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Hey Mac Users, has your client stopped working randomly? I have a quick fix for you!

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Hey guys, been seeing this bug floating around the forums and I saw this solution, figured I would make a video for those of you who haven't seen it yet. It's much easier then re-downloading the whole client or repairing it, hopefully this bug will be addressed in the next version of the Mac client. Anyway, hope this helps!


(Sorry, I tried embed the video, but apparently Riot disabled this. )

For those of you who do better with text instructions, here it is.

  1. 1. Re-download the League of Legends.dmg
  2. 2. Open it and put the League of Legends app on your desktop, rename it "League of Legends 2"
  3. 3. Put the League of Legends 2 in your applications folder. Open applications in finder, find League of Legends 2, right click and select "Show package contents"
  4. 4. From there, go to contents, LoL, RADS, system and then select the User Kernel and copy it. (The correct user kernel should have the LoL icon displaying.
  5. 5. Go to your original League install in applications, open it, navigate back to system, and here you will find your original user kernel. If it has a pencil and ruler over it, that is your problem. The User Kernel has been edited (I don't know why this is happening) and that is preventing your LoL launcher from opening/letting you press play. Simply copy the LoL Kernel you got from League of Legends 2 over this kernel, and League should work perfectly fine from now on!

Hope this helped you guys out, quick fix...at least quicker than re-downloading the entire client/repairing it. GLHF All!

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You are a life-saver . Bump for others having this problem.