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Lucius, The Vile Mage. [New poke/sustain support]

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Hey everyone, here’s my concept for a new troll support. No, not the like the ones in solo que, I mean he’s actually a troll, like trundle. I wanted to come up with a support that is very good at getting under your opponents skin and punishing them for making mistakes or not paying attention. For anyone who doesn’t know this idea is called reverse support. Here’s a good example in case you don’t know what I’m talking about.
I’m more of a gameplay and mechanics guy, so this champion’s story and appearance are not totally fleshed out yet. If anyone has any ideas please post

Lucius, The Vile Mage
Main Role
Support with strong poke and sustain

Base Stats
Health- 340 (20 per level)
Mana- 265 (45 per level)
Mana regen- 4.5 (0.55 per level)
Attack damage- 47 (3 per level)
Attack speed- 0.644 (2.3% per level)
Movement speed- 325
Armor- 6 (3.3 per level)
Magic resist- 30 (0 per level)
Range- 550

These stats are all based on Sona except for the movement speed, which is based on Lulu. This makes him a slow and squishy support with solid mana and mana regen. This is done because his abilities are pretty powerful and he has a lot of poke and sustain. The only thing they may need to be tweaked is his base AD. His passive interacts with his basic attacks and may need to be increased in order to be relevant

Passive- Pestilence
Lucius’s basic attacks and Grime Lashes apply a debuff to the affected target that causes it to take (8/8/8/10/10/10/12/12/12/14/14/14/16/16/16/18/18/20) % of its damage output as magic damage for 3 seconds

This is an interesting passive that reflects damage back at anyone you are able to hit with basic attacks or your Q. It maxes at 20% which is pretty significant but is still less than Thornmail. This ability does NOT stack, but 20% may still be too powerful. The animation for this buff should be pretty obvious, like Katarina’s Q, with the main idea behind this being to punish any player who just mindlessly attacking something, without paying attention to anything else that’s going on, including what debuffs he has on him.

Q- Grime Lash
Cooldown- 5 seconds
Fires a line skillshot that deals (80/125/170/215/250+ 0.5 AP) magic damage to all affected targets. Applies Pestilence to affected targets.

This is a pretty standard poke ability that should feel similar to Glitterlance, maybe a little wider and easier to land. Once again, this applies the passive but the passive does not stack. So landing a basic attack and one of these does not mean 40% reflect. That seems a little too powerful.

W-Contaminated Barrier
Cooldown- 8 seconds
Places a Shield on allied unit that absorbs (20/60/120/180/240 + 0.8 AP) damage and lasts for 6 seconds
If the shielded target is killed, its killer takes (30/35/40/45/50%) of the shielded target’s max HP as magic damage.

This ability is very interesting. Its initial base value is lower than any shield from any support in the game, yet it scales to the same level as shield-heavy supports like Janna and Lulu. The reason for this is how the weird effect interacts with creeps. You can place a barrier on a creep that an enemy carry is going to last hit. Since the shield is low, he will probably burst through it, kill the creep, and trigger the effect. This can be done to wreak havoc on any carry trying to farm in the early game. At the same time, if players want to support more traditionally, using it strictly as a shield, it scales up in order to do that. The damage may have to be reduced for champions due to the late game. If you can pop a shield right on a 4000k HP Cho-Gath right before he dies in a teamfight, that’s 2000 damage to whoever kills him. However, since Lucius is all about punishing mistakes, and focusing the tank is kind of a big one, it might work. Idk, we’ll have to see.

E-Filth Blessing
Mana- 60/65/70/80/85
Cooldown- 6 seconds
Heals allied unit for (40/60/80/100/120 +0.75 AP) HP and places a buff. This buff causes the buff holder to reflect (12/14/16/18/20 %) of dealt damage as magic damage to any enemy champion who causes damage to the buff holder. This buff lasts for 3 seconds.

This is heal similar to Sona’s W and a little more spammable but with an interesting effect. This makes it so everyone who attack the healed target is affected by the same damage reflect as the passive. This ability DOES stack with the passive. The main idea behind this is to allow for some pretty crazy turn-arounds. If your carry gets caught out in lane and is taking damage, you can cast this on him. The heal should help to get out of the situation and if the enemy team continues to attack after this, you can use your Q or an attack to get your passive going and the enemy will take 40% reflect. Now suddenly, your carry is healed, and the enemy carry has a huge chunk out of his health because he wasn’t paying attention to what you were doing. Hit exhaust and enjoy good laugh.

