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[Guide] Tryndamere

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try this build n u will never have an issue

i probably shouldn't share this cuz it might come back to bite me in the ass but its all good would rather see more people playing tryndamere the way i am makes him a tougher carry end game

Early game go

-zerker boots

mid game depends on alot of shyt what u get next
-zerker boots
-frozen mallet
-atmas impaller

Endgame you should have a build looking like this
-Phantom Dancer
-Phantom Dancer
-Zerker Greaves
-Frozen Mallet
-Atmas Impaller
-Warmogs Armor

this will give you massive amounts of hp making lower health percentages come even faster so crits stack faster from ur passive

next you are attacking at blinding fast speeds and pretty much criting on all hits

next you can slow with every hit via frozen mallet making itt easy for u to chase due to boots plus phantom dancers

and you have pretty decent dogde chance incase they focus on you making them pist off even more

with every champion kill your health will regen even faster

now you might think you sacrifce alot of damage but to be honest you are sitting pretty with health and the atmas impaler is converting all that health to damage anyway at least 2% of it and tryndamere has pretty good base damage already

well you will have 100% crit most of the match endgame so just spam those bloodlust every chance you get making urself even harder to kill

if you have any questions please go ahead and ask

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50% crit damage is 25% more damage IF your crit chance is 100%.

if your crit chance is 50%, 50% crit damage is 12.5% more damage, etc.

What I mean is 50% crit dmg is 25% more dmg on crits. crits only seeing as crit dmg only affects crits.... l2read.

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I'm sitting at around 1950 at the moment. You really ought to do some research before you come in and talk ****

as far as im concerned, ur the only one talking ****.
and secondly, i responded to ur behaviour beeing sort of... like that of a ****head.
besides that, why would i want to do Research on some kind of guy i dont wana know **** about >.>

its good to see people taking the effort in writing a guide, its bad to see people throwing off helpfull advice, or just saying people suck cause they joined later then u did.

also, the fact that ur actualy at around 2k, DOES surprize me. why u ask? not cause i thought u sucked, but cause i thought: if he acts like the way he speaks on forums (which i saw here and there) lots of cursing, badmouthing and such. u should never be able to find a team if ur like that.
the only idea im getting right now, is that ur not a bad player. but ur E-peen (as previously stated) is a bit on the big size.