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Event Horizon July Tourney - Sign up now

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Event Horizon is an open League of Legends 5v5 Tournament designed to give up and coming teams the chance to get some competitive experience as well as some prize money and E-Sports visibility. The tournament will span 2 weeks with week 1 featuring the group stages (not streamed) and week 2 featuring the bracket stage including 2 semi-final matches, one match for 3rd and 4th place, and the final match, each a best of 3 contest (all streamed and and commentated).

Check out the battlefy page (http://battlefy.com/gillfrost/469/event-horizon-1) for more info and to sign up your team!

Also feel free to email [email]gillfrostLoL@gmail.com[/email] with any question or comments.

Tuesday July 9-12
Group Stages

Tuesday, July 16
6:00PM (PST) - Bracket Match #1

Wednesday, July 17
6:00PM (PST) - Bracket Match #2

Thursday, July 18
5:00PM (PST) - Bracket Match #3 (3rd and 4th place)
8:00PM (PST) - Tournament Finals