R- Living Putrescence
Cooldown- 180 seconds
Summons a living blob of filth that chases, damages, slows and reduces damage output of nearby enemies. This blob can be controlled by holding the alt key and using the right mouse button or by reactivating this ability. This blob lasts for 45 seconds
Slow amount- 25%/30%/35%
Aura damage-35+0.2 AP
Health- 1200/1600/2000
Magic resist-25/50/70
Movement speed- 340/390/445
AP/AD reduction- 20/30/40%

Since so many of his abilities were focused around the laning phase, his ult had to be something that would make him significant in late-game teamfights. He has no real cc so his ult should definitely bring this to the table. I love Yorick’s W, a slow that chases you, so I came up with giant version that also reduces damage output. The blob’s stats are based on Tibbers, and the and the movement speed and slow are based on Yoricks ghouls. The damage reduction is made up, I have no idea how that would work in-game but it looks pretty good on paper. Its health may need to be reduced because if everyone around it has their damage reduced, 2000 HP may be much more than it looks. The whole idea of this champion is harassment and just trolling the other team, and what could say that better than dropping a giant blob of **** right in the middle of the enemy team and watching them try to figure out how to deal with it?

Height- Medium, but shorter than most bruisers, Ezreal would be about right
Weight- Thin and sickly looking
Race- Troll
Theme- Wizard/mage that uses filth and rot against his foes. Something like this
lol, I’m kidding, but I hope you get the idea. Another idea I have is an insect theme in which he uses swarms of insect to plague his opponents. So far I like the troll one the best and I have lore for this one as well.

The Ruhgosk trolls have never been well-regarded beings on Valoran. These trolls are considerably more gentle than their ill-mannered brethren; however, they are still known to be sneaky, barbaric, and cannibalistic. Despite their maleficent natures, however, the Ruhgosk never deserved the grisly fate that was visited upon them. Generations ago, a twisted necromancer known as Hakolin the Bonecrafter attempted to enslave the Ruhgosk tribe. The Ruhgosk fought tooth and claw against the necromancer, ultimately driving him from their land. As a parting gift, Hakolin afflicted the trolls with a leprous disease, forever cursing the members of the tribe. The leprosy would have rotted their flesh away to nothing were it not for the trolls' natural ability to regenerate. Caught forever in a hideous rotting state, the Ruhgosk endured their curse while desperately in search of a cure. They never found one.

Time past and the Ruhgosk began to adapt to life in this hideous state of near-rot. As life continued, any trace of the clan’s gentle nature was washed away by the constant agony of the curse left behind by the foul necromancer. In time a peculiar troll was born; much smaller than most and more afflicted by the curse. His parents did not think he would survive, however his curse barley seemed to faze him, in fact, he reveled in it. He was named Lucius, and in time, it was discovered that he innate magical power, and could manipulate the curse that plagued him. He was asked by the others to lift the curse and he seemed puzzled, “Why remove it? When we can use it as a weapon” From that day forward Lucius became the chieftain of the Ruhgosk. Lucius rallied the Ruhgosk and carved a troll empire reaching as far as the northern stretches of Freljord. There he met Trundle.

Trundle stood before a vast army of trolls, hideously twisted by Lucius’s magic and ready to topple Freljord with their bolstered strength. Lucius challenged Trundle for the right to lead the trolls, knowing he could use Trundle’s strength against him with his foul magic. Trundle instead asked the Ruhgosk “Why follow this freak? When you can follow the Troll King?” Whispers ran through the ranks, they asked “Could he really be king?” Trundle than spun his tale of the troll kings of old and how the only the troll with the greatest weapon could call himself troll king. He then brandished Boneshiver, and it was all over for Lucius. His army abandoned him caught up in the tall tales that Trundle had conjured to sway his people. Enraged and alone, Lucius made his way to the League of Legends, to exact revenge upon the troll that took everything from him.

You’ll see when you read this guy’s kit that he is designed to troll the enemy team. I wasn’t sure at first what his look would be and then it came to me; troll wizard. I love Trundle’s old lore and I was really sad to see it go. I really wanted to have something about Trundle’s old clan; a group of trolls who are cursed with leprosy, yet kept alive by their healing ability. In case anyone notices the first paragraph is pretty much copied and pasted from Trundle’s old lore but since it’s not in the game anymore I guess people would need backstory on Trundle’s old clan. Once again, not set in stone, but I really like this one so far let me know what you think.


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