soraka would work too well either, but it's worth a try. She has good synergy with a lot of on cast items, and she has at least 1 extra item slot (no need for mana item), and at best 2 to 3 item slot (innate MR and AR from Astral Blessing) means she can really stack up those offensive items without giving up too much survivability. With that said though, it doesn't usually work too well in solo games, since your teammates usually don't know how to react to you.

I think your item #3 is..Avarice Blade (I never remember the name either)? You probably shouldn't use 2 gold per 5 items. It's faster to just farm up creeps and neutral creeps. And the magic resistant boot (Mercury's Tread?) is really sub par. At least in my build anyway. Soraka is freakishly tough already. If you're going to attempt to DPS, you'll need to be in the thick of it due to her short range, and no amount of anti-cc will help you. Soraka is never short on MR, but carry champion with a lot of Infinity Edge will make a short work of you fairly quickly. You're better off getting Ninja's Tabi for the shoes.
I recommend Last Whisper and Madred's Razor for DPS item.

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Senior Member


Tanky Soraka is really the way to go.

Soul Shroud is just pure gold with a beefy +580 hp and the godly +12 mp/5 and -15% CD auras. Usually end up with an Aegis too for another +285 hp and some ar/mr. Boots of mercury, yet more mr and nice CC resists. A banshee is rarely a -bad- idea and will see you a nice tidy sum of hp, some mp (Soraka needs mp?) and of course the mr and spellshield.

Right there alone you're sitting on +1400~ hp from four items and a huge mr and nice ar. I usually fill out one of the last two slots with another nice +hp item (Warmogs can be hillarious, but Rylai's is very handy for team use (you NEVER are not starfall snared) and Rod is ok if you just need the AP) and the last slot being pretty variable - often it's one of the items I just mentioned as well which can see you sitting nice and tidy with a 4k+ hp and 150-200 AR and MR Soraka.

Another simply evil treat is of course a Guardian Angel in that last slot. You'll be sitting on 150-200+ both resists, about 3500~ hp and have a 1750 hp revive.

Tanky Soraka is, imo, the hardest little beast to kill in the bloody game. A good tanky Soraka -demands- attention too because she will be silencing, healing, and worst of all starfall spamming every fight.

A fight lasts ~5 seconds? Sure, Soraka is nothing. Usual fights which last 20-30 seconds of dancing around? Soraka can see your entire team at -100~ mr in that duration which can be VERY painful...Starfall doesn't exist for damage in team fights imo, it's to totally cripple enemy MR. She's the best MR destroyer in the game atm

Edit: Btw, Avarice Blade is +crit and 5gp/10. Kage's Lucky Pick is the item you're looking for, +25ap and +5gp/10. Boots of Mercury are the +mr and cc resist boots. Wit's End is the mana burn weapon. Sheen is the 150% attack after using a spell (upgrades to Lichbane which adds ap to next attack).

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mmmm... this guide doesn't know how to play soraka the cheesy way.

alistar + soraka, both get mana manipulator at start.
soraka starcalls and kills all, alistar heals constantly.
result = ultra farmed soraka + massive auras + incredible heals.

boots first on soraka = fail.

very few chars can play boots first effectively. some of which are teemo and .

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Senior Member


I'm not a hige fan of this build but, at least its interesting. My big problem with Soraka is she's kinda boring to play. All you do is spam your abilities all game and, while this really helps your team out it isn't the most fun in the world. Sure, you can cast 30 abilities a minute (without any cooldown reduction) but, your presence in a fight isn't immediately felt. That being said, killing a champ with starcall is one of my favorite kills in the whole game.

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Junior Member


Eggy I agree what others have said, this build isn't really economical. There's no point trying to turn a pure support character into an attacking one, if you want to attack lots and get kills, use a different character. Soraka is my favourite hero and, when played properly, she has the ability to turn a kind of shit team into an amazing one. She can pretty much prevent any of her team members from dying. I find that good boots that also boost mana and the enervating locket are the best buys early game. It's more important that her mana never runs out than that her attack damage is high. Try playing her the way she's meant to be played and you might actually enjoy it.

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Senior Member


I havnt played her much but what ive found is that you have 1 spell to attack, no real auto attack to speak of. While her spell doesnt do much damage, it does hit an unlimited amount of targets but the range is a bit small. Mostly, she isnt mana efficent.


with a locket and maxed infused, she has infinite mana and a rank2 heal will make it very hard to kill you, add to it the constant harassment from starfall, you wont kill any1 but you'll wipe their creeps and force them back often.

But where she really shines is when she pumps mana in a dps that can cast their spells twice as much as they normally would.

I have to say im surprised no1 mentionned Railey's. It has HP, it has a slow, it has spell power. if you have a dps with you, she can just focus on running and spam starfall to keep it slowed at all time, with heals and locket, its a waste of time to even try to hit her. Your dps friend will do the rest.