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Twitch Item Build?

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I've looked around the forums and every twitch guide seems to mention a different item build. So I was wondering which is the best way to approach it?

Here is what I general do and my opinions:
-Zerker Greaves - Nice boots
-Phantom Dancer - Nice attack speed, critical strike. Dodge helps survivability and movement for hit and run.
-Last Whisper - Some damage boost with armor and percentage penetrates armor.
-Infinity Edge - Huge damage boost. attack speed, and crit.

Here are some honorable mention ideas that are great, but with flaws that I question whether to add.

Malady - Good life steal and attack speed, but damage isn't consistent/permanent.
Black Cleaver - Good boosts, but rather expensive.
Madred's Razor - Main use for farming
Phage - Nice little hp/dmg boost. Slows down target, but I have Debilitating Poison for that.
The Brutalizer - similar to Last Whisper, higher damage,set penetration. Reduce Cooldowns.
Bloodthirster - High damage boost and life steal. Requires staying alive.
- Other - You name them.

Overall, I believe that my build is quite expensive and lacks some survivability. Basically I want to master Twitch and would appreciate it if you guys have a better/suggested build.

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im no expert or anything but this is how i play twich, and i get alot of wins.

for a first item i used to get Vamp septer but realised theres a better staring item:

Dorans Sheild! its sweet cous it gives +hp +armour and good regen. lets you farm alot easier in the begining.

then i get the items for last wisper and just the basic 350 boots.

then farm/gank untill i get B. F Sword then complete boots and then go strait to infinity edge.

i find this works rly well, i think your problem is phantom dancer

it looks good but it rly isnt for tiwch, becouse its pretty expensive, and you dont rly need that much dodge or the movement speed. imo its better to get more damage.

oh and i would also conder phage, its actully good vs people with clense.

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I follow the same as paperlion basically.

Doran's shield -> lvl 1 boots -> black cleaver -> level 5 boots -> last whisper

From here, I will go either infinity edge or phantom dancer. I recommend infinity edge as a preference, but that 1850 gold for the sword is such a mental challenge to save for.

I prefer the level 5 boots over berserker's, as map control is key.

Most of the builds online will recommend a Malady. I find Malady builds quite a bit weaker