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NYC summoners: LCS Opening Night Viewing Party at Midtown Bar

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League of Libations: LCS Opening Night Bar Event

My friend and I are hosting a viewing party at Ichi Umi Cellar in Midtown. Come join your fellow 21+ summoners for a night of beers, food and LCS action. There will be drink and food specials, along with some free snacks for all. Click through to the G+ or FB links below for more details on the specials.

Additionally the time is a rough estimate, as the match times haven't been announced and because I assume most people are going to come after work. I will try to be there as early as possible. Keep an eye on G+ and FB for updates.

NOTE: This is by no means an official Riot event, we are simply LCS/beer enthusiasts who knew that there were many more like us in NYC.

Wednesday June 12 - 6pm EST
Ichi Umi Cellar Bar (enter Ichi Umi restaurant and turn left)
6 E 32nd Street, New York, NY (btwn 5th and Mad)

RSVP on social media
G+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/events/csluicntrhh1ffqas591smqmjes
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/579419228755380/

Feel free to invite your friends, the more the merrier.